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What happens when a housewife starts selling pot? It might not be a question that many people ask themselves, but it's the question at the heart of the dark TV series Weeds. Created by Jenji Kohan, known for also creating Orange is the New Black, the show starred Mary Louise-Parker as the main character, Nancy, who had to pick up the pieces of her life and family after her husband passed away. Some might get a regular job, but not Nancy. She went down a non-traditional path to say the least and as her kids grew up, she came into contact with a lot of other characters -- some totally evil, some kind.

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Let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs Personality Types of the characters on Weeds.

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10 Celia Hodes: INTJ

Elizabeth Perkins played Celia Hodes, a woman whose husband is Dean (Andy Milder) and who is completely miserable. She and Nancy live in the same suburb and they're the kind of pretend pals who will chat a lot and spend time together but don't really seem to have anything in common (besides proximity).

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Celia's MBTI is INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." She's "deliberate" and "firm" and "demanding." She loves herself (a lot) and likes to boss people around. She also has a knack for saying truly cruel things (and has quite the potty mouth).

9 Esteban Reyes: INTJ

Nancy in Mexico on Weeds

Esteban Reyes (Demián Bichir) is a big part of the fifth season of Weeds. He and Nancy get married and have a baby boy named Stevie. He's in charge of a cartel and if that wasn't enough to make him a truly bad guy, he's also the Tijuana mayor, so needless to say, he's a totally corrupt guy in a position of power.

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Since he's in charge of so many people, his MBTI would be INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." He's "productive" and "firm" and a "visionary" (though, of course, in some less than ideal ways).

8 Quinn Hodes: ISTP

Quinn Hodes (Haley Hudson) is a girl that Silas dates, and much of the time, their storylines revolve around them being physically intimate. Since Silas no longer has his dad around, it seems like he's reacting to the tragedy by growing up way too fast.

Quinn is an ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist." She's "confident" and "analytical" in her own way. In one funny scene, Nancy says, "Nice, Shane goes on a paint rampage, gets suspended. The two of you ditch school to f*** in my guest room. I've got everything under control." Quinn responds, "But don't you see, technically we're not under your roof."

7 Guillermo: ISFP

Guillermo (Guillermo Díaz) is part of the drug cartel that Esteban Reyes runs. He sounds like an ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." These types "enjoy providing practical help or service to others."

Guillermo is very "loyal" to Esteban and he's "cooperative" and "dedicated." He's also "observant" and "attuned to others" which he would definitely have to be in his job.

6 Peter Scottson: INFP

Peter Scottson (Martin Donovan) is a DA agent who Nancy ends up marrying so he doesn't become too suspicious of her. (Talk about calculated.) He's an INFP or "Objective Analyst."

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These types are "insightful" and "logical" which is definitely useful in his line of work. INFPs are also "skeptical" which, again, is handy for his job.

5 Silas Botwin: ESTP

Star Wars: Han Solo Fan Casting - Hunter Parrish

Hunter Parrish's Weeds character, Silas Botwin, is Nancy's son and Shane and Stevie's brother. By the time he's all grown up, he also works in the pot business.

Silas is an ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver." He's "realistic" and seems to think that since he grew up with his mom working in this industry, that's all that he can do. He's also pretty "adaptable" and unlike his brother Shane, who seems to have a problem with his dad not being around, Silas is independent and self-sufficient.

4 Shane Botwin: ISFJ

Alexander Gould played Shane, the brother of Silas and Stevie and son of Nancy. It's clear that somewhere inside, he's a good kid, but he has such a tough time after losing his dad that he gets into a ton of trouble when he's younger.

When he's older, he becomes a police officer in NYC. His MBTI would be ISFJ or "Practical Helper." He's "traditional" and "loyal" and "sensitive." He really enjoys being on the police force and he wants to be in a position of power and authority, probably because he grew up feeling so powerless and like he couldn't handle his emotions.

3 Doug Wilson: ISFP

Doug Weeds

Kevin Nealon's Weeds character, Doug Nealon, is an ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." He goes from someone who works for city council to a huge part of Nancy's family (and a staple character on the show). He even goes to NYC with them.

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Doug is "loyal" and likes to be around Nancy and her kids and Andy. He's also "spontaneous" like when he takes a job in NYC at a fake Hedge fund (really a Ponzi scam) and he's also "dedicated."

2 Andy Botwin: INFP

Justin Kirk's Weeds character is Andy Botwin, who is Nancy's brother-in-law. He changes quite a lot over the course of the show's eight seasons. At the beginning, he displays zero work ethic and it seems like all he cares about is having fun. By the series finale, he's become a real grown-up. He has romantic feelings for Nancy, but she doesn't see him the same way... until the end of the show when it's too late.

Andy's MBTI would be INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." He knows the way that things should be, and when Nancy finally returns his love, he knows that he can't be with her. His pride and dignity and self-respect would be totally over. He's "loyal" and is there for her kids, and he's "concerned" and "gentle" even though he tries to act tough.

1 Nancy Botwin: ESTJ

Nancy Botwin is an ESTJ Or "Efficient Organizer." As soon as her husband passes away, she knows that she has to step up her game and support her children. She will do literally anything (including marrying a criminal) to ensure that she has money. She's always in "survival mode" and never slows down long enough to deal with her problems and emotions. Everything catches up to her in the final episode when she realizes that she's all alone.

She makes sure that she gets what she wants and shares many ESTJ traits. She's "decisive" and "assertive" and "matter-of-fact." At times, she can be pretty mean and she can act very selfish, like when she lets Andy become part of the family and essentially takes advantage of his feelings for her.

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