19Black Widow's Stingers

Aside from being one of the greatest action films ever made, The Avengers is known for being pretty hilarious throughout. Whether it's the "puny god" joke, the literal Hulk punchline, or Steve Rogers proudly exclaiming that he understands a reference, The Avengers keeps the laughs coming.

Unfortunately, some of the gags aren't on purpose. The

most unintentionally silly moment of the movie comes in the final battle when Black Widow shows off her tiny spy weapons against hordes of alien monsters. All the other Avengers have magical hammers, high tech weaponry, or superpowers to throw at the Chitauri in full CGI splendor. Black Widow, however, has these tiny stingers on her wrists. Sure, they're cool when dealing with a hallway full of thugs, but when the hardcore avenging needs to be done, those little guys need a serious upgrade.

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