MBTI® Of Van Helsing Characters

If you love shows featuring main characters who are descendants of famous people and are following in their progenitor's footsteps (think Wynonna Earp), then you are going to love Van Helsing. Set in a world overrun with vampires, this Syfy series follows Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton), a relative of Abraham Van Helsing, AKA the doctor/vampire hunter from the 1897 novel, Dracula.

In this modern take on a classic fave, Vanessa, who has the unique blood profile required to turn vampires back into humans, is waging a war against these blood-sucking monsters in an effort to save humanity. And, now that you've got some backstory, let's dive into the Myers-Briggs® types of the characters themselves, shall we?

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10 Vanessa Van Helsing - ESTP

With three seasons of kicking vampire butt under her belt, Vanessa Van Helsing has only grown stronger as a character. Throughout the series, she's proven that she's plucky, determined, daring, and as tough as nails. If you're a vampire and you see this woman walking towards you, you'd better run.

Vanessa's ability to think on her feet gives her an advantage against her enemies. She's adaptable, and her fast-thinking, pragmatic approach to taking out vampires is only part of the reason why they want her out of the picture so bad. Tenacious and fearless in the face of evil, Vanessa is an ESTP.

9 Axel Miller - ISTJ

Axel Miller (Jonathan Scarfe) is an ex marine, charged with watching over Vanessa and keeping her safe from the countless vampires that want to do her in. Axel generally abides by the rules, though he will break them if he feels he absolutely has to. He's loyal, he's resolute, he possesses a strong will. Yep, he's an ISTJ.

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This personality type likes to do things by the book. They're organized people who appreciate an efficient system, however, they're not afraid to bend the rules every now and then, especially when said rules interfere with their personal values. Protective and only emotionally vulnerable to those he's closest to, Axel's one ISTJ we wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.

8 Doc AKA Sarah Carol - ISFJ

The ISFJ personality type is trustworthy and caring. They're dependable people, and they take their responsibilities seriously, which in turn makes them competent and qualified in whatever field they find themselves in. These people are caring, compassionate, and duty-oriented.

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Sarah Carol, AKA Doc (Rukiya Bernard) is practical, down-to-earth, and empathetic. She's great at what she does! However, when forced to participate in combat, she's not so great. Because such a situation requires people to think on their feet, this is where Doc falls short, and her inability to deal with fights can make her seem cowardly and short-sighted. However, if given enough time to plan, this ISFJ is capable of creating comprehensible plans and seeing them through with great capability.

7 Sam - ENTJ

Portrayed by Christopher Heyerdahl (who, interestingly enough, has also appeared as a monster on The CW's series, Supernatural), Sam is one of the most complex characters in the series. Outwardly, he seems kind and considerate. On the surface, it looks like he's just a caring, sympathetic individual. But he is not. He very is not. What he actually is is manipulative.

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Sam takes sadistic pleasure in toying with his victims, engaging in cat and mouse style games. Luring them, exploiting them by feigning vulnerability, then viciously feeding off of them. 'Course, he is a vampire, so what do you expect? Assertive, methodical, and decisive, Sam is an ENTJ.

6 Scarlett Harker - ENTP

Scarlett Harker (Missy Peregrym) is Vanessa Van Helsing's twin sister, and though her vampire abilities aren't as advanced as her sister's, they still prove to be an invaluable tool. But, her abilities aside, this girl is a skilled fighter in her own right, possessing excellent combat skills and a serious rebellious streak.

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Scarlett was raised to live in a post-apocalyptic world, and as a result, she thrives in it. Every bit as fearless as her sister, and a woman who values her independence, Scarlett is perfectly comfortable in a world filled with vampires, and her easiness with the situation is her enemies disadvantage. Resourceful, alert, and outspoken, she's an ENTP.

5 John - ISTP

Van Helsing's John (David Cubitt) is impulsive. He often makes rash decisions before thinking about the consequences. Though he seems angry a lot of the time (which is only because he is angry a lot of the time), he has a soft heart for the people he loves, particularly his wife, Wendy (Fiona Vroom).

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His stubbornness and his "jumping in with both feet first"-ness are just two of the qualities that make John an ISTP. This is a guy who doesn't want to sit on the sidelines and figure things out, he wants to get in on the action and make it up as he goes along.

4 Susan Jackson - ESFP

Caring, considerate, and loving, Susan Jackson (Hillary Jardine) is Vanessa's best friend and neighbor. Though her personality changed drastically when she was a vampire, causing her to become violent and impulsive, her hostility died down again when she returned to her human form, and wasn't reflective of who she really is.

Susan, like any interesting character, has a dark side, but she doesn't let it dictate who she is. In true ESFP fashion, she's still a spontaneous, fun-loving person whose boundless enthusiasm lights up a room. Engaging, empathetic, and accepting, the ESFP personality type is like that sign our grandma has hanging in her den. It says, "live, laugh, love". Yep, that's the ESFP, alright.

3 Mohamad - INFP

INFPs are some of the most imaginative people. They're good-natured, friendly, creative, and they possess an unbridled optimism that's downright contagious. But as an INFP, Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) is not only a sweet, individualistic person, he's also incredibly loyal to the people he loves - even the uber creepy bad guy, Sam.

Of course, Mohamad (and the INFP personality type in general) isn't all adorability and sweet, pure, cinnamon roll-y goodness. He's tough when he has to be, and he's not afraid to stand up for himself or his friends. Highly idealistic and determined to live a life that's congruent with their inner values, INFPs strive to be true to themselves.

2 Rebecca - INTJ

Manipulative, sadistic, and just downright villainous, Rebecca (Laura Mennell) represents the very worst the INTJ Myers-Briggs® type has to offer. Oh, sure, she's smart as a whip. She knows how to read people, but does she use that ability to empathize with them? Why, no! She just uses it to control them and get what she wants.

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A cunning antagonist, Rebecca can pick up on patterns like nobody's business, and this ability enables her to not only predict long-term outcomes and come up with schemes that work these situations to her advantage. Strong and independent, this ancient vampire is INTJ material for sure.

1 Flesh AKA Phil Fleischman - ISFP

When he was a vampire, Phil Fleischman, AKA Flesh (Vincent Gale) wasn't so great. Like Susan, he was ruthless and he did horrible things, but, also like Susan, once he was made human again, he deeply regretted his actions, indicating that his vampire persona wasn't the real him.

No, see, the real Flesh is a good guy. He's trusting and friendly and accepting. He tries to make other people feel comfortable, as is evidenced by his treatment of the survivors, who were intensely skeptical of him at first. Flesh is patient, kind, committed, and accepting of others—all traits that make him a bonafide ISFP.

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