MBTI Of Underworld Characters

The Underworld series has a lot of unique character with differing personalities. These are the MBTI's of some of the biggest characters.

MBTI's (Myers-Briggs Type Indicators) are a fun way to put fictional characters into archetypal categories. Since we get to see them go through conflict and strife more often than not, we see their true capabilities and problem solving strategies front and center. And there's not many fictional worlds with more ingrained conflict than the Underworld films.

These films are centered around Selene, a Vampire Death Dealer, charged with eradicating Lycans (Werewolves). Over the course of the series she has her past revealed, upturning her perception of everything she knows. We also meet the original vampire progenitor, the Lycan hierarchy, the new orders that arise from both as the bodies pile up, hybrids, covens, broods, and even a human or two who get embroiled in the proceedings.

Each and every character is distinct and memorable, even as the films vary in quality. Here are the MBTI scores they might've gotten if they stopped in for a test between the bullets and fangs flying.

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13 Lucian - ENTJ - Visionary Leader

The leader of the Lycans and the one who freed them from Vampyric control in the first place. It was Lucian's love with Sonja that set about the events of Underworld, his Lycan revolt forever pitting them against their former masters. Lucian is magnetically charismatic as well as unbound by tradition. He comes close to embodying many positive traits from opposing indicators but his ability to see a bold new future and the ways to get there stamp his credentials.

12 Semira - INTP - Musing Architect

Semira works within the Eastern Coven in Blood Wars attempting to lure Selene into her midst. Through her machinations, she wants to literally drain her powers. She uses people around her to further her plans. She is flexible towards her ultimate goals, evaluating and shifting on the fly, such as when she sees David and Selene pass through sunlight. Ultimately, she is caught  by her wonder at finally seeing the sun again when her plan succeeds, betraying herself by not staying focused.

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11 Marius - ENTJ - Visionary Leader

The second ENTJ to lead the Lycans that we've seen. In Blood Wars Marius succeeds in a sense where Lucian failed, taking Michael's blood to turn himself into a Super-Werewolf. He is revealed to be a magnetic ruler, albeit cruel. He lures the vampire traitor Alexia into his midst and uses her to help initially defeat Selene. He often revels in his beastly nature and hands out deadly punishments by hand. A great threat to the vampires until Selene's re-emergence.

10 Raze - ESFJ - Committed Soldier

Interestingly played by the co-creator of Underworld, Raze is the behemoth brute to Lucian's brain. As we learn in the prequel Rise Of The Lycans, Raze has been at Lucian's side since the uprising. He works well in packs and is fiercely loyal. He deals with what is front and center while Lucian sees beyond. Despite ferocious power, he cares about his comrades. He'll risk his life for another and follow an order even if it's endangering making him the ideal second.

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9 Sonja - ENFJ - Passionate Visionary

The woman who begets the turmoil between Lycan and Vampire by falling in love with a beast in Rise Of The Lycans. While on the surface she is a dutiful traditionalist daughter to Viktor, in truth she is much more. Her feelings for Lucian inspire him to be more than a slave.  She herself forgoes even her own kind for love. She is also lethally capable, inspiring in battle, and decisively takes action. Empathetic to slave and noble alike. In the end she dies for the things she loves, tragically ensuring Lucian's path.

8 Kraven - ESTP - Systematically Driven

The conniving Kraven desired to become leader of Selene's Coven. He holds a unique place in Underworld, being on the side ultimately 'in the right' but still a traitorous, despicable letch. He managed to convene a majority of followers during Viktor's rest. That, as with almost all his actions, were at the service of his planned powergrab. Even his lusting over Selene may have been elemental to that plan, due to her proximity to Viktor. Everything is a scheme or a plan with him, rarely action, and he cannot be dissuaded.

7 Viktor - ENFJ - Passionate Visionary (Corrupted)

Viktor is one of the three Vampire Elders and the primary antagonist. As Selene's adopted father and Sonja's actual father, his daughters become his greatest weakness. His position of power comes from his seniority and supernatural physical advantage rather than good judgement. He outwardly clings to tradition but we see, especially in the prequel, that he is massively conflicted in his feelings. Moreover, his inherent form of species hate comes from his guttural revulsion to the breed he himself originated, the Lycans. Over and over Viktor clearly goes against his internal feelings out of reactionary fear. For all his power, he is frightened of a future he sees on the horizon and fights it tooth and nail.

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6 Markus Corvinus - INTJ - Raging Ruler

The pure-blood vampire of the Corvinus clan, awoken by Werewolf blood spilled upon him. In Evolution, Markus joins the fray and immediately sets out to kill Selene and Michael. This, while also seeking to recover his original Werewolf brother, William. Markus may be an elder, but he is reclusive and volatile. He reacts on his whims and with rage abound. Killing is his go-to problem-solver and he is capable of vicious attacks with little prompting. Another case of someone using potentially positive indicators for the worse.

5 Thomas - ESTP - Maneuverable Survivability

Played by the esteemed Charles Dance, Thomas rules a coven that Selene encounters in Awakenings. In this new age where Vampires and Lycans have been hunted to the brink of extinction, Thomas is cautious and vulnerable. He prefers to wait, watch, and plan strategic retreats to avoid further losses. He butts heads with his son, David, over these strategies but remains steadfast. Vampire traditions hold little sway to him, nor Selene's plight. Intelligently avoiding direct conflict defines him, and when he betrays that philosophy it costs him everything.

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4 David - ENFJ - Passionate Visionary

Selene meets David early in Awakenings and finds he is driven by his guttural perceptions of what is 'right'. David, like his father, holds little love for the old vampire ways of things. Unlike his father, who is committed to avoiding trouble and staying out of the fight, David runs headlong into it. He constantly wants to bring the fight to their aggressors. He thinks his father's stagnant tactics will result in the deaths of all and cannot stand idly by. Emotionally driven and invested in Selene's plight from the moment we meet him.

3 Eve - INFP - Cautious Perceptor

Introduced in Awakenings, Eve is Michael and Selene's daughter. She is revealed to be a hybrid like her father, and is sought after by the secret Lycan scientists who have infiltrated human society. Her blood is key to their plans to make a 'Super-Werewolf'. Unless driven into a killing rage, Eve is generally quiet, reserved, and kind. She is telepathically connected to her parents and feels genuine love for Selene even though Selene has no initial recollection of her. She tends to watches and react rather than initialize.

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2 Michael Corvin - ISFP - Empathetic Caretaker

Michael is the human descendant of Alexander Corvinus whose ancestor wasn't 'bitten by bat or wolf' and a medical nurse thrust into supernatural turmoil who is literally hunted from both sides of the conflict. An injured Selene discovers him, having been bitten by Lucian and doomed to become a Lycan. Even so, he sets aside his own impending life-altering situation and employs his medical training to try to help Selene. His empathy reigns as a dominant trait. Even as his powers evolve, he maintains a moral code to direct that power. As a character that speaks less than most, he and Selene are pulled together as two halves of a cohesive whole. His feelings reveal hers when nothing else could.

1 Selene - INTJ - Responsible Executor

She is the core of the series with an unflappable facade. Selene does not suffer with fools and if we could hear her inner monologue, it would be mostly silent. She snaps into action when her 'gut' tells her something is up. Although we see her with her guard down a few times in the series, you can tell these are the exceptions rather than the rule. Her answer for most things is a boot or a bullet, befitting her Death Dealer expertise. She's not big on 'feelings' and even when her family is involved, she defaults to stone-faced pragmatism. Her mission often supersedes any emotion, but she'll always do her duty as long as it is 'right'.

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