The MBTI Of Tuca & Bertie Characters

The MBTI personality system is fun. Using the Myers & Briggs system, let's place Tuca, Bertie and the other birds from this Netflix streaming comedy.

Tuca & Bertie is an animated Netflix series that follows the friendship of two thirty-year-old bird-women. It was created by Lisa Hanawalt, who was the production designer for BoJack Horseman. Tuca & Bertie stars Tiffany Haddish as Tuca, an impulsive and newly-sober toucan, and Ali Wong as Bertie, a career-minded and sweet songbird. Steven Yeung appears a Speckle, Bertie’s straight-laced architect boyfriend.

The show follows the highs and lows of the lives of birds as they adjust to Tuca moving out to make more room for Speckle in Bertie’s life. It first dropped in May 2019 and hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet.

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7 Draca - ISFP - The Adventurer 

Tuca’s neighbor on the fifth floor just exemplifies cool. Draca, who is a houseplant, seems to exemplify cool. When they visit her apartment, she welcomes them in but sits calmly and doesn’t talk, classic Introverted traits. She’s charming without trying to be, and her Feeling traits mean that she cares a lot about the people she draws to her. Though she’s not very intuitive, she’s very sensitive herself. Unfortunately, that can look aloof and cold, or even competitive. 

Tuca and Bertie seem to think Draca thinks she’s too cool for them, but she may have the fluctuating self-esteem that is a classic problem for artistic Adventurers. 

6 Holland - ENTP - The Debater

Bertie’s boss—and briefly Tuca’s too—is a fun and outgoing Blue Jay at Conde Nest. He is a bit oblivious, but certainly thinks he’s not. He values discourse and appreciates when Bertie steps up to ask for a promotion. His Intuitive and Thinking values helped him see that she would be perfect for the job, but his own love for creating an open system meant he wasn’t going to approach her first. He has a keen sense of humor and is a very charismatic and energetic, probably the traits that helped him get his own promotion. 

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Debaters can be so busy encouraging discourse for the sake of discourse that they forget to remain sensitive to other people’s feelings. They can be guilty of acting like a puppeteer waiting to see how everyone else will deal when their strings are pulled. But overall he means well and can be made to see his mistakes. 

5 Dirk - ESTJ - The Executive

Bertie’s coworker Dirk is a misogynistic rooster who tries to take credit for her thoughts at work. He’s Extraverted, making friends with their boss Holland to try to get a promotion instead of doing the work. His Observational traits let him see what’s happening around him and try to find ways to make sure it all benefits from him. He’s probably never had people really tell him no, which is why he loses it during the sexual harassment seminar. 

Being direct and honest is often a prized trait, and Dirk has it in spades. When he is behaving well, he is probably also loyal, kind, and reliable. Executives tend to boss people around and he would probably be happier somewhere that his personality meshes with his job title better.

4 Pastry Pete - ENTJ - The Commander

Bertie’s pastry-crush, Pastry Pete, seems very much like an ENTJ from the times we see him. He is very charming, self-confident, charismatic, and strong-willed—all Extraversion traits. He is, however, very impatient and intolerant, as we see when Bertie first starts her apprenticeship. He bosses her around and has no patience for questions or her concerns. 

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Commanders make great entrepreneurs, and clearly Pastry Pete is doing well in his chosen profession. The world rewards boldness and he is often a force to be reckoned with. However, he has to be careful not to alienate everyone around him on his way up.

3 Speckle - ISTP - The Virtuoso

Bertie’s boyfriend Speckle is a quiet, Introverted robin. He’s very rational, which is great for an architect, but he can also be spontaneous, as we see when he tries to surprise Bertie to spice up their sex life. He is very relaxed and tends to go with the flow, but when he engages his Observational traits he can see when that’s not going to work. When he tries to fix things with Bertie, he asks direct specific questions, which is a very Thinking thing to do. After all, he really prefers to have a direct plan, but when that’s not possible he has enough Prospecting traits to be able to change directions.

Generally, ISTPs struggle with commitment, especially because they’re so private, but once they’re in they’re all in.

2 Bertie - ISFJ, the Defender

Defender personalities like Bertie are always more than the sum of their parts. She’s introverted, as we see when she struggles to ask for a promotion then hates how much public speaking her promotion requires. But her Observing and Judging traits make her very analytical, perfect for a Senior Analyst. 

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Her feeling traits make her warm and kind, and she attracts friends to her, even though she struggles to be the first one to start a conversation. She’s loyal and patient but often represses her feelings until she struggles to express them. Judging traits tend to make people resistant to change, so it’s good she has Tuca around to keep life moving. 

1 Tuca - ESFP, the Entertainer

As a classic ESFP, Tuca is always getting into her next adventure. She often gets caught up in the excitement of the moment and can be a bit pushy when it comes to making sure everyone is having a good time. Not only does she want to shine, she wants everyone else to, which is why she’s constantly pushing Bertie to do more and bigger. Her Observational traits mean she sees more than Bertie, though. Her Feeling traits allow her to offer great emotional support and practical advice to Bertie, but because she’s so focused on keeping life entertaining, she hates to deal with her own conflict. 

But as we see in episode five “Plumage,” she can appear flighty, irresponsible, and short-sighted. Lucky she was Bertie and Speckle to keep her grounded. 

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