10 MCU Moments We Need To See In Disneyland’s New Marvel Land

The MCU is responsible for so many awesome moments across its 22-movie run. And while they are viewing experiences that fans can continually return to, Disney is the master at maximizing its film properties whether it’s through merchandise, product tie ins or attractions and rides at any number of its worldwide parks. The just-opened Galaxy’s Edge, a themed land based on Star Wars is a great example of how the media giant can do this to great effect.

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Disney has also announced plans to integrate more Marvel into its parks and has just been awarded the planning permissions needed to expand its presence with a Marvel-themed land, something that will enable fans to further immerse themselves in their favorite characters and movies. So while we know that Disney doesn’t usually take specific moments from films, here are ten moments from the MCU’s history we’d love to see included in a ride or theme park experience.

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10 Thor: Ragnarok - Final Bifrost Battle

Imagine a dark ride that places you in the final moments of Ragnarok, as the ride vehicle makes its way through Asgard at roller coaster speeds before bursting out onto the Bifrost where Thor and the Hulk are battling Hela. This is such an incredibly powerful moment of fist-pumping goodness in Thor’s third solo outing that we’d love to see it included in a Disneyland ride.

With really advanced VFX and special effects making their way into more and more rides, you could easily see this moment come to life in a really exciting way that reflects just how awesome it is in the movie.

9 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II - Opening Dance Fight

If you don’t love Baby Groot’s dance to open the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, then there’s something wrong with you and you should seek medical assistance. Seeing as that isn’t the case, we obviously all want to see it take center stage in a Disneyland attraction.

Guardians of the Galaxy's titular heroes are certainly among the more fun characters in the MCU and that could be reflected really nicely in a Disneyland attraction. Imagine a 4D show with a huge IMAX-sized screen; air, wind, and water effects while music blares as Groot dances his way through the Guardians’ battle with the Abilisk.

8 Ant-Man And The Wasp - Race Through San Francisco

While Ant-Man is already the central character in his own ride at Hong Kong Disneyland, we’d love to see a high-speed ride as Ant-Man and The Wasp race through San Francisco to retrieve their mobile laboratory.

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Visitors could be made to feel they’re being shrunk and blown up in a thrilling motion simulator ride. Ant-Man’s humor would also work really nicely in the ride, with Paul Rudd as Scott Lang communicating with fans of the movie throughout; much like Rocket does in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout ride at Disneyland.

7 Black Panther - Korean Casino Shootout

More and more, VR is becoming a popular tool for theme park operators to put visitors inside another world. Fans of the king of Wakanda would love to stand alongside their favorite hero inside a virtual version of the Korean casino where the Black Panther fights Ulysses Klaw.

This would make for a really fun virtual reality experience because there’s so much going on in the movie's scene, visitors could finally explore the space to their heart's content. 

6 Iron Man 3 - House Party Protocol

Iron Man 3 is one of the MCU’s more forgotten about movies but it is packed with so much to love. Disneyland would engage with lots of fans if they created something like a dark ride that places visitors inside the final battle scene of Iron Man’s third solo movie - especially when Tony Stark initiates the House Party Protocol and has every Iron Man suit come to his and Pepper Potts’ aid.

A high-speed ride, visitors would need a helping hand from Stark’s suits to get to safety while Iron Man fight the Extremis-enhanced Aldrich Killian.

5 Spider-Man: Homecoming - Spidey Saves The Ferry

Imagine what it would have been like to be on the ferry that gets sliced in half before seeing Spider-Man - and Iron Man - fly in to help out. Without a doubt, Spider-Man is one of the most loved Marvel characters amongst lots of different demographics so if Disney didn’t look to put a Spidey-ride into its new Marvel-themed lands, we’d be very surprised.

You can imagine being in a ride vehicle as Spider-Man flips around above and around you to try and repair the ferry and get you to safety. There are so many great simulator rides that don’t quite land in parks around the world; however, add the MCU’s storytelling prowess to the mix and this could be a really thrilling ride.

4 Captain Marvel - Train Chase

Captain Marvel’s arrival in the MCU meant a lot to her fans and has made one of the comics’ lesser-known heroes one of the series’ favorites and she’s definitely only getting started. Captain Marvel’s solo movie was loads of fun and showcased just how great her powers make her, especially on earth where there’s no one like her.

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Disney could do much worse than creating a ride based on her antics especially if they picked a great moment like the really action-packed fight as she tries to take down the Skrull on the train.

3 Avengers: Age of Ultron - Opening Forest Battle

While Age of Ultron might not be one of the best-loved Marvel outings, it’s definitely got some great team moments for the six original Avengers. One of the coolest is the team’s assault on the Hydra research base in Sokovia that kicks off the movie, a movie moment that would make for a really cool dark ride experience.

Visitors could speed through the forest alongside Cap’s motorbike or hitch a ride with Iron Man as he flies overhead, with loads of fun visuals including that great shot of everyone in a single frame attacking Hydra agents.

2 Doctor Strange - New York-Bending Chase Sequence

The visuals of Doctor Strange were really something and have yet to be replicated anywhere else in the MCU. Now, imagine strapping yourself onto a roller coaster and donning a VR headset to become a part of that incredibly visual world.

This ride could be awesome if you could be flung through New York alongside Doctor Strange as the world around you shifts and bends like the moving M.C Escher design featured in the movie. Visitors would see all this happening as Doctor Strange fights with Kaecilius all around them.

1 Avengers: Endgame - Portals

We’re all still on a high from Endgame, right? Disney would be foolish not to capitalize on that. A motion simulator ride like Star Tours would work really well in enabling Disneyland’s visitors to become a part of one of the most popular films of all time.

A high-speed adventure through Endgame’s final battle with Thanos would excite many a fan - especially if it included a front row seat to seeing all the heroes returning from the snap and appearing through their portals. Something of this size would certainly allow for repeat rides because Disney’s Imagineers could hide loads of MCU easter eggs inside the ride.

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