MCU: 10 Bro Thor Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

Bro Thor. You may know him by his other names. Fat Thor. Gamer Thor. Santa Thor. He is the version of Thor who appears in Avengers: Endgame, living a life of overeating and playing video games while being haunted by memories of his failure to prevent Thanos from destroying half of all life.

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Bro Thor's journey was a sobering look at post-trauma depression. So naturally, the internet decided to memefy the entire narrative arc. Here are the most hilarious memes that users have posted about the Bro formerly known as Thor.

10 Ready For Round Two

That's a picture of Thor sitting in grim silence while his teammates prepare to take him to the planet that has been detected to be inhabited by Thanos. And the entire vibe does seem really similar to Eminem's pose in 8 Mile just before he was about to enter a rap battle. Now we can't help but imagine Thor challenging Thanos to an intergalactic rap battle with the fate of the universe on the line while Eminem referees.

Or, conversely, Eminem goes on to the stage in 8 Mile, and just as his opponent begins his rap, Em chops his head off with Stormbreaker. Either way, that's one crossover we would love to see.

9 Loki's Reaction

Loki has made something of a party trick out of dying and then coming back to life. And every time he has gone missing, he has come back to find that his brother is the same as ever, still the mighty warrior, still willing to look out for him despite his constant betrayals.

But if Loki were to pull the same trick in Endgame, he would have been in for a big shock upon his return at the state of his brother. And perhaps Loki, more than anyone else, would have understood what Thor went through to end up like this.

8 A Halloween Favorite

Superhero costumes are tricky things for ordinary folks to pull off. If you are not in at least moderately good shape, wearing a Batsuit or Thor's armor will just look silly with your bulging tummy peeking out from underneath the pair of spanx trying desperately to force your doughy physique into some sort of bodybuilder shape.

Bro Thor gives all such comic fans an out by finally showcasing a superhero physique that is less than ideal. For the first time, preparations for looking like Thor will involve pigging out on cheeseburgers all day rather than hitting the gym.

7 Becoming A True Odinson

Thor is the son of Odin, a mighty warrior who has engaged in countless battles before becoming king of Asgard and coming to resemble a badass Santa Claus, due to countless millennia of having his butt parked on the throne of Asgard all day.

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Thor is following closely in his father's footsteps, right down to losing an eye and putting on weight. However, considering what a terrible dad Odin was to all his children, let us hope Thor doesn't keep on exactly the same path as his father from this point on.

6 The Second Thor

Ever since Avengers: Endgame opened up the MCU to the possibilities of time travel, the entire timeline of events has been thrown into disarray. One such disruption occurred when Bro Thor went into the past and stole his hammer from his old self.

That must have raised more than a few eyebrows on past Asgard, and it is quite hilarious to imagine past Thor being mystified upon hearing tales of a fat doppelganger waddling into Asgard's most highly protected area to steal the weapon that was supposed to only answer to him. Past Thor must feel torn between wanting to investigate the matter and wanting to hit the gym with a vengeance.

5 Gamer Thor Approved

Thor had another dimension added to his character in Endgame when he decided to quit being a king/superhero to become a gamer instead.

This new Thor was well up on the latest online multiplayers and had a spirited relationship with the online gaming community. As such, this meme of Thor personifying Reddit showing his approval of Minecraft beating out Fortnite in popularity seems pretty accurate. We hope gaming Thor makes more appearances in future MCU storylines.

4 God Of Snacks

Bro Thor had no interest in being the God of Thunder. He was more than ready to sign off all his responsibilities to Valkyrie or any other person who wanted to rule Asgard. If Bro Thor had to pick one thing he could be the new God of, it would probably be snacks, alcohol and those wool cardigans your grandmother wears when its chilly outside.

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Hela was pretty disappointed to meet her brother in Ragnarok, but we're pretty sure she'd just be embarrassed to meet Bro Thor and have to admit she had been beaten by him.

3 God Bod

Chris Hemsworth had possibly the most impossibly well-sculpted body in a cinematic universe filled with comic book physiques come to life. That was why the transition to Bro Thor was all the more hilarious. But Thor proved there was more to him than his bulging biceps. Even with the extra pounds weighing him down, Thor entered into battle with Thanos and came very near to finishing him off on his own.

The editor of the film probably cut out all the parts where Thor had to sit down in the middle of the battlefield to catch his breath, but it was still an impressive display. It's also one which makes us mere mortals feel much better about our own extra pounds.

2 In A Gaming Mood

Who could have guessed that line, spoken so haughtily by Thor to Loki in the first Avengers game, would prove so accurate a few years down the line.

And now we have to wonder, had Thor and Loki had access to Earth video games in their childhood to bond over, if they would have had a better relationship as adults.

1 Thor As An Introvert

This meme imagines Thor as an introvert. It suggests that Bro Thor was simply the quiet introvert as seen by the general public and that all the other iterations of Thor are the wild imaginings of an out-of-shape guy who only really unleashes his badassness within the safe confines of his own room.

He will do this while battling others gamers online with liberal criticisms of their gaming ability, their mothers and suggestions as to where they can shove their gaming consoles.

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