The 25 Strongest Weapons In The MCU, Officially Ranked

Whether it be used for violence or protection, weapons are often an important part of movies. Almost all stories have some type of a weapon that the good guys and bad guys use. Horror movies have iconic weapons for the maniacs to wield, while other films use weapons as a means of protection. 

For the viewer's sake, weapons can be unique to each specific movie genre. In the case of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are too many unique weapons to count. Even though the Marvel movies are all under the genre umbrella of superhero flicks, there are still an array of weapons that both villains and heroes utilize. 

Since the Marvel Universe has traveled all across the galaxy, and dimensions, viewers have been introduced to several technological advancements. Almost all of these weapons could only be dreamed of creating in real life but that is partly what makes them so intriguing to see on the big screen. 

Movies have come a long way in arsenal advancements since the days when two people would face off with a couple of pistols.

Now, superhero movies have weapons that can enrage people with a single touch or even something that can wipe out half of the population. Needless to say, most of these weapons could have devastating effects if they were to fall into the wrong hands. 

While some of these weapons are pretty weak, others are incredibly powerful some of which could even take out Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Here are The 25 Strongest Weapons In The MCU, Officially Ranked. 

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Mordo with the Staff of Living Tribunal
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25 The Staff of the Living Tribunal

Mordo with the Staff of Living Tribunal

The Staff of the Living Tribunal may have only made an appearance in Doctor Strange, but it is none the less powerful. 

The staff was used by Karl Mordo when he was training Stephen Strange in the art of combat.

The staff may just look like an old stick, but this relic can shapeshift into a weapon that almost appears as a whip.

Mordo used the weapon numerous times in training Strange and while battling the likes of the Zealots. It may not be completely known how the staff works but that never stopped Mordo from mastering the weapon.

24 Black Widow’s Bite

Black Widow’s Bite may not be the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they are strong enough to be included in this list. 

Obviously worn by Black Widow, these electroshock weapons zap anyone who comes in contact with Romanoff’s fists. Not only will they knock out an ordinary opponent, but they were also able to take down Chitauri troops during the Battle of New York.

Black Widow is lethal without any type of weapon, but giving her an electroshock weapon gives her even more of an advantage. 

23 Godslayer

Godslayer may be seen as an ordinary sword, but it is much more. Wielded by the Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora, Godslayer is a collapsible sword that has many unique attributes to it. 

While it is never revealed if the sword actually slew any gods, the sword can cut through some of the toughest metals due to its incredible strength. The sword also has a knife that is able to be detached from the sword’s hilt. 

A sword of this strength would no doubt be a heavy weapon to haul around, but the sword’s energy core decreases the weight of the blade, making it even easier to wield. 

22 Quad Blasters

Appearing in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Avengers: Infinity War, Quad Blasters are the signature weapon of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. 

The Blaster has two barrels and triggers that can shoot out different blasts.

The top barrel can shoot out plasma shots while the bottom barrel shoots out electric shots. The triggers can be squeezed at the same time which will fire off both a plasma and electric shot for an even more powerful shot. 

The blaster has impressive firepower, but it can also be used as a brute force by hitting people with the solid metal. 

21 Bucky’s Metal Arm

Captain America The Winter Soldier - Steve Rogers fights Bucky Barnes

Robotic arms are nothing new in movies. Limbs were often replaced with metal ones in the Star Wars films and the MCU did the same thing after Bucky Barnes had his unfortunate fall. 

HYDRA was responsible for replacing Bucky’s arm with a cybernetic implant after his fall from the train in Captain America: The First Avenger. 

Some of the most incredible feats that Bucky was able to accomplish with the arm include destroying a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV as well as tearing open Falcon’s winged harness.

The arm’s only real weakness seemed to be flexibility, which can be seen when Spider-Man battles Bucky. 

20 Captain America’s Shield

Captain America’s iconic shield was once made out of steel but was later upgraded to vibranium after Howard Stark better equipped the First Avenger. 

Cap’s shield has protected him against bullets, blaster beams, and most impressively, Thor’s hammer Mjølnir. Shields usually are made for defensive purposes, but the vibranium shield can also dish out a brutal beating. 

The Avenger will often launch the shield to knock out enemies, while the vibranium lets the shield bounce between targets before it returns to Captain America. 

Most shields would break with this amount of stress, but that is what makes this shield one of a kind. 

19 Web-Shooters

Many heroes have their own weapons, but not many can say that they built their own weapons from scratch. Peter Parker on the other hand, created his web-shooters. 

Mimicking that of a spider web, Parker’s web fluid is very durable and flexible.

Spider-Man uses his web-shooters to fling himself from building to building as well as to protect himself from enemies. 

The original web-shooters were impressive, but Spider-Man got an upgrade after Tony Stark upgraded his suit and gave him more web-shooter combinations; 576 combinations to be exact. 

18 Judas Bullets

Just like you need a silver bullet to eliminate a werewolf, you need a Judas Bullet in order to hurt Luke Cage. Judas bullets are used in both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Luke Cage and were developed by Hammer Industries. 

Judas bullets are unlike any other bullet since they use metal from Chitauri equipment.

Luke Cage was hit twice with Judas bullets and received near-fatal injuries because of the alien metal. 

If these bullets are strong enough to harm Luke Cage then the effects on a normal person would be catastrophic. 

17 Hofund

Hofund is a powerful sword for more than one reason. Hofund, or simply the Bifrost Sword, is often wielded by Heimdall in the MCU. 

One would have to have a lot of strength to even lift a weapon this massive but Heimdall did it best before Thanos ended him.

Hofund was used for the last time when Heimdall sent Hulk to Earth when the Black Order attacked Thor’s ship. 

Not only is the sword huge, but it is literally a key to opening the Bifrost Bridge. Given the sword’s ability to open the Bifrost, Hofund is an incredibly powerful weapon that should not be underestimated.

16 Yaka Arrows

Forged by Centaurians, Yaka arrows are something even Hawkeye may not be able to use. These metal arrows fly by using sonic frequencies that some Centaurians can create just by whistling. 

They have the ability to fly through the air in any which way that the user wishes and even defy gravity. 

Some of the most memorable scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 were when Yondu Udonta used his Yaka arrow on his enemies.

He was able to take out multiple enemies in a matter of seconds all by just whistling. 

15 Black Hole Grenades 

As if grenades were not powerful enough, Marvel introduced black hole grenades. These grenades do pretty much what you think they would. 

When detonated, they create a gravitational singularity which wipes out anything in its path. This weapon was a fan favorite of the Dark Elves when they invaded Asgard. 

Much like he did with the leftover Chitauri weapons and technology, Adrian Toomes stole black hole grenades from the Department of Damage Control after the conflict between the Dark Elves and Asgardians ended.

The only downside to the weapon is that they only seem to affect objects that are within a two-foot radius. 

14 The Iron Legion

One Iron Man suit was so powerful that the United States government wanted to take it away from Tony Stark. Of course, Stark would never let that happen and, instead, created an entire fleet of Iron Man soldiers for himself named the Iron Legion. 

Like Iron Man, the Iron Legion had repulsor beams in their hands and had the ability to fly. The Iron Legion was designed to guard and protect civilians, but it was often used as a weapon when Iron Man needed backup. 

War Machine often came when Stark needed reinforcement but even two Iron Man suits sometimes were not enough. 

13 Midnight Oil

The Starks are often involved in some of science’s most technological breakthroughs. They are known for being quite inventive-- so much so that the Stark Expo is annually held to celebrate their inventions. 

Midnight Oil appeared in Agent Carter and was designed by none other than Howard Stark.

This oil was used during World War II and caused people who were introduced to the chemical agent to go into a mindless rage and attack everything in sight. 

After having the Midnight Oil stolen and seeing the effects it could have on a human being, Stark made it his mission to see all of the gas be destroyed. 

12 Bezerker Staff

Along the same lines as Midnight Oil, the Bezerker Staff gave anyone who touched it an incredible rage and superhuman strength. 

Crafted by an ancient Asgardian, the Bezerker Staff was later recovered by Norse Paganists who wanted to use the staff for evil purposes. 

While the staff is incredibly powerful and gives anyone who touches it an adrenaline rush, it often did more harm than good because of its negative side effects.

The Staff fills its user with horrible memories and the after-effects of its use include immense fatigue.

11 The Destroyer

Chris Hemsworth as Thor Versus Destroyer

During the climax of the first Thor, the destroyer was seen in its full glory. Created with the intention of protecting the artifacts inside the Vault of Asgard, the Destroyer was a strong automaton that could be used for evil and good. 

The Destroyer is controlled by whoever possesses the Gungir, a magical spear usually wielded by the ruler of Asgard.

While most superheroes have superhuman strength, the Destroyer had this as well as the power of Odinforce Blast, which is basically a fancy term for a fiery beam of energy that can be shot from the Destroyer’s head. 

Retrograde positioning also allowed the Destroyer to rearrange its armor which came in handy when Lady Sif attacked it. 

10 Necroswords

Necroswords made their cinematic debut when Hela came to wreak havoc on Asgard. While Hela seemed to favor what appears to be the All-Black the necrosword, she could summon multiple necroswords at once which came in handy while battling multiple enemies. 

In the flashback sequence, Hela could be seen massacring multiple Valkyries who flew straight into her cloud of necroswords.

In another scene, Hela took down multiple Asgardian soldiers with the use of necroswords. 

During battle, Hela can be seen summoning different sized necroswords. Everything from small melee weapons to giant spears were used against Surtur. 

9 Twilight Sword

No, the Twilight sword is not something that Edward uses to slay werewolves. Instead, the Twilight Sword is the weapon of choice for the fire demon known as Surtur. 

Hela may have been powerful with her necroswords, but even those were no match for Surtur’s Twilight Sword.

This sword can not only be used as a blade, but can also shoot fire. 

The Twilight Sword is always the size that Surtur needs it to be and disappears once Surtur is defeated so that others can not use the weapon. Not many swords have the ability to destroy an entire planet, but the Twilight Sword can do just that. 

8 The Eternal Flame

Out of all of the weapons in Odin’s Vault, the Eternal Flame was by far one of the most powerful. Surtur wished to possess the Eternal Flame so that he could ensure Ragnarök would plague Asgard. 

When Thor and Loki realized they could not defeat Hela, the decision was made to drop Surtur’s skull into the Eternal Flame so that he could destroy Hela. 

Before this, however, the Eternal Flame was used by Hela in order to resurrect an army of soldiers.

This inextinguishable flame was told to have great power and indeed it did. 

7 Hellfire Chain

Formerly owned by Hellfire himself, the Hellfire Chain is now used by Ghost Rider. While the design is fairly simple, a chain that is on fire, the chain’s abilities are one of a kind. 

The Hellfire Chain is often used as a whip, which can beat opponents at the same rate at which it burns them.

This is useful for Ghost Rider since he can capture enemies that are far away. 

The chain can also create an inter-dimensional portal when it is swung around in a circle. This is one chain you probably won’t find in a normal hardware store. 

6 Hadron Enforcer

Rocket Raccoon may be just a genetically enhanced raccoon, but he is much more than your ordinary trash panda. One of Rocket’s best skills is crafting improvised weapons. 

One of these weapons is called the Hadron Enforcer. The weapon appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and was used against Ronan the Accuser. 

Even though the Hadron Enforcer shoots a bullet filled with hadron particles that explode on impact, the weapon was no match for Ronan since he possessed the Power Stone.

Against any other being, however, the hadron enforcer would be quite overpowering. 

5 Mjølnir

Like many people have a special attachment to another person, Thor had a special attachment to his magical hammer called Mjølnir.

Best described by Thor himself while talking to Korg, the hammer “was made from this special metal from the heart of a dying star.”

Up until its destruction by Hela, Mjølnir was one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU. Not only could Thor use it in melee attacks, but he could also use it to fly and could even throw the hammer at opponents, controlling its speed and path. 

The hammer could also only be picked up by those who were worthy to wield it, meaning that Thor was almost the only person who could use the weapon. 

4 Stormbreaker

It was a shocking moment when Hela effortlessly crumbled Mjølnir. While Thor would later discover that he could use his lightning powers without his hammer, he would also receive a new weapon in Avengers: Infinity War. 

Stormbreaker was the signature weapon for Beta Ray Bill in the comics but was crafted by Thor, Groot, Rocket, and Eitri in the movie. Stormbreaker was by far more powerful than Mjølnir.

It could teleport Thor and his friends to other planets as well as protect Thor from a blast from the Infinity Gauntlet.

This weapon was also one of the few which were able to severely injure Thanos. 

3 The Tesseract

Infinity Stones are masked in all shapes and sizes. For the Space Stone, the Tesseract concealed its true identity until it was crushed by Thanos.

The Tesseract is mainly used to open gateways in the universe, which can be used for inter-dimensional travel. 

Red Skull was seen using the Tesseract but it teleported and trapped him on the planet Vormir. Loki was also seen using the tesseract in The Avengers when he opened a portal allowing hundreds of Chitauri soldiers to invade New York. 

While the Tesseract contained immense power, it became even more powerful when it was combined with the other Infinity Stones. 

2 Chitauri Scepter

Much like the tesseract was a vessel for the Power Stone, the Chitauri Scepter was a vessel for the Mind Stone. The scepter has the ability to fire energy blasts as well as take control over people’s minds. 

With this form of mind-control, Loki was able to make Erik Selvig and Clint Barton perform villainous tasks they otherwise would never dream of doing. 

The Scepter was also used by Ultron in order for him to force Helen Cho to give him a new body. The Mind Stone was then implanted in Vision’s forehead but was later ripped out by Thanos. 

1 The Infinity Gauntlet

Each Infinity Stone has its own unique power but together with the use of the Infinity Gauntlet, the six stones have an unprecedented level of power.

The Mad Titan named Thanos used the stones to bring balance to the universe, which he, unfortunately, succeeds in by the end of Infinity War.

The Infinity Gauntlet allowed Thanos to do this by channeling all of the Stones power and even use them at the same time if he wished.

The Gauntlet gave Thanos the power to do pretty much anything he wanted and even the ability to wipe out half of the strongest heroes in the universe with a snap of his fingers. 


Are there any other MCU weapons that are more powerful? Sound off in the comments!

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