22Confirmed: Peter Parker Appeared In Iron Man 2

Tom Holland confirmed the longtime fan theory that Peter Parker was in Iron Man 2. A child wearing an Iron Man mask boldly stands his ground when confronted by one of Justin Hammer's drones. He is saved by Tony Stark who says, "Nice work, kid" before flying off to

help other endangered citizens.

The theory confirms that Peter appeared in the MCU long before Spider-Man was officially part of the superhero universe. Part of the reason this idea works so well is that the MCU's Peter is so closely connected with Tony. It's more meaningful to think that Peter admired Iron Man from such a young age and was inspired to be a hero by Iron Man, something shown in Peter's actions when standing up to the drone in this scene. The fact that Tony saved Peter's life as a young child makes the final scene between them all the more heartbreaking in Avengers: Infinity War.

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