The Most Powerful Weapons In The MCU

15Here are the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the last eleven years, Marvel Studios' shared universe has become bigger than anyone could have imagined. MCU films repeatedly break box office records and have made characters who were previously known only to comic book fans into household names. As the world of superheroes grew, the stakes were raised, and so too was the power that often was at the center of them.

In several instances, the Infinity Stones were the powerful artifacts that were weaponized in some way. There are examples of these weapons being used for both good and bad. Doctor Strange used the Eye of Agomotto and the Time Stone it held to stop Dormammu's invasion of Earth and see the one future where the Avengers would defeat Thanos. Speaking of the Mad Titan though, he's a prime example of the destruction that these stones can cause when used together with the Infinity Gauntlet.

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The Infinity Stones and these housing devices are among some of the most potent weapons that the MCU has utilized. Unsurprisingly, they made the cut in Screen Rant's recent video about this exact topic. Check out the full list of entries in the video at the top of this post, as we're going to turn our attention towards some other underappreciated - but still mighty - weapons.

Ronan's Hammer

When Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) made his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy, he brought with him the Cosmi-Rod. The Kree war hammer is a ceremonial part of their ascension through military ranks, with Ronan acquiring one of the more powerful ones thanks to his experience. He kept the weapon even after he defected from the Kree Empire and used its might to kill those who opposed him, with either brute force or concussive blasts. That is what it can do just on its own, but it also had the strength to be merged with an Infinity Stone and utilize its power. It was only destroyed from a direct shot by the Hadron Enforcer, but it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools the MCU has introduced - and will be even more so if our theory about it being made from Nidavellir's Uru metal is proven to be true.

Eternal Flame

Odin's Vault

The Eternal Flame was first introduced in Thor, but viewers didn't get the chance to witness its full power until Thor: Ragnarok. Hela (Cate Blanchett) used it to resurrect an army of fallen Asgardian soldiers and Fenris Wolf. When Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returned to Asgard to stop her, he then utilized the Eternal Flame's true potential. Thor had Loki (Tom Hiddleston) put the Crown of Surter in the Eternal Flame. The result was Surter becoming more powerful than he ever was before, as he appeared to kill Hela and destroyed Asgard. If Surter's increased strength doesn't show just how powerful the Eternal Flame is in the MCU, then nothing will.

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