MCU: 10 Worst Decisions Thor Has Made

The general consensus regarding Thor is that the god started out as one of the less interesting heroes in the MCU, only to end up as a fan favorite by the time the credits rolled on his third movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Despite his extraordinary abilities, the Asgardian is emotionally vulnerable, making him relatable to audiences. Because of his temper and penchant for irrationally reacting based on strong emotions, he has made some pretty dumb choices throughout his almost ten years in cinemas. The following list will detail the ten worst decisions he has made, from minor errors in judgement to mistakes with cosmic consequences.

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Thanos Injured Avengers Endgame
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10 Killing Thanos In Endgame

Thanos Injured Avengers Endgame

The character feels pretty bitter at the start of Avengers: Endgame. He came so close to preventing catastrophe, but missed the mark by an almost immeasurable margin. As a result of his anger and disappointment in himself, he almost immediately decapitates Thanos when they find him resting on a planet after the snap. Perhaps keeping Thanos alive wouldn't have reversed the affects of his actions any faster, but there was no way to find out after Thor sent his head flying through the air.

9 Attacking The Frost Giants In Thor

Thor about to fight frost giants

One of the first things Thor does in the MCU is attack the Frost Giants on their planet. The hot-headed act destroys a truce between the Giants and Asgard. As punishment for his callus violence, Odin strips the god of his powers and sends him to earth. As a result, he can no longer wield his signature hammer. On the plus side, he found the love of his life and learned what it truly means to be a god. Still, it would have been better for everyone involved if he found out some other way.

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8 Fighting Iron Man And Captain America

The Avengers stills/wallpapers

After Iron Man and Captain America capture Loki for the first time in The Avengers, Thor intervenes in an attempt to bring his brother back home. The native earthlings aren't just going to let some alien take their prisoner, so a small bout ensues in the middle of the woods. The god is holding back, otherwise he would have been able to immediately execute Stark and Rogers. Still, it wasted time and got the trio off on a bad foot. Even after learning a valuable lesson in Thor, he wasn't the best at diplomacy.

7 Trying To Immediately Pick Up His Hammer

Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Mjolnir in Thor

After Odin sends him to Earth, one of the first things he does is try and retrieve Mjolnir. Since creating a small crater in the desert, S.H.I.E.L.D. has quarantined it and is in the middle of investigating the powerful weapon.

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Seeing no other choice, the recently exiled god fights his way through the agents and to take the hammer by force. His father wasn't lying, though, and Thor finds himself unable to pick up his once trusty tool. The scene is also notable for being Hawkeye's introduction into the MCU.

6 Taking Loki Back To Asgard After The Battle For New York

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers

It's weird to see how evil Loki is in The Avengers versus how sympathetic he becomes by Infinity War. The first team up film culminates with the trickster unleashing an army of aliens upon New York. The Avengers stop the invasion in its tracks and Thor takes his brother back to Asgard to strand trial in his homeland. It probably would have been better for all involved if he stayed on Earth. Considering the damage he caused, it is only proper for humans to decide his punishment. They probably would have locked him up and thrown away the key, preventing him from any additional trickery.

5 Anytime He Trusts Loki

Loki and Thor in The Dark World

The bond between brothers is strong, but one has to know when their sibling has something up their sleeve. Thor consistently trusts Loki throughout the series, only to get stabbed in the back. This happens most notably in Thor: The Dark World when the knave fakes his own death in order to sneakily usurp his father's throne. Only in Thor: Ragnarok does the main character finally wise up to his brother's ways and turn the tables on him.

4 Losing Jane

Natalie Portman talks Thor's Jane Foster

While the character losing his love interest was a pretty solid decision for the series, since not every superhero needs to have a significant other, his choice to leave Earth and search for the infinity stones cost him the best relationship he ever had.

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Was it really worth it? Did tracking down the stones make the situation any better, or did it conveniently bring one of them right to Thanos' doorstep? While Jane may be out of the picture now, she's coming back for Thor: Love and Thunder. Here's hoping the two can salvage their relationship.

3 Letting Himself Go

One could convincingly argue that this isn't really a choice on his part, but he's still got a group of people to lead, and he let them down by moping in his self-pity. He cannot reconcile and move past his failure, so he gives up trying to do anything good with his life. There's nothing wrong with putting on a few pounds, but there is something amoral about neglecting one's responsibilities as a leader. The silver lining to this is audiences discovering Fortnite survived the snap.

2 Leaving The Avengers In Age Of Ultron

This one wasn't so much a bad decision on Thor's part as it was a bad decision for the movie. This stands as one of the few moments in the MCU where the overarching story took precedent over the standalone movie. He leaves to go off and do his own thing for a while, and unceremoniously returns at the right moment. While the god should have gone and investigated his vision about Asgard's future, it slows down the movie. Age of Ultron is consistently regarded as one of the MCU's weaker offerings, and this needless side plot is one of the major marks against it.

1 Not Going For The Head

Avengers Infinity War - Thor Stabs Thanos

As described before, Thor was unfairly close to preventing Thanos plan before the warlord snapped half of all life out of existence. He inflicted a mortal wound upon the antagonist, but Thanos still had the strength to activate the Infinity Gauntlet. Had Thor done what Thanos suggested in the first place, he would have killed him instantly, saving half the universe. All was remedied in the end, but the universe will never be the same again, thanks to the Asgardian's decision to strike Thanos in the chest and not the head.

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