The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Titans Characters

Still, Titans did much better than people originally said. The universe the show created isn’t connected to the DCEU or to the Arrowverse. This means they can offer up their own interpretations of these characters, and they do. While we recognize the names and vague outlines of the characters, the Titans universe said, “F*ck canon” and did something different.

Good for them. So let’s take a look at some of these characters in the way we’re all obsessed with: by looking at their Myers-Briggs® types.

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10 Dick Grayson: ISTP

Dick is Batman’s former teen sidekick, Robin. In the Titans universe, Dick works as a detective with the Detroit Police Department and has distanced himself from his Gotham days. He eventually finds himself as the sort of reluctant leader of the Titans and obligatory mom-friend.

He easily fits into the ISTP category with his skills in, well… pretty much everything, and his penchant for jumping into action. ISTPs are good at analyzing and fixing things and like to remain coolly relational about the world around them. That makes them true introverts and as such, Dick is difficult to get close to, which is obvious from the beginning of the show. He distances himself from those around him, but at the same time, he just can’t help getting involved.

9 Rachel Roth: INFJ

In Titans, Rachel is a young girl who has demonic powers that we eventually learn she’s inherited from her father. She is picked up by Dick after her mother’s murder and he becomes something of a mentor to her.

Rachel is idealistic and insightful, like a lot of INFJs. Despite everything she’s gone through, she seems to always know what to say to her teammates to inspire them. She does what she can to help her team, but she’s also very much determined to achieve her own goals. She can also be incredibly hard on herself, which is definitely an INFJ thing.

8 Kory Anders: ISFJ

Also known as Koriand’r, Kory is an alien from Tamaran with the ability to absorb and expel solar energy. At the start of the series, she suffers from amnesia and doesn’t remember who or what she is. She eventually discovers that she was looking for Rachel and seeks her out in hopes the girl will be able to tell her who she is.

ISFJs are defenders, and Kory proves that point very quickly. She quickly becomes protective of her team and is more than willing to use her devastating powers to defend them. The moral of the story is just don’t mess with an ISFJ’s friends.

7 Gar Logan: ENFP

Gar is an orphan and former member of the team called Doom Patrol for which, of course, will also become a show. A doctor saved him with an experimental drug when he contracted a rare disease and while it saved him, there was a side effect. He now has green hair, and oh right, he can shape-shift into a green tiger.

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ENFPs are curious and energetic, which describes Gar to a T. He’s always asking a lot of questions, sometimes to his teammates’ annoyance, but he’s a much-needed lightness in the group. But ENFPs can get stressed out easily, which Gar does on the show kind of a lot. I mean, he’s a teen traveling with a girl he likes who is being chased by cultists. I’d probably be stressed, too.

6 Dawn Granger: INFP

Dawn is Dove in the Hawk and Dove duo. She’s a former ballerina turned vigilante and Dick’s ex-girlfriend. She helps Dick look after Rachel when the two appear on her and Hank’s doorstep.

Dawn seems to be able to find the good in people, which is a true INFP trait. She’s warm and open-minded and bonds with Rachel quickly, despite her unresolved feelings for Dick. She does her best to keep the peace, especially between Hank and Dick, although it is to varying degrees of success. But no matter what, she does seek out harmony, which becomes clear as she tries to convince Hank that they should get out of the vigilante business.

5 Hank Hall: ESTJ

Hank is Dawn’s other half, also known as Hawk. He and Dawn met after the deaths of loved ones in their lives and took up the Hawk and Dove mantle to cope. He is much less forgiving than Dawn, which is made clear by the animosity that still exists between him and Dick.

ESTJs are nothing if not dedicated to the task at hand, and Hank definitely takes his role as Hawk very seriously. Even when a mission looks dire, he’s the type to still go out and finish it. But this obsession with crime-fighting has a lot to do with things in his past that he has difficulties dealing with. ESTJs aren’t so great with expressing emotions. Good thing he has Dawn by his side, who is very understanding.

4 Jason Todd: ESTP

Titans Curran Walter Jason Todd Robin

We all know Jason Todd as Red Hood, but in the Titans continuity, Jason is still just the new Robin. Dick doesn’t even know Bruce has replaced him until Jason pops up to give his predecessor a hand.

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While the comic version of Jason is obviously much darker, this version of Jason is just a kid having the time of his life. He’s sociable and adventurous, as ESTPs are, and doesn’t seem at all burdened by his role the way Dick is. He also has that ETSP rebelliousness, which we see when he goes to help Dick out without Bruce’s okay. He also has no problem beating the crap out of cops, something Dick

3 Donna Troy: ESFJ

Formally known as Wonder Woman’s sidekick Wonder Girl, Donna has since left that world behind her. She now works as an investigative reporter and is Dick’s best friend and confidante. Unlike Dick, she hasn’t struggled with her transition away from the vigilante lifestyle.

ESFJs are is good with people, and Donna displays that trait right off the bat. While Dick is shown to struggle with human connection, Donna just seems to get it. Still, she does her best to help Dick and give him advice when she can, because she can see him struggling. Even though she’s left the vigilante life behind her, she’s loyal to Dick and is there for him when he needs her.

2 Dr. Adamson: ESTJ

Now we get into the villains. First up, we have Dr. Adamson, who we find out is part of some cult with a weird interest in Rachel. The cult, we then find out, wants to bring back Rachel’s dad, Trigon, so he can cleanse the earth. Lovely.

But even though his motivations aren’t so great, you can’t deny that he’s not dedicated to his goals. He brainwashed people into being his minions and even went so far as slicing his throat to force Rachel to use her powers. Now there’s dedication.

1 Trigon: ENFJ

Titans Image of Trigon On Spaceship

Trigon is the big bad of series so far and also happens to be Rachel’s dad. We don’t know too much about his origins in the Titans universe, but we do know that he’s some kind of demonic being who destroys worlds. He was successful one time and was somehow locked away in another dimension, but not for long.

Trigon doesn’t appear too much in the series thus far, but we do know that he’s charismatic and he his passionate. He’s been around for a long time and knows how to get people behind him. He can understand people’s motivations and desires, which makes him very good at manipulating them. We see this with Rachel’s mother, his followers, and even Rachel herself. ENFJs make good heroes, but they also make very good baddies.

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