MCU: Happy Hogan's 10 Best Moments

The MCU is forever indebted to Jon Favreau for his directorial contributions to the franchise. Even though he hasn't helmed a superhero film in a while, he's still an integral part of the process due to his role as Happy Hogan, one of the unsung heroes of the series. From the beginning he was right by Tony Stark's side, and it looks as though he will still play a large role in the upcoming films. As a celebration of this character, the following list will shine a light on his ten best moments in the MCU so far. Here's hoping he'll have many more standout appearances in the future.

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Happy Hogan 1999 Iron Man 3
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10 His Hair In 1999

Happy Hogan 1999 Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 begins with a flashback moment before the world ushered in the new millennium. Audiences see a glimpse of a younger Stark, and they also see how long Tony and Hogan have been together. The most memorable part of this blast from the past is Hogan's amazing hair style, which is channeling Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. It's long, slicked back, and glistening like a full moon. It makes one wonder what caused him to cut it so short. Did John Travolta finally call and ask for it back?

9 Fighting With Black Widow In Iron Man 2

Black Widow Iron Man 2 infiltating Hammer

During Iron Man 2's climax, he and Black Widow storm Hammer Industries in an attempt to assist Stark and Rhodes. Natasha tells Hogan to wait in the car, but he insists on going inside with her. The two are greeted by numerous guards. Black Widow dispenses most of them with ease in the time it takes for Hogan to incapacitate one. As she effortlessly jumps around with a cat's grace, all without breaking a sweat, Hogan is fumbling around and out of breath.

8 Meeting Peter In The Bathroom

Homecoming Hogan in bathroom

Stark uses Hogan to communicate with Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In one scene, Peter walks into his school's bathroom and is surprised to find Hogan waiting. Everyone is about as uncomfortable as one would expect when a middle-aged man is in a student's restroom. When Peter asks how long Hogan was waiting there, his reply is "long enough to be awkward." The scene is complete with a sentimental moment interrupted by a flush, and Parker inquiring if Tony is waiting in the toilet to speak with him.

7 Picking The Music

Far From Home Happy Hogan on the jet

Before Far From Home's climactic battle, Hogan picks up an injured Peter Parker in a futuristic jet. On their way to stop Mysterio's attack on London, the friendly neighborhood superhero has to create a new suit. While he's busy making his ideal costume, Happy picks the music, and his choice a fitting homage to his former employer, Tony Stark.

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The song in question is "Back in Black" by AC/DC. Not only was the band's music prominently featured in the Iron Man films, but the song and album itself are tributes to the band's first lead singer Bon Scott, who tragically passed away at a young age.

6 Boxing With Tony

Iron Man 2 Black Widow Happy Hogan

Tony frequently trained with Hogan, as seen in one Iron Man 2 scene. Stark didn't always fight fair, sometimes giving Hogan the occasional jab straight to the face. In the middle of this scene, Hogan gives Black Widow, whose prowess in combat is still undiscovered by the characters and audience, a lesson. Hogan severely underestimates her abilities and pays the price for it. She immediately puts him into a headlock with her legs and forces him to the floor.

5 Forehead Of Security

In Iron Man 3, Happy has switched occupations from Stark's bodyguard to the head of security at Stark Industries. Fitting to his personality, he is portrayed as overzealous in his responsibilities. After taking a call from Tony on his tablet, he does the classic move of positioning the camera too high so it focuses on his forehead. This prompts Tony to quip, "Is this the forehead of security?" One would think the head of security would have a better grasp on technology.

4 Infinity War Deleted Scene

Hogan was sadly absent from the theatrical cut of Infinity War. However, he did film one scene that was left on the cutting room floor.

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In his cut appearance, he drives up to Tony and Pepper in a golf cart to complain about all the trouble he's been going through in keeping the paparazzi away from the couple as they prepare for their wedding. It ends as he spots a photographer named Burt and exits the scene as he chases him in his golf cart yelling expletives at his target.

3 In The Hospital

Hogan has thankfully managed to survive all these world-ending catastrophes, but he almost bit the dust in Iron Man 3. He is caught in the middle of an explosion and ends up in the hospital. As Tony visits him, he mentions to a nurse that Hogan likes Downton Abbey. When he awakens from his coma, a nurse comes to his aid. What initially looks like a struggle to breathe is simply him indicating his desire to watch his favorite show. What really makes the scene is Hogan stealing a couple of glimpses at the nurse as she looks at the TV screen and smiles.

2 Dating Aunt May

Right from their first scene together in Far From Home, it is clear something is brewing between Spider-Man's aunt and Hogan. As Parker calls her during his time in Europe, Hogan is conveniently there at her side. Finally, when he and Parker's classmates are facing certain doom, he blurts out that he loves Spider-Man's aunt. It's not only funny to see Parker's uncomfortable reaction upon his realization of their relationship, but it's great to see the beloved character finally find someone. He has worked so hard for everyone through these years; he deserves some love.

1 Talking With Stark's Daughter

Hogan has a small part in Endgame, but it makes for one of the film's most memorable scenes. After Stark's burial, Hogan sits on the porch with the hero's daughter and asks if she is hungry. When she says she wants cheeseburgers, it reminds Hogan of her father's shared love of the food. It's an intensely emotional moment both for the character and audiences who followed the MCU since day one. Maybe fans will see more of Morgan Stark in the future.

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