MBTI® of Turn Up Charlie Characters

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Idris Elba

When word got out that Idris Elba would be starring in a new Netflix series, interest in Turn Up Charlie soared through the roof. While critics were largely disappointed in the show, audiences still strongly enjoyed the tale of the hot DJ turned manny for his old friends.

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The series is a hot mess; most characters don't have their act together, and once Charlie even gets what he's after he tends to mess it up with terrible choices. Most of us can find a bit of ourselves in the human nature of this cast, matching our own MBTI® results with Charlie, Sara, David and the rest of the characters.

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Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Idris Elba
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10 Charlie: ESFP

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Idris Elba

Idris Elba stars as Charlie, a washed up DJ who once had a hit and now plays terrible gigs, makes little money and sends what he does make to help his parents, who really don't need the cash. An ESFP, Charlie is "The Entertainer" with big dreams and the desire to always be in front of a crowd, playing his music. His only problem is that his own destructive behavior gets in his way.

Charlie loves to be around people and wants to be in the spotlight as much as possible, enjoying the attention of the crowd--especially when it comes to the ladies. Charlie is friendly and outgoing, yet sympathetic to people like his friends with their childcare issues and his parents who claim to need his earnings.

9 Gabrielle: ISFP

Idris Elba in Turn Up Charlie

A precocious 11-year-old growing up around Hollywood stars and music moguls, Gabrielle is played by Frankie Hervey. Fun and spontaneous, Gabrielle is an ISFP, "The Composer." She doesn't make friends quickly and even brags about chasing away her nannies, but once she gets close to someone she's warm and friendly. The only thing Gabby hates more than being bored is the fact that her parents are never there for her, and her desire for constant new experiences gets her into hot water.

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Charlie's charge's problems stem mostly from neglect. Her fast-talking, smart-aleck nature and tendency to get into trouble bring to mind other Hollywood children who grew up way too quickly for their own good.

8 David: ESTJ

Turn Up Charlie Idris Elba JJ Feild

Charlie's best mate from their childhood days, David, is portrayed by JJ Feild. The rich, successful actor thinks nothing of hiring his buddy as a nanny for his daughter, and in fact unwittingly makes some pretty disparaging remarks about his friend in front of the tween. He's an ESTJ, a "Supervisor," but he's a very flawed one, often putting his own needs above those of his family.

David is truly driven by what he believes are the right things to do, but the problem is that they just aren't. He's so focused on his career that he neglects his daughter, and his traditional views lull him into believing that it's okay for someone else to raise her.

7 Sara: ISFJ

Coyote Ugly's Piper Perabo plays Sara, mother to Charlie's charge and one of the most responsible, if frazzled, adults in the show. As good as Sara's intentions are, even she can't handle the "problem child" she's helped to create by largely ignoring. Sara is an ISFJ, "the Nurturer" for her family who tries to keep everything harmonious in her home, even if it's usually a struggle.

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Like the rest of the cast, Sara is highly flawed and even her best attempts at balancing her work schedule, her social life and keeping her family content seem to fail without the help of her partner. In reality, they both simply work too much and need to devote more time to their daughter. A giver to the core, Sara is happy to help others and is generally an unselfish person.

6 Del: ESFJ

Charlie's lazy best friend, Del, is played by Guz Khan. Del is a couch potato, known to sneak into Charlie's room to hang out there even when his best friend is away--and sticking around quietly while he brings home a lady friend. He loves nothing more than tagging along while Charlie's on a gig and partying hard. His personality is that of a "Provider," or ESFJ. He's just happy to tag along and be a part of something.

Del is a much lazier version of the ESFJ, so while you're not going to find him planning Charlie's birthday party (or who knows, maybe we will if there's another season), he's usually pretty loyal and warm to the people that he cares about.

5 Astrid: ESTP

Sara's manager, Astrid, seems like she's also her best friend and confidante, but over the arc we witness her ultimately look out for number one. Played by Angela Griffin, Astrid quickly becomes Charlie's girlfriend, opting to manage him once he hits stardom over her friend Sara. Astrid is a "Doer," or an ESTP, who is all about immediate results brought about by pragmatic decision-making.

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For Astrid, everything is about today and what will benefit her the most. While the spontaneous manager enjoys being with Charlie, she also has to have her freedom. She's also all about the creature comforts that life has to offer and has her own dazzling personal style that her successful profession keeps her in.

4 Tommi: ESFP

Jade Anouka plays tough-as-nails Tommi, a DJ who works reluctantly with Charlie and is one of the few characters to really give him a piece of her mind to his face. Like Charlie, she's an ESFP, or an "Entertainer" who loves the limelight. Unlike him, she tends to go about it at a much healthier pace, bringing her lively and fun personality to gigs on time.

Tommi recognizes real talent and is generous in helping Charlie when he's actually making good music, but she really prefers to be in the limelight herself. Warm and friendly to most of the people in the show, Tommi has a personality that brings people joy.

3 Daniel: ENTJ

Writer, actor and director Dustin Demri-Burns plays Danny Smith on the show. Danny is Charlie's handler once he gets famous once again, and he can only express his disappointment when Charlie reverts to old behaviors, blocking his own success with his addictive and destructive behavior. As an ENTJ, or "The Commander," Daniel uses logic and reason to approach problems. It doesn't matter that he and Charlie are buddies; when Charlie stands up gigs, Daniel has to let him go.

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Daniel is good at being in charge and enjoys the opportunity. He sees challenges as opportunities, but he will not suffer fools. Admitting that he does work with jerks, Danny says that he'll only work with jerks who get the job done.

2 Hunter: ENTP

Gabby's classmate Hunter, played by Cameron King, is everything she wants in a friend: a rule breaker and seller of illicit substances who speaks to her much-too-sophisticated nature. While Hunter seems like the typical bad boy, he had a more sensitive side that begs further exploration. Hunter is a "Visionary," or an ENTP, who cannot be left idle. When this intelligent tween is not being mentally stimulated, he is sure to get himself into trouble, much like his friend Gabrielle.

Hunter isn't a typical extrovert as he does't make a bunch of friends and prefers to make mischief rather than small talk. The audience is made to believe that Hunter and Gabby are going to end up an item, so when he kisses another boy at a festival, it's one of the nicest twists in the program.

1 Lydia: ENFP

One of the most compelling characters on the show, Aunt Lydia is the voice of reason in Charlie's life. He lives with his old-school auntie, played by Jocelyn Jee Esien, and from her platitudes to her cooking, she's the stability that both Charlie and Gabby seem to need. She's the perfect role model for Gabby because as an ENFP, or "The Champion," she is all about embracing what makes her an individual. Her unique values and way of life are much more important than doing what the cool kids are doing.

Lydia is the kind of person who refuses to live "inside the box" and uses her imagination to explore the wide open world of possibilities that life brings to her. She's also quick to see things others can't and uses her way with words to convey her thoughts creatively.

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