Cool Fan Posters Imagine If the MCU Began in the 1970s or 1940s

A set of new fan-made posters show what the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have looked like if it started in the 1940s or 1970s. While older movies based on Marvel characters have been released for decades now, the MCU started its journey in 2008 with the release of Iron Man.

In the past ten years, the release of a superhero movie has become a huge event in the film industry. Each movie in the MCU has become a highly anticipated title which has earned Disney a lot of money; over $17 billion to be exact. Even though Ant-Man & The Wasp had the lowest Phase 3 opening, the film was able to beat its predecessor and rake in a lot of money for Disney. One of the many reasons why the MCU has been able to craft a successful franchise is because of the actors that they have cast in the superhero roles. Apart from certain recasts like Mark Ruffalo replacing Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk, most of the casting decisions in the MCU have stuck and pleased comic book fans. That being said, if the MCU were to have taken place in the 1970s or even the 1940s, the cast could have looked very different.

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Posted on her Twitter, Blake Northcott has shared four of Peter Stults' superhero posters that imagine what the films could have looked like if they took place in the late '70s. Stults has not only taken the art of '70s movie posters into consideration, but has even recast iconic superheroes with actors who were popular in the 1970s. Actors such as David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Mel Gibson, and Paul Newman can all be seen in the incredible fan-made posters below. Another Twitter user by the name Skyhawk1 also shared a couple of movie posters that take the casting back even further to the 1940s. For these posters, Lucille Ball and Tyrone Power are reimagined as Scarlet Witch and Vision, as well as Clarke Gable as Iron Man.

This is hardly the first time a fan has recast the MCU with a different generation of actors. Fans have imagined what actors would have been cast in the MCU if The Avengers took place in the '80s, as well as what the MCU would look like if it was cast like the DCEU. The posters will no doubt make people think about what could have been, but some superhero movies actually did come out in the '70s and even the '40s.

Captain America received his own serial in 1944 starring Dick Purcell and a TV movie in 1979 starring Reb Brown. Spider-Man also got a TV movie released in 1977 starring Nicholas Hammond, and Peter Hooten was cast as Doctor Strange for the 1978 TV movie long before Benedict Cumberbatch had even started acting. That being said, these TV movies were nowhere as successful as the MCU has become in the present day. Superhero movies might currently be at the peak of popularity, but it will always be fun to imagine what Bowie could have looked like as Doctor Strange or what Gable could have done with the role of Iron Man.

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Source: Blake Northcott/Peter Stults

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