MCU: 10 Iron Man Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

Iron Man: the first character in the MCU who got a movie, the man who started it all. Is it any wonder that there are hundreds of memes focusing on this iconic legend of a character? You could spend hours happily browsing through all of the memes online. And we totally haven't done that. Nope, no sir!

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Iron Man is a dynamic character, one that fans either love or love to hate. And, as such, his memes have a wide array of jokes and focuses. Perhaps that's why we love them so much. Okay, it's more likely we love them because they're all about Iron Man (and Robert Downey Jr).

10 Iron Man's Origins

Everyone knows the origin of Spider-Man. He was bitten by a radioactive spider, forever cursed to deal with the worst his writers could throw at him. But do you know how Iron Man originated? It turns out, he was burned by an iron!

Okay, not really. But we still absolutely adore this joke. It's hard not to appreciate it. Sometimes you just have to look a the lighter side of things, especially in a world that can get as dark as this one (Marvel is not afraid to put our beloved characters through the wringer).

9 He Protec

We've been seeing plenty of variations of the 'he protec' meme, but this Iron Man one has got to be one of our favorites. For those that have never seen this meme (somehow), it always consists of three parts. And it's the third part that changes the most. In this case, the change is focused on the relationship between Spider-Man and Iron Man.

It's hard not to chuckle at this one, and it seems to get funnier the more you look at it. Perhaps that's because of the way Tony handled the whole situation – including how he tried to spin it positively once it was all said and done.

8 You're Doing It Right

Okay, so there are actually dozens of jokes circulating the internet about Iron Man and his attachment to irons. But this one is without a doubt one of our favorites. And can you blame us? There's just something so simple...yet elegant about this piece.

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We're just messing with you. Though we do love this Iron Man meme. And we love the idea of Tony Stark doing his own laundry...because let's be honest here, there's a good chance that he has never done his laundry. Not even once. So he'd probably burn any shirt he'd try to iron.

7 I'm Iron Man

Ahh. All Iron Man fans will recall the moment in which Tony gave up trying to keep his two identities separate and secretive. These moments went down very differently between the comics and the movies, but they were still memorable.

And of course, it put Tony in the minority. Most comic book heroes have been doing everything in their power to keep their mild-mannered alter ego free of suspicion. But not Tony Stark – even though he had the perfect solution at hand (hey, it worked in the comics!).

6 Best Friends!

Every quirky hero needs a friend, right? And it would seem like the Marvel universe is full of heroes who are prone to scolding others for their use of language. Which isn't great, given how many characters in the same universe tend to swear.

And, thus, a glorious new relationship was formed. To be fair, we don't really think that Tony Stark and Wade Wilson would get along all that well – not in the long run at least. But they probably would enjoy each other's antics for a time. And that's a little bit adorable.

5 Bored

Do you think a superhero could ever be so good at their job, that a day comes when they no longer need to do anything? Maybe. But we do think that they could get a few hours or days of rest – which for a guy like Tony Stark, is a long time to become bored.

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And that's probably why we love this meme so much. Iron Man is an awesome hero, but Tony Stark is a mind that craves enrichment. The two work great together until Tony has a moment of idleness. Would he hang out on a swing in his downtime? We're not sure. But we sure hope so!

4 Talk to the Hand

Remember when 'Talk to the Hand' was a common comeback? Those days may be (mostly) past us, but you've got to admit that this rendition of the brush off is pretty amazing. And fairly believable too, when you think about it.

Tony's sass would certainly encourage him to brush people off as needed. But his tech would also probably be capable of sneaking in a few voice sensors here and there. So we're not really sure if a statement like this would be truthful, or just Tony upping the ante on the phrase. Either would work, don't you think?

3 Whoops

A word of advice: don't go looking at your favorite films outtakes and behind the scenes images, unless you're willing to have the movie forever changed in your mind. Just look at this image of Iron Man and Warmachine. They look a little bit...different, don't they?

And that's what makes this meme so funny. Because the truth of the matter is, the VFX Department makes a film like Iron Man. So forgetting to pay them is the same as refusing the finish the movie. Also, Tony Stark strikes us at the sort of guy to have everything set on autopayment, don't you think?

2 Weekend Highs and Lows

You know what it's like on the weekend. Come Friday, you feel free and alive. Come Sunday, you can't stop thinking about the next day: work. And possibly regretting some of the decisions you made the previous two nights.

And if anybody was going to be stuck in that sort of position, it's Tony Stark. Especially in his days before becoming Iron Man. Though we don't doubt that he still lets himself be a bit freer – you've got to do something to balance out the stress from all those missions saving the world.

1 Moving Out Of Your Parents' House

Ah, growing pains. There is perhaps no bigger moment than the day you get to move out of your parents' house. Granted, in your younger days you might have spent a large amount of time idealizing what that would mean.

Only for harsh reality to hit you in the face as soon as you were liberated and settled into your own home. You know what we're talking about here. It happens to most college students – the struggle for cheap food and water. It's almost a rite of passage. And Tony has done an excellent job of portraying the imagination versus reality in this series of images.

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