15Hurt: Loki wanted to bring the Avengers together (The Avengers)

Loki stops Hawkeye's arrow

Even all of these years later, this twist is ignored by fans of the franchise because it doesn't make any sense. 

Let's be honest here: most of the setup for The Avengers was completed long before the movie itself hit theaters. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America were established in their own movies, and Loki and the tesseract were both introduced in Thor.

All The Avengers really had to do was establish a threat too big for

any of the titular heroes or defeat on their own, thereby forcing them to unite.

Instead, writer Joss Whedon decided to shoehorn in a twist that saw Loki purposefully bring together Earth's Mightiest Heroes so that he could then unleash the Hulk and scatter the team. Huh?

Loki's goal was to open a breach in space and bring the Chitauri to Earth, bringing the Avengers together for the sole purpose of dividing them was ultimately pointless.

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