Eternals Are Perfect For Marvel Phase 4

The Villains Could Be Bigger Than Thanos

Following the conclusion of Phase 3, Marvel will need a new character to become the MCU's next big villain. The problem is that most villains would seem underwhelming in comparison to someone with ambitions of destroying half the universe. While some fans may doubt that Marvel could introduce any villain capable of trumping the Mad Titan, Marvel may not need to look any further than Guardians of the Galaxy's Celestials. Though it's true that the Guardians already defeated a Celestial, they've never had to deal with more than one.

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Every few thousand years, the Celestials visit the Earth to pass judgment on their creations. If they are deemed unworthy of living, the Celestials will destroy everyone. The Eternals and the Deviants have to make sure they live up to their creators' expectations in order to avoid planetary genocide.

What would happen if an army of Celestials came to Earth in the MCU? Even all the superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War may not be able to stand against those odds.

New Characters

Other than Thanos, the Eternals aren't supported by a lot of big-name characters. Nevertheless, one thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown us is that a character doesn't have to be a household name to be a huge success for the studio. Ten years ago, most audiences had never even heard of Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Yondu, Mantis, and Scott Lang. Other heroes like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision didn't see their popularity swell until the rise of the MCU. So while being recognizable to general audiences certainly does help, it's not necessarily a requirement for a successful movie. So far, Marvel Studios has been adept at creating hits with low-profile characters.

Which characters would Marvel introduce if The Eternals did make it to the big screen? If Marvel chooses to include a Thanos connection, his brother Starfox would be an excellent choice. Starfox possesses an adventurous spirit and the ability to telepathically influence the pleasure center of a person's brain.

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The protagonist of the film would most likely be Ikaris, who usually fills the role of a straight-laced hero. Ikaris would be joined by Thena, a beautiful headstrong warrior woman, and Makkari, a speedster who can outrun Quicksilver. There's also Sersi, a fun-loving party girl who can manipulate matter on a grand scale. While most Eternals tend to stay out of human affairs, one Eternal, the Forgotten One, has broken their rules and is forced to live as an outsider. Just as his name suggests, the Forgotten One is shunned by his fellow Eternals.

Two Deviants, Karkas and Ransak the Reject, are usually found among the core group of characters associated with the Eternals. Karkas and Ransak are constant companions, outcasts, and polar opposites. Karkas is an articulate, wise monster with "the soul of a poet", whereas Ransak is a savage fighter with the appearance of a human. Aside from Karkas, his fellow Deviants find his looks detestable, while human and Eternal females are attracted to him.

Some of the Eternals, like Starfox, Sersi, and The Forgotten One have even joined the Avengers. Could they, or any members of the Eternals or the Deviants, be a part of Marvel's next all-new team movie?


While Phase 4 will be composed of some sequels, fans expect for Marvel to include room for at least one or two new franchises. The Eternals do seem like the perfect candidate to fill that role. An Eternals film could be a world-building movie that would succeed in expanding on established ideas and helping to shape the future of the MCU.

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