McDonald's Bringing Back Szechaun Sauce Thanks to Rick & Morty

Nathan Fillion and Justin Roiland in Rick and Morty Season 3

After almost 20 years, McDonald's will finally bring back the legendary Szechuan Sauce later this week, and it's all thanks to Rick and Morty. For those that don't know, the famous fast-food chain originally offered its Szechuan Sauce way back in 1998 as part of their promotional campaign for Disney's latest animated film, Mulan. The sauce was sold only for a limited time, and since it wasn't part of their main menu, it quickly disappeared shortly after the film hit theaters.

However, the sauce has found its way back into the mainstream. Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has longed for the Szechuan Sauce ever since McDonald's took it off the menu all those years ago, and that's what eventually led to the sauce's inclusion in his show's April Fool's episode earlier this year. In the episode, Rick had told Morty that he has tried to get his hands on the sauce for a long time and that it was the motivating factor behind everything he has done on the show. The sauce was his white whale, his one-armed man. Well, it looks like Rick, Morty, and all of their fans will soon be able to sample the once-forgotten Szechuan Sauce.

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McDonald's announced this afternoon that it will be offering 10 types of sauces alongside the new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders on Saturday, October 7. Among those 10 sauces is the fabled Szechuan Sauce. The sauce will be offered for one day only, so those looking to try it out will need to head to a participating McDonald's location before it's all gone. Furthermore, the fast-food chain will be offering 1,000 collectible, hand-numbered, sauce-themed posters for each sauce variation. To find a nearby location, you can head to McDonald's official website for the event.

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Poster

This news comes shortly after McDonald's had promised to send Roiland his very own bottle in July, which he announced during Rick and Morty's SDCC 2017 panel. Shortly thereafter, McDonald's had given away 64 oz. bottles of the sauce to fans on Twitter, which were then sold online for thousands of dollars.

Those who don't watch Rick and Morty, or at least follow along with the fan base on social media, may find it strange that McDonald's has decided to bring back the rare sauce after almost two decades, but it's something that will undoubtedly be welcomed by all. After all, it's because of Rick and Morty's season 3 premiere (the April Fool's episode), as well as the thousands of requests the show's fans made to McDonald's following the episode's debut, that the global fast-food restaurant has decided to bring back the sauce for a limited time.

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Rick and Morty airs its season 3 finale tonight on Adult Swim.

Source: McDonald's

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