Theory: Doctor Strange Wanted The Infinity Stones Destroyed

A new theory for Avengers: Endgame suggests Doctor Strange's main goal was to destroy the Infinity Stones. After a horrific car accident that ended his medical career, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) found new purpose and abilities by becoming a sorcerer. It didn't take him too long to master the mystic arts and see his power grow when he used the Eye of Agomotto, as it housed one of six Infinity Stones, the Time Stone.

From this point on, Strange has said the main focus of the Sorcerer Supreme is to protect this reality, but also the Infinity Stone he wears around his neck. That's why it came as such a surprise when he willingly gave it to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War as a way to spare Tony Stark's life. Based on the finale of Avengers: Endgame and Tony's heroic sacrifice, this has largely been believed to be what Strange's plan was all along.

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However, some think otherwise, and that Strange's real goal wasn't for Thanos to be dead or everyone to be brought back to life, but actually to live in a world where the Infinity Stones were destroyed. The newest video from Screen Rant discusses this theory, and the role the Infinity Stones have played in the past. Check it out at the top of this post.

The idea that Strange would want to destroy the Infinity Stones because of the chaos and destruction they've caused in the past could work for the character. This goal would be accomplishable through the one future he saw where the Avengers really won against Thanos, and since this is the only time they won, it's fair to say that some part of Strange's goals was to see the Infinity Stones destroyed. If this were the case, it would give Strange somewhat of a parallel to Thanos, as that is what his final major living act was. He reduced the Infinity Stones to atoms because he viewed them as too big of a temptation, and that could be why Strange would want them gone too.

Regardless of whether or not the removal of the Infinity Stones from the universe is ultimately what Strange wanted, it is the reality he now finds himself in. He'll now be without the Eye of Agomotto and the Time Stone in future adventures, so he won't be able to try any more time loops. Could this bring Dormammu back as a threat to Earth? Even if not, it certainly leaves the world more vulnerable to other significant threats. But, since they were reduced to an atomic level and not completely destroyed, there's still a chance that the Infinity Stones could return at some point in the future.

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