Characters Fox Hasn’t Used That The MCU Should Introduce

UPDATE: Disney's purchase of Fox has been made official. The original article follows.

With Marvel Studios set to gain back the rights to hundreds if not thousands of its characters thanks to the Disney deal to buy 20th Century Fox, many fans are wondering what the future of the X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four will be if they're brought into the MCU. The more likely scenario, however, is that the established characters and films will continue to exists under a separate banner at Disney while the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves forward as planned. What will change, however, is what characters Kevin Feige and his collaborators have access to in future films.

Phase 4 of the MCU is up in the air, but the Disney/Fox deal could radically change the landscape of things following Avengers 4. There's always the chance Wolverine, Deadpool, and Silver Surfer could be headed into the world of Iron Man and Captain America. But even if they don't, there's still no shortage of characters that Fox owns and haven't yet appeared in a movie. Here are some superheroes, mutants, and cosmic baddies we'd love to see join the Marvel films.

X-Men Heroes Marvel Could Use (This Page)


Fantomex X Men Weapon XIII Marvel Comics

A popular X-Men character that's not actually a mutant, Fantomex comes from the mind of Grant Morrison and debuted in his 2002 New X-Men series. A master assassin with three separate brains - and an external nervous system that serves as his ship - Fantomex can cast illusions and hypnotize alongside his incredible fighting skills. One of the many results of the Weapon Plus program, some of Fantomex's background might need to be changed in the MCU. Then again, the unique character could be a fitting way to introduce the government project into the Marvel Studios movies.

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Firestar's status is actually up in the air given she debuted in 1981's Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series. Her comic debut came in 1985's Uncanny X-Men #183, however, so Fox could very well own the rights to the character. Created to replace the Human Torch on the TV show when his rights couldn't be acquired, Firestar in the Marvel Universe is the fire-powered mutant Anjelica Jones.

Despite her name and appearance, she can actually manipulate microwave radiation, giving her all sorts of abilities. Whether her mutant status is changed along the lines of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver or she's introduced as one of the first of a new group of enhanced individuals in the MCU, Firestar is overdue for a live-action adaptation.

Corsair and the Starjammers

Created by Dave Cockrum, Corsair was meant to lead an intergalactic team of pirates in their own comic for Marvel. Unfortunately for Cockrum, the series was never picked up and he decided to convince X-Men writer Chris Claremont to add them into his book.

Debuting in 1977's X-Men #104, Corsair was reimagined as Scott Summers' dad to give him a reason to exist in the book. His story saw him and his wife abducted by the Shi'ar after the Summers' plane was shot down and Scott and Alex were left as orphans. Major Christopher Summers watched as his wife was murdered by the Shi'ar and he was thrown into a slave pit. But it was there he met his future Starjammers and was reborn as the space pirate Corsair. Introducing the Starjammers into the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise would be a cinch, while Corsair's true identity could either be altered or saved for when Cyclops officially joins the MCU.

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Born Shiro Yoshida, Sunfire is one of the few prominent Japanese mutants in the Marvel Universe. Created by Roy Thomas and Don Heck and debuting in 1970's Uncanny X-Men #64, Sunfire can fly and manipulate fire and plasma for both offensive and defensive powers. Thanks to his more cantankerous nature, he's never served long with the X-Men, instead hopping around to teams like Big Hero 6 and the Avengers. Like Firestar, Sunfire could have his backstory changed or be one of the first mutants we meet, but is distinct enough to work by himself.

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