MCU: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for its friendships — and there are some awesome friends, and some awful ones.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been developed for so many years now that it's allowed for some truly special friendships to form. We've become a lot closer to these characters throughout this time period and we are now able to see just how these relationships function.

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However, while there are many friendships that make sense to us and are inspirational in many ways, there are actually some that show just how dysfunctional these characters are. We're looking at the 5 best friendships and the 5 worst based on how the characters interact with one another.


Rocket is quite selfish and reckless in his behaviour. We've seen across both films that it's difficult for him to make friends. Groot has been with Rocket for a number of years and the two are basically brothers. The rest of the Guardians are like family as well.

But, like any family, they argue a lot! Their friendships are absolutely flawed and have struggled throughout the franchises. Rocket will be the first to admit that it is often him that damages their relationships. Despite this, they are family and will always care for one another.


We always had a general idea that Clint and Natasha were very close, after the two reminisced about Budapest together. After they initially fought it each we saw just how well they actually understood the other's skills. Once we were introduced to Clint's family their friendship was solidified.

Natasha was very close with Clint's family and she'd clearly been accepted in as one of theirs. Even after facing each other during the super hero Civil War it's likely Clint that convinced her to shift. Their sacrificial fight was heart breaking but solidified their commitment to each other.


Tony and Steve were always companions rather than true friends. Since day one there was a lack of trust between the two. While they certainly respect one another and would probably even die for each other if the opportunity arose, their friendship is weak although the crossover of the two is interesting.

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They represent two completely different ideologies and this obviously came to a clash in the Civil War between the two. After this their relationship was even more fractured. They may have made up before Stark's death but it's not comparable to other MCU friendships.


Bucky and Steve were the original duo that fought alongside each other as brothers in WWII. After Bucky was seemingly killed in action it was Sam Wilson that filled that void as a friend and brother in the modern world. With Bucky returning this did cause some problems.

There's a bit of a budding rivalry between Sam and Bucky over their friendship with Steve. The Disney Plus show will develop this friendship further, but with Sam taking on the shield it's clear Bucky supports this choice with the three respecting each other immensely.


The Netflix show about the man without fear is a shining example of what the MCU could be if it had a grittier edge. It's a fantastic show but some people have had a problem with the friendships at the core of this action packed, superhero series.

The relationships between the three are fundamentally flawed. While Foggy and Matt go way back and all three clearly care about one another, Matt's treatment of the two, especially last season was definitely wrong (which he admitted to).


Much like Steve, Bucky and Sam, the trio of Tony, Rhodey and Happy are one of the strongest units in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ever since the genesis of the MCU these three have been set up as the core relationship that would set the trend for other friendships.

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They are essentially family, with Happy and Rhodey standing by Stark no matter what he chooses to do. As he's entered into this superhero  world as Iron Man, the two have either suited up or helped to support the heroic work further and both are ready to jump into battle for Tony and fate of the world.


Thor and Loki are adoptive brothers and have a strong bond. However, Loki's villainous decisions have obviously put a serious strain on that relationship. Thor has made his own friendships on Earth and with the likes of Korg and Valkyrie.

However, Loki hasn't been able to make those same friendships which probably makes him feel even more isolated. When the two are together they bicker, fight and sometimes even try to kill one another. Thor mourned the loss of Loki but with his imminent return we'll be reminded of their fraught friendship.


Carol and Maria matured together in the air force and became best friends. They supported one another throughout their training and their various missions and it was clearly a great loss to Maria and her daughter when Carol seemingly died.

Even after Carol has returned after all this time, her and Maria are still close. She accepted Captain Marvel back into her life and helped to integrate her back into Earth culture. We know Monica will continue to be part of Carol's life and we hope Maria is still around in the MCU.


The Runaways had their show recently cancelled on Hulu. The young teens were essentially thrust together after their parents were revealed to be villains. The kids don't always get along though and their friendships are extremely flawed and still un-repaired.

They have had so many conflicts now that it's rare to see them completely agree on something. Their arguments revolve around some of the decisions that were made and there's a lack of trust amongst these 'friends.' Chase leaving was probably the final blow to the group.


Stephen Strange and Wong seem like an odd pairing yet they absolutely work. They bring out the best in each other and clearly have a lot of respect for each other. They are both very talented sorcerers and have fought side by side many times over the year.

It's a different kind of friendship compared to some of the others on this list but there seems to be another level of companionship here. They clearly live together on Bleaker's Street and this brings with it a different kind of dynamic.

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