Tessa Thompson Says Marvel's Future 'Seems To Be Very Female'

According to Tessa Thompson, fans aren’t the only ones looking forward to a Black Widow movie. In a recent interview the Thor: Ragnarok actress declared that “the future of Marvel seems to be very female.” From the incredible women at the forefront of Black Panther to the upcoming Captain Marvel film, Thompson appears to be dead on.

A new report recently suggested that nearly eight years since her MCU debut, Scarlett Johansson’s Soviet spy may finally be getting a solo outing. The film wouldn’t release before 2020, but fans have been clamoring for a Black Widow movie since Phase One. Thompson has expressed interest in working with Johansson, calling her “the sort of O.G. superhero."

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The actress joined the ranks of Marvel’s grand tradition of warrior women when she portrayed Valkyrie in the third installment of the Thor franchise. She recently sat down with Entertainment Tonight and expressed her excitement over the prominent role that women are finally beginning to play in the MCU:

"I think what we're seeing, regardless of a Lady Liberator or an A-Force movie or a female ensemble Marvel movie, is that in phase four, women rule supreme. We're seeing a Black Widow movie in the works, which I hear about and is so exciting, Captain Marvel with Brie Larson and DeWanda Wise. We're seeing that women are at the forefront of these stories [and], of course, with Black Panther those incredible warrior women in that film."

MCU All-Female Team Up

Recently praised for her work in Annihilation, Thompson’s turn as Valkyrie made her a breakout star in Thor: Ragnarok, and she's got big plans for her MCU future. Thompson was part of the group that pitched an all-women superhero film to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, a project they're reportedly interested inET asked Thompson which one she'd like to team up with, with the actress naming Black Panther standout Okoye, general of the Dora Milaje and head of Wakanda’s armed forces.

The MCU launched with Iron Man in 2008 and 2019 will finally see an MCU film centering on a female hero with Captain Marvel. That, in conjunction with the news of Black Widow’s solo movie, as well as the unforgettable women who took center stage in Black Panther, lends credence to Thompson’s opinions on the studio’s future.

The world of Black Panther was populated by plenty of amazing characters, but arguably, none were quite as captivating as the women surrounding T’Challa. At times, he almost felt like a side character in his own movie and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While it was undoubtedly his film, Black Panther was very much an ensemble piece. Let’s hope that the MCU continues in this vein, crafting inspiring female characters who are every bit as complex and heroic as their male counterparts.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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