MCU: 10 Best Costumes In The Movies, Ranked

The MCU has given audiences a collection of classic Marvel characters in their silver screen adaptations. With ten years and over twenty movies under their belt, each of their characters has undergone massive changes- including their costumes. With so many characters weaving in and out of these films it can seem daunting trying to narrow down their best-looking designs.

However, all it takes is some zooming in to really be able to delegate the best of the best in terms of Marvel costumes. Because some of the cinematic outfits are vastly different from their original source, they can't be judged in comparison to those. Instead, take a look at these costumes as their own unique take of these Marvel characters. With that in mind, here are ten of the best MCU costumes, ranked.

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10 Loki


Loki's outfits are fitting for his character for a multitude of reasons. It gives off just enough of that edgy villain vibe to be intimidating while still reflecting garments that are consistent with Thor and the rest of the Asgardians.

His head banner, in particular, is impressive. This prop has seen its own set of advancements depending on which side Loki chooses to be on. The color scheme of black and green remains consistent, whether the costume is decked out in armor or has harsh golden accents like this one in Dark World.

9 Captain America (Infinity War)

Captain America's costume has only seen subtle changes throughout the MCU. His most obvious change came from his wardrobe in Avengers: Infinity War. As a vigilante on the run, Cap's suit is noticeably weathered down with only small traces of the vibrant red, white, and blue still intact. The suit may not be appealing in and of itself, but the message that the suit exudes is simply brilliant.

The fading red and white stripes in combination with his stripped central star relates to his situation. After the events of Civil War, Team Cap has to lay low as their own government works to bring the team down. It's this stroke of genius symbolism that makes this costume one of his bests.

8 Wasp

Ant-Man's costume is pretty cool, but Wasp definitely gets the better end of the deal. It's so perfectly intricate, despite the fact that it's vastly different from its source. Instead of the stereotypical black and yellow, the MCU decided to give Wasp more modern attire.

The black, navy, and red blends in with the other characters of the MCU and simultaneously looks pleasing next to Ant-Man's red costume. The smart design still pays tribute to her abilities, with small honey-comb details in the bulk of the design.

7 Hela

Hela's look is fierce. Everything from her massive cape to her intense eye makeup is an incredible representation of her character. Even her suit looks like its reaming with life and electricity with the off-balance green details. Of course, her headpiece is the most articulated costume design, and the way CGI experts bring it to the screen just makes it all the more impressive.

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Fans have also been having fun speculating the color coordination between Hela and Loki. They're estranged siblings to an extent but do their matching green and black costumes have a deeper connection?

6 Nebula

Gamora has an eye-catching costume design, but it's Nebula's that steals the show. These two sisters are both considered "alien" but instead of giving her the cliche green skin tone, Nebula is a mix of blue and purple. Her costume coloring is pretty subdued, most likely in order to highlight all her extra bells and whistles.

Being made out of various robotic limbs gives Nebula a unique appearance and an even more interesting backstory. Thanos takes a part of Nebula and returns it with robotic extensions every time she loses a battle. This is probably why she is so obedient towards her father and why she constantly tries to fulfill his wishes.

5 Iron Spider

Peter Parker's first costume is reminiscent of the original Spider-Man design, but there's no denying that his Iron Spider suit is envious. His joke that the inside "smells like a new car" seems plausible since the outer extremities look to have the strength of a vehicle.

The typical red and blue is still there, but with gold trimmings for emphasis. Not to mention the Iron Spider legs, the menacing lights, and the mass amounts of other cool features that come with this suit. It's also impressive to watch as Spider-Man goes from being afraid of this suit's powers to ruthlessly using them in Endgame.

4 Thor (Infinity War)

Over the years, Thor's suits have retained more and more detail. His Ragnorak suit had been a huge contender for this list, but after Infinity War, it's clear which one that fans prefer.

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Thor's glorious entrance to the battle of Wakanda is iconic. His suit is the most reminiscent of his comic aesthetic, which readers have surely appreciated. He comes in wielding his newly assembled Storm Breaker, with lightning coursing through his suit. The vigor is enough to send chills down your spine.

3 Doctor Strange

Doctor's Strange's suit does not get enough glory. On top of having an animated cape that routinely saves his life, the details in this costume are awe-inspiring. This outfit is full of whimsical attributes and accessories that should make audiences wonder just what else this wizard is capable of. Plus, he has been carrying around the Time Stone around his neck for years.

The Eye of Agamotto which holds the Infinity Stone looks cool in itself, but the fact that he has the nerve to walk around with this thing out in the open says a lot about his character.

2 Okoye

Black Panther may have been the star of this record-breaking MCU installment, but Okoye's costume is far and beyond the most beautiful. Her clad of warriors carries the same garb, but hers explicitly holds more detail.

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It's a salute to the African culture and concurrently gives off a terrorizing feel. It's ridiculously well put-together, not to mention that the fine stitching and gold accessories make this stunning costume purely a work of art.

1 Iron Man MK XLVI

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2 - Iron Man Flight

Iron Man brought the MCU to life, so it would be a shame not to mention his extraordinary armor on this list. Tony Stark is constantly reworking his suits, so thankfully viewers have been able to see multiple versions in all its hot rod red glory.

However, it seems that his Mark XLVI from Captain America: Civil War is the most representative of his overall look. Some suits have been too bulky or clash in colors to make them a fan-favorite. Others like his Bleeding Edge suit are too form-fitting and fantasy-driven rather than a believable piece of Stark tech. Mark XLVI is a happy medium with its overall pleasing color scheme and build that fans remember him for.

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