20Did Right: Iron Man

As good as Spider-Man is in the MCU, he (and everyone else) will always be playing second fiddle to the father of the franchise, Iron Man. Tony Stark is the house on which the MCU was built and it’s helluva house. Robert Downey Jr. is, perhaps,

the most perfect piece of casting in a superhero movie, ever.

Downey already embodies so much of Tony in his personal life. The two have personal problems with addiction, a burden of legacy to their name and unbelievable ability to enchant a room with their words.

While Iron Man has always been known to Marvel comic fans, it wasn’t until the MCU’s first movie that the public caught on to the craze. The MCU really put all their cards on Iron Man to launch their mega-franchise and it’s a gamble that's more than succeeded.

It’s all because the time was put into make the character shine and bring out his best elements from the comics. Tony's not perfect, but that's the point, he's flawed, layered and fascinating.

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