10 Hysterical MCU Logic Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Anyone who has ever sat down to watch a Marvel movie knows that - in the midst of all the fighting, sorcery, and action - is intelligently placed comedic relief, jokes, and nods. While the MCU is loved for its ability to bring the comic book stories to life, many movie-goers also love the franchise's sense of humor.

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The internet is no stranger to making jokes of its own, and after the record-breaking box office releases of both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, there have been countless memes made in reference to our favorite superheroes. Here are 10 hysterical MCU memes only true fans will understand.

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10 You Took Everything From Me...

During the final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame, Wanda/Scarlet Witch reappears on the battlefield after being revived by the Hulk's snap. Prior to her disappearance at the end of Infinity War, Wanda had lost her brother at the hands of evil-genius Ultron who carried many of the same ideals as Thanos. In Infinity War, Thanos kills Vision, who Wanda had grown close to over the years, in order to take the Mind Stone from him.

In Avengers: Endgame, the superhero squad time travels in an effort to bring everyone touched by Thanos' snap back to life, though the villain was already killed by Thor. When Thanos appears in the second half of Endgame, he is the Thanos from a different timeline who has never met Wanda or collected the Infinity Stones. When Wanda tells him, "You took everything from me," Thano's response is, "I don't even know who you are." The scene is already funny, considering they're in the middle of a huge fight, but the internet took the joke, added a twist, and made it even funnier.

9 The Older Brother

After finding out in the first Thor movie that he was adopted, Loki develops a sort-of animosity towards his father and his brother, Thor.

He takes the idea of "right to the throne" very literally and personally and believes he deserves to be king of Asgard just as much as Thor. These hilarious new captions over the scene of Thor and Loki arguing in the first Thor film make the hysterical point that all Loki really wants is not the responsibility, but just the recognition and appreciation. Don't we all?

8 Who's Your Favorite Character?

Though funny, this joke is harsh, and only those who have watched Avengers: Infinity War are going to understand it. After Thanos snaps his fingers and activates the Infinity Stones to wipe out half of the universe's population, those who disappear turn to dust.

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It's been said that humor is one of the coping mechanisms for grief. Considering the events of Infinity War resulted in the disappearance of Spiderman, Black Panther, and The Winter Soldier, it isn't surprising the internet tried to make light of the whole situation. It was a year-long wait before we got any answers.

7 Getting Your Friends To Watch Marvel Movies

Having just celebrated its ten year anniversary, getting into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2019 can feel like quite an arduous task for some people, especially if you haven't been following the movies since the first Iron Man film was released in 2008.

However, many MCU fans today are hardcore comic book enthusiasts and deeply loyal movie-goers that, with the MCU taking over the box office over the last decade, they can't help but try to convince their friends to watch it with them. It just might take a little extra convincing.

6 You Call Yourself A Spy, Natasha

In Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers lives through the death of the love of his life, Agent Peggy Carter. While Cap didn't age while on ice, obviously, those he knew as a soldier - like Peggy - grew old. During the events of Civil War, Peggy finally passes.

In an effort to comfort her friend, Natasha (Black Widow) shows up at the church to pay her respects to Steve, saying "I didn't want you to be alone." The funny thing is, Sam Wilson (The Falcon), was there with Cap throughout the entire funeral service. The unseen heroes of the internet took a stand for Sam, too.

5 Sibling Rivalry

The third Thor movie, Ragnarok was released in 2017 and revealed that Thor and Loki have an older sister named Hela, who Odin banished into the depths of Hel before the princes were born.

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It's not until Odin's death that she's released from her curse and is able to finally return to Asgard. Upon her arrival, the brothers try to take a stand against their evil sister, but it seems it's in their blood to always fight each other for the throne. Sibling rivalry and comedic gold gain the upper hand in Thor: Ragnarok.

4 If There's No Asgard...

Once Hela returned to Asgard, she made it very clear that being the eldest of Odin's children made her the rightful heir to the throne. However, Hela's intentions weren't exactly pure. Known as the Goddess of Death, Hela is not exactly shy when it comes to dishing out a bit of destruction and mayhem. She intends to unleash "Ragnarok," the chaotic destruction of all of the cosmos, just so she can rule a new Asgard on her own terms.

Thor's logic is that "Asgard isn't a place, it's a people," and with the help of Loki, he evacuates all his people and gets them to safety. At least, until Infinity War happens. Well, Thor tried.

3 The Moment When You Realize...

Many Marvel fans are both fascinated and bothered that Black Widow (and Hawkeye) tends to be only one without protective armor when she enters any type of battlefield. Not only that, but she does not even have any actual superpowers. Yet, she stands in line proudly and fearlessly among the carefully shielded Captain America and the tech-protected Iron Man.

This meme makes Black Widow's lack of technology, suits, and armor something to laugh about, but it also points out that she's trained well enough to fight alongside these great heroes without any awesome equipment.

2 Be Like Dr. Strange

In Avengers: Infinity War, while the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy await their fight with Thanos, Dr. Strange goes forward in time to view all the possible outcomes of this battle. He tells his team that he's seen "14,000,605," different ways things could end, with only one of them concluding with a win for the heroes. In other words, Dr. Strange saw "Endgame" 14,000,605 times.

Dedicated Marvel movie-goers know that spoilers are the absolute worst. Unfortunately, the internet does exist and everyone is allowed to talk about what they want. Though the Avengers movies as we've come to know them so far might be over, when it comes to the next of the MCU releases, be like Dr. Strange.

1 Thank You (Not You)

The events of Avengers: Infinity War gave room for almost every superhero that the MCU has ever introduced to fight Thanos. Some were a bit more successful than others.

Following Gamora's demise, Peter Quill/Starlord loses his cool in the middle of a fight against Thanos, causing the Avengers to fail. Many fans blamed Starlord's failure for the death caused by Thanos' snap. This meme is hilarious as it acknowledges the heroes' loss by saying, "Thank you for trying," and then singles out Starlord for messing up the gameplan.

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