Ranking The 10 Best Fight Scenes From The MCU

Fans expect one thing in every Marvel movie they watch: massive fights featuring their favorite superheroes. Which MCU fight ranks on top though?

Captain American Winter Soldier Elevator Fight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has its share of memorable moments from its first 20 films. Though many have stuck around for the high stakes of this elaborate story involving a plethora of dynamic characters, there's one other thing essential to these movies. Jaw-dropping fight scenes.

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In fact, without big-time battles and hardcore hand-to-hand blowouts, none of these stories can happen. Each MCU move has had some moment in the film where things got a little dicey for our heroes. And every time the screen is graced with a fight, it's must-watch stuff. Some fight scenes have stood above the rest in the MCU, so it only makes sense to establish which are, in fact, The 10 Best Fight Scenes From The MCU.

10 Iron Man 3 — House Party Protocol

Iron Man 3 House Party

Although Iron Man 3 may not be among the top half of films on this list, Tony Stark did provide some sweet action. This moment in particular  With Tony and Rhodey suitless and low on ammo, Tony initiates the House Party Protocol. They and their Extremis-filled adversaries are welcomed by Tony's collection of Iron Man suits and his J.A.R.V.I.S.-powered allies prove too much for Aldrich Killian's soldiers.

Though Iron Man does more coaching than fighting throughout this mayhem, his suits provide the greatest fight scene from any of the Iron Man movies.

9 Thor: Ragnarok — Hela v. The Asgardian Army

Hela remains one of the most powerful beings in the MCU. She's very smart, very angry and—maybe most importantly—very difficult to stop. If Thor and Loki's endorsements aren't enough for you, just ask the Asgardian Army. Actually, you can't because she cut through them like a hot knife through butter in Thor: Ragnarok. This is is one of the more one-sided affairs throughout the entire MCU, especially when you see Hela instantly heal from being stabbed through her chest.

Starting this serious, universe-altering fight with a joke was a nice touch, too.

8 The Avengers — The Battle Of New York

Iron Man may have given the MCU hope but for many, the MCU took off with The Avengers. In the course of this masterpiece, we get the Battle of New York. Five heroes of Earth and one Asgardian have to take on an invasion of aliens known as the Chitauri. While this is far from one scene, there is one sequence that places it among the 10 best fight scenes in the MCU.

Once Black Widow acquires a Chitauri staff, she catches a lift from a hovercraft to shut down the machine allowing invasion. She then crosses paths with Iron Man, who buddies up with Captain America for a sick shot. He then flies past Hawkeye, who helps transition to Thor and Hulk pounding a dozen Chitauri while taking down a Chitauri Leviathan.

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7 Thor: Ragnarok — The Final Battle of Asgard

Avengers Movies In Chronological Order

After Thor turns his sister to toast, the God of Thunder heads back towards the Bifrost to take on Hela's army of the dead. We get "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin, a Thor barrel roll and a ton of lightning. On top of that, Valkyrie puts on a fireworks show, Hulk takes on a really, really big wolf,  and Loki gets in on the action, as do Heimdall and everyone's favorite rock-formation, Korg.

So much happens in this scene. With the exception of Thor, you could take out and two or three heroes from this fight and it's still a top-10 fight scene in the MCU.

6 Captain America: The Winter Soldier — The Highway Fight

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan's Bucky with Shield)

As much as the MCU's battle scenes are great for highlighting multiple characters, the one-on-one and two-versus-one fights may be the most captivating of all. Captain America is involved in some of the best, including the time he and Black Widow took on the Winter Soldier.

Black Widow shows off, similar to her stunning fight scene in Iron Man 2, but a brainwashed Bucky Barnes is a bit too much for her. Enter Steve Rogers. Cap can throw hands with the best of them but it's not often he finds someone who's essentially his equal. This is one of the fastest moving scenes in the MCU and is remarkably choreographed. For Bucky Barnes, it's one of his greatest moments in the MCU.

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5 Doctor Strange: Kaecilius v. The Ancient One

Where Y'all Been - Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One

This one can get lost in the fray given it takes place at the start of the movie and doesn't include the main character. Despite that, The Ancient One and Kaecilius get after it right away, letting you know Doctor Strange was going to be a visually stunning piece.

The Ancient One absolutely took Kaecilius' cronies to town. She took no prisoners, literally. Upon watching this again, you have to wonder how she could've impacted the way things went down in Avengers: Infinity War.

4 Captain America: The Winter Soldier — The Elevator

Captain American Winter Soldier Elevator Fight

With S.H.I.E.L.D. collapsing around him, Steve Rogers was put to the test in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not to mention the whole thing with Bucky being involved. Throughout the course of Cap's battle against evil, he finds out the men and women he's been fighting alongside are actually the ones he should've worried about. That was never more true in what's simply now known as "The Elevator Scene" by MCU fans.

Cap takes down 10 undercover Hyrda agents, providing one of his greatest lines in the MCU: "Before we get started, does anyone want to get out?"

3 Avengers: Infinity War — The Battle of Wakanda

The Battle of Wakanda lasted longer than just one scene, but what could be known as The Final Battle for the Universe has to be represented on this list.

Cap and Black Panther charging into battle was outstanding, while Rocket and Bucky's team-up was a nice moment. However, there's nothing that can compete with Thor's arrival. When all seemed lost, the God of Thunder arrived, leading to one of Bruce Banner's few awesome lines in the film: "You guys are screwed now!"

2 Avengers: Infinity War — The Battle on Titan

While Thor's arrival to Wakanda was outstanding, the fight on Titan featured the best individual fight of the film.

Now, Doctor Strange put on a great show, but Iron Man stole it. The man who started the MCU was taking on the being who's looking to end it. Iron Man against Thanos not only has great action, but also an impressive use of tech. More importantly, it hits you right in the feels.

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1 Captain America: Civil War — Cap and Bucky v. Tony

Iron Man Fighting Captain America and Winter Soldier in Civil War Movie

Talk about getting hit in the feels, just when it seemed Cap and Iron Man had figured things out in Captain America: Civil War, Helmut Zemo just had to go and mess things up.

Much like Cap's first real fight with Bucky as Winter Soldier, this fight moves so quickly. And that's with Iron Man trying to end Bucky, but not hurt Cap, while the other two are trying to stop Tony—which Cap does in about the harshest way he could. Action, passion, and crazy tech; this fight has it all and stands alone as the greatest fight scene in the MCU.

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