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Syfy series, The Magiciansbased on Lev Grossman's trilogy of novels, is a boundary pushing exploration of genre and character. Now in its fourth season, the show is moving beyond the source material, increasingly becoming an ensemble piece, on a quest to dismantle old school archetypes. What started as a hero's journey is now a breakdown of storytelling, reframing and refocusing of these stories for an inclusive, post-modern mentality.

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Its no wonder that the characters in The Magicians are fleshed out in a way that's unique for genre TV and ripe for analysis using the Myers-Briggs® personality test; a breakdown of character types and their corresponding traits. Have a look below at the MBTI® of these magical practitioners to find out if any of them match yours.

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When we first meet Quentin he is quiet and reserved, painfully awkward and withdrawn into his own mind. His wide-eyed wonder at the existence of magic is only equaled by his belief that the mystical worlds he read about as a child could, in fact, be real. As Quentin came out of his shell and we began to see his true colors. Quentin is fiercely loyal, he's thoughtful and caring. He'll solve any problem in order to help save his friends and even the world. For this reason, Quinten is an INFP.

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People with an INFP personality are analytical yet idealistic. They have the tendency to get lost in their own worlds, have vivid imaginations and complicated inner lives. Still, they are determined to solve problems and, despite being reserved, care greatly about those around them.


Julia has had a hard time of it. Originally, she was rejected from entry into Brakebills, the magical university where the other characters studied, and forced to find out about magic in her own way. Over the course of four seasons, she's grown into nothing less than a goddess. She does things on her own terms, is emotionally motivated and heavily empathetic. Her willingness to put others before herself accompanies a strong personal intuition, making her a classic ENFP type.

ENFPs have a strong will and personal approach to life. They are outgoing and caring but comfortable to do it on their own. They're perceptive and in touch with their emotions. These qualities are what took Julia from outcast to goddess.


An INTP is a thinker and no one is more in touch with their brain than Alice Quinn. Alice is the smartest person at Brakebills, her knowledge of magic is so extensive it borders on dangerous. At times, her quest for knowledge has gotten her and her friends into some precarious situations.

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Typical for INTPs is the thirst for knowledge. People in this category are great students and logical thinkers. When faced with a problem, they'll stop at nothing to find a solution even if it's to their own detriment. This determination is the reason Alice was locked up by the nefarious Library at the end of last season. Luckily, she also thought of a way out.


Eliot has been somewhat absent from the most recent season of The Magicians, having been possessed by a monster and trapped in a mind prison. It's a whole thing. Before his body was stolen, Eliot was a foppish lush, with surprising warmth, and an original outlook. Having escaped his upbringing to become the life of the party at Brakebills, we soon see the hidden depths driving Eliot, revealing a true friend wise beyond his years.

Seemingly, one in a million, Eliot is very much like his INFJ type. An intellectual, who embraces the spotlight, but is still an outsider. His unusual perspective and idealistic tenancies mirror those of other INFJ types.


Penny is a traveler, meaning he can teleport himself and others across worlds, and he's also a bit of a jerk. At least, that's the persona he puts across. Over four season we've seen Penny let his guard down and really start to care about people. This all makes him sound a lot like an ISTP type.

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People in this category are usually quite mysterious, their true feelings are hard to nail down. Yet, they're often spontaneous and unpredictable. On many times, Penny has surprised us all by being unusually heroic or loving. Maybe he's even starting to soften up around Quentin. Or maybe not.


There's no one quite like Margo in The Magicians' universe. At first appearing shallow and mean, Margo has proved that she's headstrong, determined, a born leader. Just as well, considering she was named High King of Fillory. She's strong-willed and will go to just about any lengths to save her Kingdom and her friends, especially her bestie, Eliot.

Often thought of as the 'commander,' ENTJ types are unstoppable in the face of adversity. Able to overcome obstacles and take charge of tricky situations. Although Myers-Briggs® doesn't mention anything aboutbejeweledd eye patches, ENTJ is a good fit for High King Margo.


Kady is the rogue of the group. Originally, a spell stealing thief, she's orbited the rest of the group, often on the perimeter of the main action. She's grown up alone, without any strong parental figures and does what it takes to survive. That being said she's a champion for doing what's right and stands up for the little guy. She's an INTJ type.

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Unsurprisingly, these types are extremely comfortable on their own. Their self-sufficiency means they've developed a strong view of the world, which leads them to question authority and the status quo. Kady is a rebel with a heart of gold and a killer right hook.


It's no surprise that Dean Fogg is an ESTJ, the Myers-Briggs® type sometimes known as 'The Supervisor.'  The Dean of Brakebills University, Fogg is steeped in tradition and history. He is responsible for the entire student body and takes the safety of his students incredibly seriously.

Like other ESTJ types, Dean Fogg has a strong moral compass and does what he thinks is right. He leads with integrity and dignity.


While Josh started out as a minor character and a party boy, as his role has increased, along with his romantic feelings towards Margo, we're seeing Josh evolve into a caring and devoted friend. He is protective and generous and has even managed to elicit a softness out of Margo we'd rarely seen before.

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For this reason, Josh is an ISFJ. ISFJ types are kind, warm-hearted, and known for their nurturing ways. They're able to bring out the best qualities in others. Josh is certainly bringing out some qualities in Margo.


Fen has always been a helper. She's been there for Eliot and Margo, always on the sidelines as they attempt to run an entire country. Family minded, the loss of her daughter in a bargain with elves was a dark spot, and eternally upbeat, Fen is an ESFJ type.

An ESFJ has a positive attitude and loves to organize a family celebration. They're a provider and a consul and are extremely loyal. Even Fen's attempt at overthrowing the High King was done with the sweetest intention. Definitely an ESFJ.

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