MCU: 10 Awesome Halloween Costumes That You Never See

Marvel heroes are some of the most popular Halloween inspirations out there right now. From Iron Man to Black Panther, to Captain America, to Captain Marvel, thousands of people, of all ages and genders, heroically suit up as they head out to parties, snag candy, and celebrate with their own assembled teams.

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But with so many movies in the MCU, there is a whole slew of excellent characters and moments that don't get spotted that often during this spooky time, which is a real shame, because they are amazing. Here are 10 awesome MCU Halloween costumes that you never see.

10 White Wolf Bucky Barnes

Although the Winter Soldier is a more popular choice, this, slightly more healed, version of Bucky Barnes featured in Black Panther and nicknamed the White Wolf, makes for one cool costume. From the beautiful Wakandan blankets (in Captain America colors!) to the ever-fashionable man (or woman, or whichever gender is preferred)-bun, this iteration of Bucky is both iconic and comfortable.

The main bonus to this costume, for Bucky lovers out there, is that there's no complicated-to-produce-metal arm necessary, which should cut production time down by a good half. Not to mention, it's a guaranteed original, featuring a beloved character, from a beloved movie.

9 Maria Hill

Maria Hill is one tough customer, stopping baddies and taking names, all without being an enhanced person in a world of crazy powers... And the really good news, becoming her is 85% about attitude. Interested parties need only get out their black, zip-up jackets, black pants, SHIELD logos, and boss personas, and they'll be transformed.

A really good Halloween costume isn't necessarily about flash, but about how it makes the wearer feel, and stepping into Maria Hills boots will certainly lead to a Halloween evening where no one dares pull out the tricks.

8 Iron Man, Mark 1

There are going to be a million Tony Starks out this year on Halloween night, especially after his heroic sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame. Stand out from the sleek, gauntlet-clad, crowd with a truly cool take on everyone's favorite savior of the universe, Iron Man, Mark 1.

After all, this design, made up of parts designed to be weapons, is the real start of Iron Man as a character and quite literally contains parts of his heart and soul. Not to mention, it not only looks incredibly cool, in a rough, robotic, kind of way, but the large, glowing, white light at its center means this is one costume that will not get lost in the crowd.

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7 Infinity War Shuri

Being a princess on Halloween is always a good choice, and there's no better princess to emulate than Shuri when it comes to dressing up. While her iconic gauntlets and battle outfit are recreated quite a bit, there are many other looks in Shuri's look-book beyond just her suit.

The Wakandan princess, it has to be said, is a true style icon, in addition to being the smartest person in the room, always. It was hard to narrow down which one of her looks should go on this list, but her incredible, and seasonally colored, orange jacket and jumpsuit from Avengers: Infinity War just had to make the cut.

6 Korg

Korg is a much-beloved character, played in Thor: Ragnarok by the equally beloved director, Taika Waititi, but he's not often seen as a Halloween costume. There are many upsides to pulling together a Korg costume though, including taking on his incredibly endearing speech patterns, a ton of cool accessories, and completely protecting the body from any late-fall weather that might strike on a chilly Halloween night.

Those who dress up as Korg can hand out revolution invitations instead of candy to complete the look and rest assured knowing they'll probably be the only boulder on the block!

5 Lady Sif

While Valkyrie is surely going to be one of the most popular female heroes this Halloween, on the heels of Avengers: Endgame and the appearance of her Pegasus, the original Asgardian warrior, Lady Sif, is another excellent choice.

Not only does a Sif costume make for a great excuse to don armor and carry a sword, but this warrior has a proud legacy, and has fought bravely at Thor's side through many battles, making her another awesome Lady to channel this Halloween.

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4 Pre-Serum Steve Rogers

Heroes are made by their heart, not by their muscles, and heart is exactly what earns Steve Rogers his shield in the MCU. To celebrate this, pre-serum Steve is an excellent choice for Halloween. Not only does this smaller in stature, but not ferocity, version of Captain America tick off two crucial Halloween categories: Historical and Heroic, it reminds everyone that it's what's inside that counts.

Superheroes aren't just about their tricks, but about their choices, and this is one costume that says that loud and clear, a choice that will definitely add a little bit of feel good spirit to the Halloween festivities.

3 Leather Jacket/90s Carol Danvers

It's true, Carol's costume, whether from Captain Marvel or from Endgame is definitely an awesome choice for Halloween, but equally amazing is the 90s-inspired, Nine Inch Nails t-shirt clad, plaid tied around her hips, baseball hat on, version of Carol Danvers seen in Captain Marvel...Just add a motorcycle.

The '90s are having a renaissance right now, and this look channels the entire era in style, while still saying superhero, comfort, and 'don't test me,' all at once. A look that says that much is definitely not one to miss.

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2 Extremis Pepper Pots

While it's unclear if Pepper still gets glowy the way she did in Iron Man 3, this version of Pepper certainly turns up the heat on Halloween costumes. Creating the fiery eruption of extremis offers a challenge for costume makers, and gives the costume that extra spark of excitement, while the look itself is fairly easy to construct.

Sometimes, it's easy to relegate Pepper to simply Tony's significant other, but she's done a fair amount of hero-ing herself, and this look reminds everyone of just how much.

1 The Infinity Stones - Ultimate Group Costume

The stones get so much screen-time, they are practically characters themselves. Not only colorful but powerful, the stones have beaten all our heroes at one point or another, so to celebrate their place in the MCU, this squad outfit would be a lot of fun to see out and about on Halloween.

Plus, channeling them would allow for a certain amount of creative freedom, artistic license, and varied takes, and yet with their specific color schema the intent would be obvious when all the costumes, like the stones, come together. Just make sure no one accidentally snaps their fingers...

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