The Myers-Briggs® Types Of Swamp Thing Characters

Swamp Thing was a massive critical success for DC Universe, and while it was canceled, the MBTI for the characters were perfectly crafted.

DC Universe brought Swamp Thing back to the masses with a horror comic book series that has proven to be one of the best new shows on the streaming service, to date. Sadly, DC Universe also canceled Swamp Thing after its first episode, despite high critical acclaim and fan excitement.

Luckily, DC Universe allowed the show to play out on its weekly schedule for what will end up as its only season. There have been some changes in the original origin of Swamp Thing, but mostly the changes have worked, and the characters have carried this new series to great heights. Here is a look at the 10 main characters from Swamp Thing and their Myers-Briggs® Personality Types.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

For this list, Alex Holland and Swamp Thing are listed as two different characters, although Holland is who becomes Swamp Thing. While they are one and the same, they are two distinctly different personality types. Holland is an inquisitive mind who came to Marais, Louisiana, under the employ of millionaire Avery Sunderland.

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However, when Holland started to realize something was wrong, he paid the price with his life. Holland was The Thinker, an introverted human being who believed in his scientific research. However, when he learned something, he was driven by instinct to find the answers he knows are out there.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Abigail Arcane is the main character on Swamp Thing, a doctor who returns to her hometown when the infectious disease starts to kill people in a way no one quite understands. She is similar to Holland, an introvert who bases her research on logic and scientific results.

However, she differs significantly from Holland in the fact that she only trusts what she can see, hear, and understand, reluctant to do anything by instinct. She is also very organized and structured, and when someone like Holland wants to investigate, she needs to get all her ducks in a row -- a classic Logistician.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Maria Sunderland is a curious case. She is the wife of the millionaire Avery Sunderland, but she has fallen deep into depression and is a very addictive individual, at one time sinking into alcoholism after her daughter died and now relying on holding onto the past by any means necessary.

She is introverted to a fault, not feeling right leaving her home and incapable of cultivating relationships. She is someone who believes in what she wants, regardless of evidence, and is extremely judgemental over anyone who sees things differently.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Matt Cable is a "good kid" and a reliable police officer. However, there are two MBTI types when it comes to police officers. When it comes to Matt, he is more of the cop on the streets, the guy who wants to help people and often sees the best in those around him while doing his job the best he can.

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He is an extrovert, someone who reaches out to those in need and is there to seek out the truth, often trusting his instincts to reach his goals. He is also someone who trusts his feelings, even if there is a reason to be wary. He is a cop, though, and that makes him organized and structured, a judging type -- a classic Protagonist.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Liz Tremayne is Abby's close friend from the past and has become the town's primary news reporter. She is always seeking the truth and wants to uncover things that those in the town want to bury and keep hidden. As the daughter of the man who owns the local watering hole, she is there to get all the dirt.

As a reporter, she is a born extrovert, someone who can reach out and ask questions and feel comfortable in social situations. She is also instinctive, following her reporter's nose and trusting her gut feeling to chase a lead. As the bar waitress, she is also very open to those around her -- a Campaigner.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Madame Xanadu is the mysterious member of the Swamp Thing cast. She is straight out of DC Comics, a mystic who can see things and help people -- although she is not a superhero who can help them on her own. It is her job to give advice and let her customers do what they feel is best.

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She is an introvert, although her job requires her to deal with people. However, she wants to give her advice and move on without letting people drag her into their mess. As a mystic, she is naturally intuitive, but she also bases her findings on logic and knows there is danger out there for anyone who brings their own prejudices into the mystical realm. She is an Architect.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Lucilia Cable is Matt's mother and also his boss, the sheriff of the area, and someone who trusts no one. As mentioned with Matt, there are two different types when it comes to the police. While he is the idealistic officer who sets out to help people, Lucilia is more of the second type -- the veteran and leader who knows that there are some people you just can't trust.

She is an introvert, knowing that she can't let people get too close to her or it could interfere with her ability to do her job right. She is someone who trusts her senses and rarely lets her feelings get in the way of her job. She is also judging, a requirement for the police -- a Logistician.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Avery Sunderland is one of the bad guys in Swamp Thing. He is the richest man in town, someone who lost his daughter when she was young and now believes he is responsible for making sure the town thrives -- regardless of who he hurts in the progression of that goal.

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He is an extrovert, someone who can go into a crowded room -- or a town meeting -- and win everyone over to his way of thinking. He is someone who knows what he needs to do and plays everything by ear, but at the same time knows that all plans need to be followed to the letter. He is also very judging of others and is the Commander.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Jason Woodrue is an interesting character on Swamp Thing. Fans of the comics and the DC Animated Universe knows that Woodrue one day becomes Floronic Man and his scientist in this TV show shows the same characteristics of that DC villain.

Woodrue is an introvert, and he is in no way equipped to deal with the general public, thinking himself above everyone else and saying anything that comes to mind no matter who he insults with his words. He is intuitive and believes everything strongly, basing all his decisions on logic and discovery. He is also extremely judgmental, placing himself above all others -- the Architect.


MBTI of Swamp Thing Characters

Finally, the creature that the show is named after. Swamp Thing is Alec Holland, but he is also much more than that man. Swamp Thing is less a person and more a force of nature -- an indomitable being that has one purpose and knows no other way than the protection of the Green.

He is clearly introverted, a creature that lives in the swamp and loves nothing more than the Earth itself, preferring the survival of plant life over that of humans. He has no concern for his senses and just instinctively does what is necessary to protect the Green, not thinking but doing, and passing judgment on anyone deemed a threat. He is the Advocate of the Earth.

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