MCU: 10 Black Panther Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

Black Panther is an incredible movie, a true cultural phenomenon, not to mention a box office hit, so it's no wonder that it inspired the internet to do what it does best, create memes! With such a rich text, amazing characters, and stunning visuals, there's a lot to work with and the results are as high quality as Black Panther itself. From funny moments taken right from the movie, to incidental hilarities created by its cast, there's a lot to choose from when it comes to the humor produced after the film.

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Here are just ten Black Panther memes that will have you howling (or meow-ing, as the case may be) with laughter.

10 Human Torch Redeemed!

It turns out, actors who play the Human Torch in lukewarm movies throughout their careers get to come back to life as much better Marvel incarnations. As this hilarious meme points out, both Chris Evans, Captain America, and Michael B. Jordan, who plays Killmonger in Black Panther, were once the Human Torch and have now been successfully redeemed to act in far superior roles. Michael B. Jordan may not have had flames coming out of his arms in Black Panther, but his performance was certainly red hot.

9 Wakanda Forever...And Ever...Ever

Chadwick Boseman knew he might be taking part in a life changing movie when he signed on for Black Panther, but he probably wasn't ready for this meme-able side effect... having to say "Wakanda Forever" every day for eternity. While it might have started off all fun and games, by Day 10000, Chadwick looks like he's We-Kinda tired indeed. It's hard to be the King! Good thing the actor has a good long time to rest his arms before Black Panther 2 hits theaters in 2022.

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8 What Are Those?!!!

Shuri's cackling delight at her brother's shoes is a meme in its own right, but it's actually a meme within a meme. The original "What are those?!" meme springs from a viral video posted to Instagram, Vine, and YouTube in 2015. Thanks to the Wakandan princess though, it got a new lease on life and a thousand new iterations. It's also good to know that everyone's favorite social platforms exist in the MCU...and are being used by royalty. Fans would definitely love to sneak a peak at Shuri's Instagram one day in the future. Social tie-in, anyone?

7 I Never Freeze

Poor King T'Challa, not only does he freeze at the sight of Nakia, his one-time ex, now, perhaps, current romantic interest, but he actually, literally, freezes into a block of ice during Black Panther. It's not funny...but really it is. Luckily for Wakanda, the King is also extraordinarily good at unfreezing, and no amount of ice keeps him down for the count for very long. He'll just have to be more careful about his phrasing going forward...or he might just find himself dying... of laughter as yet another meme!

6 Pink Panther

Get yourself a cat who can do both!  The audience never sees it, but it seems likely that Princess Shuri has taken the liberty of bringing this meme to life behind the scenes. If the viewers can't resist it, she certainly wouldn't be able to. Really, it's almost too easy, and definitely hilarious, to paint T'Challa pink and nickname him 'The Pink Panther!" Pink certainly is a noble color and not enough superheroes incorporate it into their suits, honestly. It definitely would make for one great in-movie Halloween costume, if nothing else. But no matter what color his suit, one thing is for sure, this cat is one smooth criminal. (Except when he freezes... or when he wears those shoes...hrm...)

5 If It Fits...

Cats are well known for their abilities to fit themselves into any space available to them, spurring the popular "If it fits, I sits" meme.  A Black Panther fan saw the opportunity to bring this meme to life in a whole new way and the resulting image does not disappoint. Perhaps the true key to defeating T'Challa lies in offering him a convenient, available space to nestle into. Something rumored Black Panther 2 villain, Namor, might find particularly interesting...If he's not too busy laughing at this meme, that is.

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4 M'Baku is M'Thick

The fact cannot be denied that M'Baku is thick. Painfully thick, even, as this Black Panther meme hilariously points out. The mountain king may not have won Wakanda from T'Challa, but if he were ever interested in an endorsement deal for McDonald's, he might have himself a job. After all, Wakanda did open itself up to its very first Starbucks in Avengers: Infinity War, so, surely, the golden arches can't be very far behind. There is the little issue that M'Baku hates outsiders and that definitely includes American chain restaurants, but hey, maybe he loves a milkshake.

3 Disney Princess Shuri

It didn't take long for fans to realize that Marvel being owned by Disney means that, officially, Shuri is a Disney princess. Brilliant, diverse, and representative, there is no character that deserves this honor more. In fact, Disney Princesses should be honored to call Shuri one of their number. Hopefully, Marvel will make note of how popular her character is and give this princess even more to do in the world of the MCU, perhaps even allowing her to become Black Panther in her own right.

Not to mention, more Shuri will mean more laughs and that will mean... even more memes!

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2 Distracted Boyfriend

Memes can really say a lot with very little. In this case the "Distracted Boyfriend" meme certainly tells a whole story, conveying a huge portion of Black Panther's plot with one little image. After all, it is Wakabi, who begins the story as T'Challa's closest friend and confident, who allows Killmonger into Wakanda, defends his right to vie for the throne, and supports him in his take-over attempt after he overthrows T'Challa. A head turn if there ever was one.

1 Are You Done?

M'Baku would like to kindly advise his general populace that no one say another word in his presence... A mood that is definitely shared by many a person, for many a reason. There's no doubt M'Baku's face speaks volumes in this particular screenshot, making it absolutely a meme worth saving forever. Just don't let the Jabari leader catch anyone laughing at his expression, hilarious though it may be. This is absolutely the most serious of businesses.

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