15Josh Brolin - Batman

Josh Brolin currently has a couple big roles in Marvel movies. He will soon appear on the big screen playing Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Also, of course, he has been playing Thanos for the MCU ever since The Avengers.

Interestingly enough, Brolin almost added yet another major comic book

character to his résumé not too long ago. When Warner Bros. still needed a Batman for Batman v Superman, Brolin was personally offered the role.

He had a private meeting with Zack Snyder on the matter and, as Brolin explained in an interview, they agreed that Brolin wouldn't be right for the role.

One of the reasons was that Brolin wasn't concerned with playing a role where he was a "cool" character that was always "looking back over [his] shoulder and saying that one line everyone's going to remember."

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