6 MCU Stars Who Are Delightful To Work With (And 9 Who Aren't)

Actors have often been known to have a certain flair for the dramatic, even when the cameras stop rolling. To be fair, they do spend their entire lives performing and it’s probably not so easy to just turn that off. We get so caught up in the characters they portray that it can be easy to overlook the roles that actors play in real life, such as parent, partner or coworker.

What they do may seem glamorous, but when actors head onto the set, they are really just going to work like the rest of us. We all know what it’s like to have coworkers who are less than stellar, but we’ve also had coworkers who make the long hours go by just a little bit faster. It turns out that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has its fair share of both.

Some of these actors brighten up the set just by being there, while others are kind of a drag. Performers can sometimes be as inscrutable as the characters they play, but they can also be exactly who they purport to be during interviews.

Here are 6 MCU Stars Who Are Difficult To Work With (And 9 Who Are Delightful).

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15 Delightful - Robert Downey Jr.

There was a time when Robert Downey Jr. would’ve made the difficult part of this list, but these days, the actor is pretty delightful to fans and coworkers alike.

According to Metro, Downey Jr. campaigned to get better pay for his fellow Avengers. Deadline reported that he got a whopping $50 million paycheck for the first Avengers film, while some of his costars got $200,000 each. Downey Jr. refused to sign onto Age of Ultron unless they were given a raise.

As a huge Downey Jr. fan, Dave Bautista told EW that working with the actor on Infinity War was just as amazing as he’d hoped. It turned out that Downey Jr. absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy, particularly Bautista’s performance. “My best memories, on the set of Avengers, was working with him, because I looked up to him for so many years as a performer,” Bautista stated.

14 Difficult - Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard in Iron Man

Speaking of a time when Robert Downey Jr. no longer had any Hollywood cache, it’s difficult to believe that the actor who played James “Rhodey” Rhodes made more money on the first Iron Man film than the actor who portrayed Tony Stark. In fact, he made more money than any of the other actors and, in to his Rolling Stone interview, Howard claims he was responsible for Marvel Studios giving Downey Jr. a chance - a claim Marvel has denied.

There were rumblings that Howard was difficult on set, but EW reported that the actor ultimately did not return because he would’ve had to take a pay cut. Unhappy with Howard’s performance anyway, Marvel chose not to negotiate. They simply replaced him with Don Cheadle.

Howard blames Downey Jr. for the entire debacle, claiming that Downey Jr. should’ve helped Howard the way that Howard claims to have helped him.

13 Delightful - Chris Evans

Bucky may be Captain America’s sidekick in the MCU, but Chris Evans has one of his own. His name is Dodger and Evans adopted him while filming Gifted. One scene was shot in a shelter and the actor found himself smitten with a certain pooch. So, he did what any dog lover would do and brought him home.

Evans told People, “I’m a dog lunatic. He sleeps on my pillow, you wake up face-to-face.”

The two are now inseparable, with Evans even bringing Dodger to work. According to Daily Mail, the actor was spotted on the set of Infinity War with his best pal in tow.

Aside from the fact that Evans is known for being good-natured in general, he brings Dodger to work with him. If that doesn’t brighten up a set, then we’re not sure what does.

12 Difficult - James Spader

James Spader has a talent for portraying characters who are often quite unlikable - see Less Than Zero or Pretty in Pink, to name a couple. This may be because Spader has plenty of his own idiosyncrasies. The actor who brought Ultron to life told Rolling Stone,"I have very, very strong obsessive-compulsive issues. I'm very particular.” 

William Shatner recalls the actor’s distaste for watching people eat, while Maggie Gyllenhaal explained that he was always in character.

Although his eccentricities make him a perfect choice for the role of Reddington on The Blacklist, those working behind the scenes have had plenty of frustrating conversations with Spader. 

His showrunner on The Blacklist recalled talking to the phone with Spader about his role on a daily basis: "On Thanksgiving, when I was in Colorado, I was out pacing on the phone for two hours. This stuff keeps him up at night. He can dig his heels in. The conversations can be frustrating.”

11 Delightful - Paul Rudd

Ant-Man Paul Rudd Scott Lang

Paul Rudd has always been viewed as one of the most likable guys in Hollywood, so it’s no surprise that he lands in the delightful column here. His undeniable charm made him an excellent choice for the role of Scott Lang in Ant-Man.

It turns out that Rudd is every bit as affable as he appears on screen.

Jennifer Aniston and David Wain both worked with the actor on Wanderlust as costar and director, respectively. Aniston told THR that she felt “honored” every time she had the opportunity to work with Rudd and spoke of their close friendship.

Wain has directed Rudd in every single one of his films. He explained to Cinema Blend, “He genuinely makes me laugh all the time and he’ll take material that I’ve written or co-written and make it twice as funny just by viewing it with his personality and his acting.”

10 Difficult - Mickey Rourke

Iron Man 2 is considered by most to be the worst film in the MCU’s arsenal. Not even the actor who portrayed villain Ivan Vanko was happy with how the finished product turned out. Mickey Rourke felt that all of his best character work wound up on the cutting room floor.

He wasn’t shy about telling Screen Rant how disappointed he was with Vanko as a one-dimensional villain, when Rourke tried to make him so much more. As for his thriller 13, he stated, “It’s a piece of crap” - pretty harsh for a project he had recently wrapped at the time.

Rourke made an incredible comeback beginning with Sin City and turned in the best performance of his life with The Wrestler, but has been forthright about his past issues. He told Daily Mail, “I threatened producers, raged at directors, forgot my agent's name. I really burned my bridges.”

9 Delightful - Chris Hemsworth

If you want to see how much actors love working with Chris Hemsworth, look no further than this behind the scenes clip on Mashable.

Thor: Ragnarok costar Jeff Goldblum called the actor “cute as Christmas” and “fun to be around.”

Director Taika Waititi stated that Hemsworth was not only very attractive, but also quite funny. Speaking of how dreamy Hemsworth is, Cate Blanchett swooned as she discussed his shoulders. She also spoke about his generosity and said that he was “incredible to work with”.

That’s a whole lot of praise from those who work with Hemsworth both on camera and behind the scenes. It would seem that fans aren’t the only ones completely enamored by the many charms of Chris Hemsworth. Hopefully, he survives Infinity War to continue portraying the God of Thunder in upcoming MCU films.

8 Difficult - Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone may be known for playing many action heroes onscreen, but apparently his offscreen personality isn't always exactly easy going. When asked by Metro about what it was like to work with the GotG 2 actor, Dolph Lundgren stated, “Challenging. He’s a tough guy and wants things a certain way.” He also explained that although Stallone didn’t direct The Expendables 2, he was still kind of “the boss.”

Stallone has had issues with several male action stars over the years.

Considering his rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger throughout the ’80s, it’s pretty incredible the two men later became friends and costars. He also feuded with Richard Gere on the set of The Lords of Flatbush.

According to Deadline, Stallone chose to leave The Expendables franchise before production on the fourth film began, because he and Nu Image/Millennium chief Avi Lerner couldn’t agree on a script or director. However, more recent updates indicate that the actor is back on board.

7 Delightful - Haley Atwell

Hayley Atwell is more than just just an onscreen hero as Peggy Carter. According to those who work with the actress behind the scenes, she is pretty amazing in real life too.

According to The Guardian, Hettie Macdonald, who directed Atwell in Howard’s End, had only the nicest things to say about her both personally and professionally. She stated, “As the leading actress, she set the tone for every single person on the set, just by arriving on time, ready to go, loving it.”

Aside from that, Atwell has also been praised by the Agent Carter screen writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. The latter called her “the most professional actor” he’d ever met, while the former talked about how much fun she is when the cameras aren’t rolling. Apparently, Atwell is quite the practical joker as well.

6 Difficult - Tommy Lee Jones

Oscar-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones, who portrayed Colonel Chester Phillips in Captain America: The First Avenger, has been referred to as rather difficult by those who’ve worked with him on camera and behind the scenes.

According to The Guardian, even his second wife, Kimberlea Cloughley, was afraid of him when they met.

The actor was called “monstrous” by his Stormy Monday costar Sting and a “bully” by Batman Forever director Joel Schumacher.

Schumacher wasn’t the only person working on that production to have issues with Jones. Jim Carrey, who played the Riddler to Jones’s Two-Face, told Howard Stern that the actor wasn’t exactly kind to him. When Carrey introduced himself to Jones, his reaction was to hug him and say, “I hate you. I really don't like you… I cannot sanction your buffoonery.”

5 Delightful - Cate Blanchett

Casting Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok was quite a boon for Marvel Studios. Although the character may not have been on the same level as Loki or Killmonger, she was still far more compelling than the majority of villains in the MCU.

One might think the two-time Oscar winner is quite serious. Her Carol costar, Sarah Paulson, told Variety about how intimidated she was by the actress initially and how it all melted away once they began working together. “You always have to be ready to go because she’s going to do something kind of magical,” she explained.

Paulson isn’t the only one who feels that way about Blanchett. Chris Hemsworth told Elle that he had “to drop the facade” when she was around, because the actress refused to let him get away with anything less. He also stated, “She has a wild sense of humor.”

4 Delightful - Tom Hiddleston

Although his MCU counterpart Loki is quite Mephistophelean, everyone agrees that Tom Hiddleston is an absolute sweetheart.

The actor has an adorable bond with Benedict Cumberbatch and has proven that he can handle being teased by his other pal, Robert Downey Jr. Aside from having good relationships with his costars, Hiddleston has not only delighted his adoring fans, but the press as well.

He’s been known to lend his coat or even bring some tomato soup to a reporter in need.

There is a reason that Hiddleston is so kind. The actor told Empire that his first job as a waiter greatly informed the way that he treats people. “I did it for a whole summer and people would be so extraordinarily rude that it made me decide that I would never be rude in my life, specifically to people who were kind enough to serve me things.”

3 Delightful - Chris Pratt

Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Cosmic

Anyone who follows Chris Pratt’s activities would likely be unsurprised that the Star-Lord actor is delightful in person.

Like several other stars on this list, he frequently visits hospitals, often in character.

He also shocks audiences by appearing at screenings of his films and always takes time for his fans. Aside from that, Pratt is a pleasure to work with. Chris Hemsworth told Elle that he was “weirdly shaken” when he met the actor. Expanding on the point he added, “He's just so charismatic. And good at what he does.”

Tom Holland echoed these sentiments to Hey U Guys, stating, “Working with Chris Pratt was pretty awesome. He is so funny, he's so fun… he's also just super talented… He's the man, I absolutely love him.” Holland did have one issue working with Pratt, however. The actor simply made him laugh too much.

2 Difficult - Edward Norton

If Edward Norton’s Oscar-nominated performance in Birdman proves anything, it’s that he has a sense of humor. Norton played an actor so difficult to work with that few people in Hollywood had the patience to even try. Sound familiar?

One of the most glaring examples of Norton’s difficulty to be a team player can be seen in how the making of The Incredible Hulk played out. According to Looper, he only agreed to take on the role of Bruce Banner provided he could change the script as he saw fit. This led to a fairly substantial rewrite of the entire movie mere weeks before shooting began.

When it came time to begin work on The Avengers, Marvel not only chose to cast Mark Ruffalo instead, but also issued a statement that insinuated that Norton lacked the “creative and collaborative spirit” of the rest of the cast.

1 Delightful - The Women of Black Panther

The relationships forged on a set are often indicative of the type of work environment fostered there. Not only have the amazing women of Black Panther grown quite close, but they also had a blast filming the movie. 

Fans may wonder how Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright and Lupita Nyong'o pass time between takes and the answer may surprise you. The actresses revealed to EW that they’ve been known to engage in some pretty epic rap battles.

Actually, Wright thought that Gurira was the best freestyler ever, but only because the younger actress was unfamiliar with L.L. Cool J’s catalogue. Even on Black Panther’s opening day, Nyong'o posted a video on Instagram of Troublemaker (herself) and MC Underbite (Wright) going head to head in the car. It looks like you’ve got to bring your A game if you want to spit rhymes with these ladies!


Do you know any other behind-the-scenes info about MCU actors? Let us know in the comments!

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