The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The Umbrella Academy Characters

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Now that The Umbrella Academy has premiered on Netflix, it’s safe to assume that there are plenty of fans who are hoping to get a better look and Gerard Way’s powerful and complex family of heroes. While there are at least two volumes of the comic book still on their way, fans will likely have to wait a bit longer if they’re hoping to get a better look at the characters the Netflix series put forth. Let’s take what we know about the characters—from both the comics and the series—and use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® to combine the different aspects of each character in order to create a more cohesive picture of just who exactly makes up The Umbrella Academy.

So, if you happen to read something you don’t recognize, that may be a sign that you should check out the comics (or vice versa). Spoilers for both the comics and Netflix series ahead!

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10 Sir Reginald Hargreeves 'The Monocle': The Architect - INTJ

The series may not give us a whole lot of information to work with as far as Sir Reginald Hargreeves goes, the comic helps fill in some of the blanks, though. The Monocle is an intelligent, efficient, and dedicated individual that often appears cold and distant.

While it’s not typically clear whether or not Hargreeves actually loves his adopted children, there is definite care and affection hidden under all that “We must save the world, children” business. The truth is that, for an alien masquerading as a human, Hargreeves seems to be doing everything he can to protect and uplift humanity (and chimpanzee alike). Hargreeves was the only being with the means and intelligence to understand that these children had been fated to save the world. That’s some serious foresight.

9 Dr. Phinneus Pogo: The Advocate - INFJ

That's right! He's a doctor. While Reginald Hargreeves may be the seemingly cold and heartless father figure, Phinneus Pogo is the kind and thoughtful uncle figure. Pogo is the closest thing the children have to a loving father figure. He is quiet and pensive, speaking up only when absolutely necessary. He, much like his friend and the man responsible for his (and the rest of his species) sentience, Reginald Hargreeves, is incredibly intelligent.

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Unlike Hargreeves, Pogo is also incredibly compassionate and a crutch that most of the family leaned on regularly. While Hargreeves and Pogo share many qualities, it is Pogo’s sensitivity and compassion for the children Hargreeves is so dismissive of. He is reverent, composed, and likey the glue that held a young and complicated family together.

8 Cha-Cha: The Logistician - ISTJ

It’s a little hard to make any sort of amalgamation of the Cha-Cha of the comics and the Cha-Cha of the show, so we’ll stick to the Cha-Cha of the show for this one.

For starters, Cha-Cha is very business-minded, laser-focused on the task ahead. While her partner, Hazel, is beginning to see the failings of a life spent hopping in and out of time in order to ensure the time stream doesn’t split off into unnecessary realities, Cha-Cha is perfectly happy moving from one mission to the next. She is introverted, thoughtful, and deadly. Just not deadlier than Number Five.

7 Vanya Hargreeves 'The White Violin': The Mediator - INFP

Whether it was due to a childhood spent completely separate from her siblings or simply a set of traits inherent to her character, Vanya, the extraordinary member of The Umbrella Academy, is the member most likely to be found trying to please the rest of her family.

Vanya didn’t grow up like the rest of her siblings, and she needed to find something to be the best at in a family filled with amazing, superpowered individuals. While the rest of her siblings spend their time fighting and honing their abilities, Vanya is simply trying to help everyone get along and make sense of her chaotic world. The main reason Vanya writes her autobiography is likely to simply get a grasp of her life, and try to understand who and what she is.

6 Ben Hargreeves 'The Horror': The Virtuoso - ISTP

While there’s not much information available in the comics about Ben, the Netflix series gives us plenty of new information about Ben to analyze and explore. Ben may have been the first of his siblings to die, but it seems that while he was alive, he was incredibly adept at using his power; he was often called in to clean up the bigger messes quickly.

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Ben is introverted, sensitive, and while he may have a deep love for his family, when presented with evidence that their mom, Grace, may have killed Reginald Hargreeves, Ben doesn’t hesitate to voice his favor of shutting her down.

5 Number Five 'The Boy': The Mastermind - INTJ

Most members of The Umbrella Academy would point to Luther (aka Number One; aka Spaceboy) as the favorite son. Number Five is the son that most resembles the eccentric, billionaire alien. While the police are examining the massacre at Griddy’s Diner, one of the officers comments that all the kills were quick and efficient. Number Five is a cold, tactical and efficient killer. From the second Number Five gets traps in the future, he has one goal: get back to his family. And with that goal in mind, he sets out on a journey that leads him to kill many people throughout space-time. None of this matters, however, it’s the goal that matters, the mission. In that regard, Number Five is actually a lot like his biological twin brother, Number One.

4 Klaus Hargreeves 'The Séance': The Debater - ENTP

Klaus is by far the most extroverted member of his family, and potentially the most powerful. While Allison has cultivated an extroverted personality into a career, Klaus has made all of the world his stage, whether he’s three pills and a fifth of whatever’s lying around, or battling the harsh buzz of existence as a sober Sally.

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As we see during his adventure with Number Five, Klaus can talk—or self-mutilate—his way out of or into just about anything. Klaus is deceptively intelligent and thoughtful without ever letting his siblings into what’s really going on in his world.

3 Allison Hargreeves 'The Rumor': The Entertainer - ESFP

It’s interesting that Allison, of all the children in the Umbrella Academy, was the one that decided to really continue her life in the public eye. While Vanya wrote her book from her point of isolation, Allison may have left Hargreeves home but she never left the spotlight like all of her siblings did. Allison, much like her brother Klaus, is a free spirit. She needs to have the space to grow in any direction she pleases, which means she can have a hard time taking a backseat to the plans of others. That may have worked in the Umbrella Academy days but by the time the series takes place, Allison is a much more independent and confident person.

2 Diego Hargreeves 'The Kraken': The Craftsman - ISTP

We see this sort of archetype again and again with the ISTP personality type, whether it by Frank Castle from The Punisher or Aizawa Shouta from My Hero Academia. These are the men and women in the story that get stuff done. They don’t care for what other people may be thinking or feeling, they just care about getting the job done. Much like the second season of The Punisher does with Frank, the Netflix version of The Umbrella Academy actually puts into the work to paint tease tough on the outside, gooey-like-undercooked-calamari on the inside bad boys as more than just the brutes that these types are often portrayed as on film.

1 Luther Hargreeves 'Spaceboy': The Defender - ISFJ

While some may call him a “strict” or “ruthless” leader who’s “responsible for the death of Ben,” others might simply say that Luther is a young man who feels quite a lot, and does the best that he can under the circumstances.

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It’s not that Luther purposefully sets out to upset his siblings, as we see when he confronts the group about the missing monocle in the Netflix series. He simply lacks the ability to communicate with them effectively, which as a leader, is something that can lead to some deadly consequences. Apparently, the body of a martian monkey won’t make you a better leader. Who’d’ve thunk?

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