MCU: 10 Professor Hulk Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

Due to Avengers: Endgame’s massive hype paving the way for spoilers, most of the fans were aware that Bruce Banner would turn into “Professor Hulk” during the film. Unfortunately, he didn’t reach the heights characters like Iron Man did in the movie, leading to some feeling like the Professor Hulk might not have been a big success of a plot angle.

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Regardless of your perception of the character, one thing is a guarantee, and that is fans’ amusement at watching the memes that have come out of Professor Hulk’s characterization. So, to remember this part of the story in a lighter sense, check out these 10 hilarious memes that poke fun at Professor Hulk.

10 Lamb Sauce!

Folks had expected Professor Hulk to carry the attitude of Bruce Banner but also retain the anger that made The Incredible Hulk the character he was, only for him to have not even a hint of rage anymore. 

This is why it’s appropriate to compare Hulk’s new demeanor to that of one Gordon Ramsay. Those who’ve watched both Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef will be aware of his stark personality contrast between the respective shows. To adults, he seems to only want to smash their spirits to smithereens; with kids, he only wants them to “say green.”

9 Above Average

We’ve all been there at one point where we have a subject in school we’re terrible at, but the blow of failing is taken away significantly because everybody else also flunked. In actuality, it makes no difference if every student in class might have failed, since it has nothing to do with your studies. 

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However, just the fact that your failing grade is still better than everybody else’s failing grade evokes some sense of satisfaction, since it means you’re still technically smarter than the average student. That's somewhat how Hulk felt when he failed to send Ant-Man through time but managed to send time through him.

8 Sign Me Up

For those who don’t know, “The Holy Trilogy” is the Sam Raimi Spider-Man series, which has entered legendary status for fans for being the first true quality superhero film series. Although we’d still love to have Spider-Man 4 to finish off some burning questions, just watching this trilogy for what it represents is enough to satisfy any fan.

Spider-Man 3 used to be much maligned by fans for being extremely cheesy, but it has aged well enough due to some hilarious Tobey Maguire memes. We agree with Hulk here, we really are made for watching the trilogy at a stretch.

7 Smart For A Reason

Bruce was never specifically called “Professor Hulk” by either the characters in-universe or the directors, the latter of whom prefer to call him “Smart Hulk” instead. Going by this name, one can imagine the new Hulk being a student out to get his eighth PhD.

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He wouldn’t even have to stray far away from the Incredible Hulk persona either, as it turns out all he needs to do to get a change of attitude is to remove the first two letters from his title and he instantly turns into a model student.

6 The Main Villain

If you think about it, the Avengers didn’t actually succeed in their mission to save the universe, as a villain more dangerous than Thanos still lurked around. Yes, we’re talking about Noobmaster69, who regularly antagonized Thor and Korg.

You’d have to be one massively powerful character to go through the entire ordeal of The Snap and still play Fortnite as if nothing had happened. Just imagine how powerful Noobmaster69 would be if he was dropped in an open-world game where he had the power to do anything.

5 Uncanny Resemblance

Hulk was always made fun of due to his greenish resemblance to Shrek, but Professor Hulk will get an even worse treatment here because he’s civilized like Shrek. Because of this, every mannerism Shrek has ever displayed now appears as if it was Professor Hulk in animation instead.

Even this is an absolute win scenario, since Shrek is a series everyone loves that had a not-so-great ending, while Professor Hulk’s last scene also didn’t sit well with fans, much because he didn’t have any closure.

4 Don't Talk Back To Obi-Wan

We’ll be seeing Obi-Wan played by Ewan McGregor very soon in the near future, which will open up the possibility of more crossover memes with the MCU. For the time being, we have this one where Obi-Wan isn’t happy with Hulk’s enthusiasm.

Can you blame him, though? The last time Obi-Wan had someone being absolutely sure of his actions, that guy turned out to become Darth Vader of all people. This is why Hulk should mind what he says around a very touchy Obi-Wan, unless he wants to be outed as a Sith.

3 Missed Chance

They did us wrong by fast forwarding through Bruce Banner’s storyline about turning into the Hulk permanently, as his appearance as the Professor Hulk just seems so random after we’d seen Banner only a few minutes prior.

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Along with the ending of the character not having been met with unanimous praise, his first appearance in the film also isn’t fondly remembered. There was hope we’d see a deleted scene about this, but that turned out to be a bust.

2 Now That Would Be Interesting

It was strange checking out Bruce’s new look, since seemed like he was a mixture of both his human form and his Hulk form. People had figured Professor Hulk would simply be the normal Hulk just with Bruce’s mind, but he instead morphed into a weird combination as he even retained Banner’s voice. 

For this reason, it would’ve been interesting had the film opted to keep Banner’s skin tone intact as well. After all, he was basically human, just with an enlarged body frame and green skin. This edit here is kind of freaky for sure; however, it raises the question as to whether Hulk could evolve further into having human skin as well.

1 Good Guy Hulk

People liked to treat Ant-Man like dirt for some reason, with characters like Iron Man, War Machine, Rocket, and Nebula calling him all sorts of names. Nebula and Rocket in particular thought he was an idiot, with Rocket calling him a puppy. 

The only one who didn’t treat Scott in a negative manner was Professor Hulk, who retained Bruce’s sweet nature and decided to hand Scott his meal because the latter had had his food blown away by Rocket and Nebula. Although Hulk got greatly de-powered, it was still a treat watching him being so nice to Scott.

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