Casting The MCU's Wolverine: The Best Hugh Jackman Replacements

The time has come for Hugh Jackman to step aside, and let a new Wolverine join the Marvel movie universe. The producers of the X-Men series are leaving the door open to one day having Hugh Jackman play an old Logan, but with Marvel soon acquiring the rights to their comic book mutants, recasting a new, younger Wolverine is next... and we've got some actors in mind for the role.

Fans are guaranteed to have their own top choices in mind for the various versions of Wolverine (old, young, wild, heroic, etc.). We're willing to rule out the chances that Keanu Reeves will play Marvel's next Wolverine, assuming that the studio will wish to go with a slightly younger actor. So with that in mind, we've assembled our list of other actors who could be relied upon to fill Hugh Jackman's Wolverine suit. Or a new movie costume, if that would make more sense.

6. Richard Madden

Richard Madden and Keeley Hawes in Bodyguard Netflix

The widest audience may know him as Robb Stark from HBO's Game of Thrones, but the "king in the north" has a lot more to his resume (and his future filmography) to consider for those who've yet to see him in another part. Reports that Ben Affleck was out as Batman, and a younger Bruce Wayne was being sought led Madden's name to be thrown into the conversation, but we're not convinced. Not that he's up to the task... but that it's not enough of a challenge.

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Playing a handsome, charming, physically fit soldier in a war on crime? Madden could do that in his sleep, as his recent Golden Globe win as the Best Dramatic Actor in Bodyguard demonstrates. As a veteran assigned to a deadly detail at home, the BBC series is all we needed to see to agree with Madden's own concerns that his good looks could distract from his efforts as an actor to be far more. Strong, skilled, and still unknown in a modern time period to mass American audiences? The rougher the adaptation of Wolverine being sought, the more likely Madden might be to sign on.

5. Taron Egerton

When word of Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine performance began to sound more serious, and rumors claimed Fox may have already begun casting, the mention of Kingsman star Taron Egerton in the running for a new Cyclops took us by surprise. As we see it, he'd be an intriguing choice to pick up Jackman's mantle. And as we learned when speaking with him while shooting Eddie The Eagle (in which he co-stars with Jackman), the idea has crossed his mind. Is he enough of an X-Men fan to take a shot at bulking up to play a younger Wolverine?

[Laughs] I am a huge X-Men fan! My feeling about that is... I don’t know if I’m quite grizzly enough. My facial hair is still very thin and patchy. I feel someone who plays Wolverine potentially needs testosterone in abundance. Yeah, I’d love to have a go at it, but I don’t know. [Laughs] I don’t know. I was with Hugh the day that he announced his retirement from that role. I did joke about that very thing with him. But the phone hasn’t rang yet, my friend, so I don’t know.

It may be time to get the phone ringing, Marvel.

4. Oscar Isaac

It's hard to know just what the next iteration of the X-Men will be under Marvel, since a carbon copy or even tonal match to the Avengers may seem a bit unnecessary. But considering the real world themes and debates that the X-Men and Marvel mutants have dealt with in the past, there is a chance to make the property a more mature, or at least dramatic one as opposed to yet more action/adventure. And if that's the direction Marvel decides to head, then few actors would sell the idea of a new, different take on the Wolverine than Oscar Isaac.

As Poe Dameron of the new Star Wars universe, Isaac has already demonstrated his ability to be both a smart-ass and a badass (both required for any incarnation of Wolverine). Not to mention showing that his Oscar caliber work doesn't make him 'above' nostalgic, beloved brands. He's already a member of the larger Disney family, so if the chance to carry on the Wolverine legacy appeals to him - perhaps with an equally intriguing director - we would love to see what results.

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