Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The Mindy Project Characters

When news broke that The Office star Mindy Kaling was creating her own sitcom, fans were excited to see what the clever and hilarious writer and actress would create. The Mindy Project premiered in the fall of 2012 and the beginning of the series was influenced by Mindy's love of romantic comedies. For six seasons, doctor Mindy Lahiri tried her best to find love while making her professional dreams come true.

Although Mindy is, of course, the main character, there are many members of the main and supporting cast who deserve a lot of credit for contributing to the love that fans have for this show. Since the characters are the heart of any TV show or film, let's take a look at the Myers-Briggs® Personality Types of The Mindy Project characters.

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8 Ben: ISTJ

It was awesome to see Mindy fall in love with Ben (Bryan Greenberg) and even get married. Unfortunately, they did get divorced (but true Mindy Project fans know that Mindy and Danny are #endgame anyway).

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Ben is the most stand-up kind of guy that we could see on a sitcom (especially a sitcom where the main character has new love interests all the time). He has a New Jersey house, a daughter, and a great job. He's also a total sweetheart. His MBTI® is ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." ISTJs are described as being dependable, which is definitely Ben. They're also loyal and calm. While Ben wasn't the right guy for Mindy, he's still a good guy, and that was always clear from any of their interactions.

7 Casey Peerson: INFP

Anders Holm plays Mindy's boyfriend in the second season. At first, he's a pastor, but then he wants to be a DJ.

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That is quite the job switch, and while he seems like a fun guy to hang out with, he doesn't have the loyal dependability that Ben does. When it comes to his MBTI®, he's an INFP, or "Thoughtful Idealist." Since he's religious, it seems like he has some strong ideas about the way that the world should be. INTPs don't like routines, being criticized, or work that is boring. Those personality traits seem to apply to Casey, too.

6 Peter Prentice: ISFP

Beloved for his role on Happy Endings, Adam Pally was on The Mindy Project for a time as Peter Prentice. Anytime Adam Pally does anything he's completely hilarious, so, of course, he brought the laughs on this show, too.

While some would say that Peter's sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired and that he needs to be more grown-up, others are drawn to his charming goofball sensibility. His MBTI® is ISFP, or "Versatile Supporter." These are the types of people who assist others but they're also gentle and caring. That's definitely Peter. He honestly just wants to give the people that he loves a big hug and never wants to hurt or stress anyone out.

5 Jody Kimball-Kinney: ISFP

Jody Kimball-Kinney (Garrett Dillahunt) is the total opposite of a gentleman. Since he grew up in the South, he has super old-school views about men and women, and he's convinced that men are the only people who can succeed in life.

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It's more than a little bit awkward to watch this character... and yet his scenes with Mindy are still fairly charming. When it comes to his Myers-Briggs® Personality Type, Jody would be an ISFP, or "Logical Pragmatist."  ISFPs are described as calm, which is definitely Jody. He always wears a suit and seems like he has more patience than anyone else at the doctor's office. This personality type is known for sticking to the facts, being practical, and not being a fan of small talk, and those attributes sound like Jody as well.

4 Morgan Tookers: ESFJ

Even though Mindy is the main character of The Mindy Project, it's safe to say that the show wouldn't be the same without Morgan Tookers. Ike Barinholtz plays him perfectly and whether he's talking about food or trying his best to help Mindy, he's the kind of pal that we all want and need.

Morgan's MBTI® is definitely an ESFJ. He's a "Supportive Contributor." Even just that phrase alone sounds just like Morgan. He's a people-pleaser who wants to make everyone happy, even if it means that he's sacrificing his own happiness.

ESFJs are both sociable and outgoing, which also describes Morgan. He enjoys being around other people and he's always there for his friends. His sense of humor is very unique and offbeat, and even if he's the only one who gets his jokes, fans of the show love him for it.

3 Jeremy Reed: ENTP

Jeremy is a great addition to the gang of doctors. Played by Ed Weeks, he's got a fantastic accent and fancies himself a ladies' man. However, at first, he doesn't seem to relate to the other characters since he doesn't have the same quirky (and strange) sense of humor as them.

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On any sitcom (or drama, for that matter), the characters often seem more caught up in their personal lives than the jobs that they're supposed to be doing. That's not Jeremy. He's serious and always seems interested in furthering his place in the medical field.

His MBTI® is ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer." This personality type dislikes being bored (especially at the office) and doesn't want to focus on their personal life. That seems particularly perfect for Jeremy, who can't seem to find the right woman to settle down with.

2 Danny Castellano: ENTJ

Danny (Chris Messina) is Mindy's major love interest on The Mindy Project and he's adorable and also hilarious. But he's the kind of funny where he has no idea why what he just said was so great. Most fans agree that Mindy and Danny are the couple who need to be together on this show, but this love story hasn't been without its flaws and low moments.

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When Danny and Mindy have a baby, he turns out to be way more old-fashioned than she thought since he wants her to basically become a housewife. She has professional dreams and isn't into that at all. When it comes to his MBTI®, Danny is an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." He likes to be in control and when he makes a decision, that's it. We could also call him stubborn, which is how he acts when he wants Mindy to stay home.

1 Mindy Lahiri: ESFP

Mindy Lahiri is one of the great sitcom characters. She's clever, obsessed with junk food, a rom-com addict, and a loyal friend. She has big dreams, and besides being a successful doctor, she even starts her own fertility practice. She's always inspiring.

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Mindy is an ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improvisor." She's fun and playful, and most certainly talkative. She also wants people to understand her emotions. What's interesting about ESTPs is that they often like to work in healthcare, and Mindy fits into that category, too. Mindy is honestly a perfect character because she cares equally about her personal and professional lives (and she looks fashionable all the time, too).

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