5 MCU Netflix Characters We'd Love To See In The Movies (& 5 We Don't)

It was a great tragedy earlier this year when Netflix made the decision to gut all of its Marvel shows. They’d built up a little darkly themed mini-MCU of TV series on their streaming platform, giving fans of the grimmer Marvel Comics characters and storylines what they’d desperately wanted for years, and then they canned every single one in one fell swoop.

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It’s not really clear why they did it. Was it because Disney’s own streaming service was on the way and they didn’t want any co-productions with the Mouse House? Who knows? Hopefully, some of the shows’ characters can be salvaged by the movies. Here are 5 MCU Netflix Characters We’d Love To See In The Movies (And 5 We Don’t).

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Iron Fist - Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple
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10 Want To See: Claire Temple

Iron Fist - Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple

We never really got to see Claire Temple embody the Night Nurse persona, and a nurse is exactly what the characters of the MCU need. They’re always getting into scrapes and scuffles and otherworldly battles, so they need someone who can stitch up a cut or heal a broken leg. All they have at the moment is Tony Stark’s icy spray that he blasts on people’s wounds, and they don’t even have that anymore.

The Hulk could’ve used Claire when he charred his whole arm snapping his fingers with the Iron Gauntlet on. Also, Rosario Dawson was terrific in the role and became one of the connecting characters who tied all the Netflix shows together, so she could do that just as well for the movies.

9 Don’t Want To See: Iron Fist

Finn Jones as Danny Rand Iron Fist

Iron Fist was always the worst of Netflix’s Marvel shows. A lot of fans didn’t even bother with it. The billionaire Buddhist monk Danny Rand just wasn’t that interesting. He was like a handful of other Marvel characters—like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Shang-Chi—got crammed together.

In the comics, Rand is a unique character with some interesting powers and storylines. But with the way he’s written in the TV series and played by Finn Jones, he just feels like a composite of several other familiar characters who have proven to be popular in other movies and TV shows.

8 Want To See: Daredevil

Daredevil Season Three Charlie Cox

This one is a no-brainer. As the first Marvel character to get his own Netflix show, Daredevil is sort of the Iron Man of Netflix’s Marvel-verse. Plus, Charlie Cox has always played him incredibly, giving fans the screen adaptation of the Man Without Fear that they’d been clamoring for ever since they were let down by Ben Affleck.

Matt Murdock could fight legal battles for the Avengers, like wrapping up the geopolitical skirmish of the Sokovia Accords, while Daredevil could team up with other New York-based heroes like Doctor Strange or Spider-Man, which is too juicy a premise to pass up.

7 Don’t Want To See: Foggy Nelson

Elden Henson as Foggy in Daredevil

As much as fans will miss Netflix’s Daredevil and most of the characters and storylines in it, Foggy Nelson isn’t really one of them. He was amiable as Matt Murdock’s confidante, but his incessant need to make silly jokes made him too annoying and goofy to fit into the dark tone of the show.

This made him one of the least popular characters on the show and one of the ones we could probably have done without. It might be interesting to have a lawyer in the new Avengers’ corner, but we would have that if Matt Murdock joined them.

6 Want To See: Misty Knight

Misty Knight is a great character, and it would be interesting to see her make the leap to the movies. In Luke Cage, we see her between two minds about superpowered vigilantes. On the one hand, the law is very black-and-white about vigilantism, but on the other hand, the superheroes are making the world a better place.

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As she was a supporting character in shows that didn’t last very long, we didn’t get a chance to fully explore this moral dilemma. Inclusion in the movies would be a good chance to rectify this. It would also be fun to see her interact with Spider-Man, who we see delightfully bantering with NYPD officers in the Far From Home trailer.

5 Don’t Want To See: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones Season 2 Art

While characters like Daredevil and Ronin could be described as dark, they’re still just good-hearted guys seeking justice who dress up in silly costumes, so they fit in with the tone of the MCU. It wouldn’t feel out of place if Daredevil showed up in the movies.

However, it would definitely feel out of place if Jessica Jones showed up. She’s not just a brooding alcoholic; her storylines have tackled such serious issues as consent and PTSD. MCU fans want to see more from Jessica Jones because Krysten Ritter plays her perfectly, and she’s an incredible character with flaws and emotional pain that we want to dig into. But it shouldn’t be in the movies.

4 Want To See: Luke Cage

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Netflix’s Luke Cage series wasn’t its best show, but Mike Colter was perfect for the role of Luke Cage and the show did interestingly play around with the tropes of the blaxploitation genre, updating them for a modern audience with a superhero angle.

In the comics, Luke Cage has been heavily involved in a lot of the big events, so he’d be a perfect fit for the movies. With his superhuman strength and virtually impenetrable skin, Cage has powers that no other character in the MCU has. He’s like a human Drax. The two of them could even meet and fight off alien invaders together. The possibilities are endless.

3 Don’t Want To See: Karen Page

Netflix’s Daredevil series gave us a complete and rounded telling of the Karen Page story. While it might be interesting to have a journalist in the mix in the films, especially for the street-level characters who protect regular people from regular criminals, Karen doesn’t have any more story left to tell.

She’s been targeted by the mob for pursuing the truth and gone on the run, forcing her to sleep in a monastery, and she even got a whole episode detailing her backstory. All the movies could do with her is force unnecessary storylines, like her romance with Matt Murdock.

2 Want To See: The Punisher

If Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle brought his particular brand of justice to the MCU’s film universe, then the movie would need to be rated R. The MCU has yet to make an R-rated movie, but a truly faithful and cinematic story about the Punisher would be as good an opportunity as any to start with.

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This would probably mean that Castle couldn’t join many of the other characters, but he could team up with other R-rated characters that Marvel has just regained from Fox, like Wolverine or Deadpool. Fans aren’t ready to say their farewells to Bernthal’s fantastic portrayal of the Punisher.

1 Don’t Want To See: Wilson Fisk

Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk in Daredevil Season 3

The third season of Daredevil ended with the title character bringing down Wilson Fisk and his criminal empire, while also sparing his life with the condition that if he does any business from prison, his wife will be killed. So, he’s alive and could therefore feasibly appear in the movies.

Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin, is one of Spider-Man’s best-known villains. He has the brawn and social influence that Spidey doesn’t have, making him an interesting match. But we’ve already seen Fisk humanized and his criminal enterprise brought down. There’s nowhere to go from there, apart from telling the story all over again with Spidey instead of Daredevil, so it’s simply not necessary.

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