The MBTI Of Star Trek: The Original Series Characters

Star Trek Original Series Crew

Star Trek: The Original Series didn't last long, but it changed science fiction culture forever. Star Trek fans, sometimes called "Trekkies," have become engrossed with the future where Starfleet reigns supreme. Now, fans are excited for Star Trek: Discovery - Season 2 and an incoming series on Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

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However, that doesn't mean anyone has forgotten these Original Series favorites. After all, Spock is showing up all over again on Discovery. In waiting for that, let's look at another favorite trend: MBTI personality types. Everyone has one, including Star Trek: Original Series favorites. While they aren't perfect personality assessments, they do say a lot about what a person is like. Do you match up with any of these Star Trek heroes? Here is the MBTI Of Star Trek: The Original Series Characters.

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By far, James Kirk is the most passionate person on the Enterprise. Whether it's sympathizing with an alien species or canoodling with foreign beauties, he certainly has a knack for the emotional side of life. However, that does mean good ol' Jim can sometimes struggle with letting his impulses overtake his logic. After all, that's why he needs Spock so much.

All ENFP personalities are free spirits that like to campaign for others. Kirk, true to ENFP form, is curious, observant, very popular, and an excellent communicator. As the leading representative for the Enterprise, there's no better choice. If only he were just a little more focused and practical, though.


Dr McCoy

Enterprise's favorite curmudgeon of a doctor is Leonard McCoy, the other advisor that helps Kirk rein in his ever-dramatic emotions. As an ISFJ personality type, they're speculative and practical, even though they still fiercely care for the people dear to them. McCoy is patient, loyal, and supportive. While Kirk's plans aren't always his cup of tea, he's still there to help make them happen.

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For example, one of McCoy's defining moments is with his father. When the elder McCoy is diagnosed with an incurable disease, his father asks for his help in ending his life. Out of loyalty and support, McCoy obliges even though it means losing his only family.


Star Trek Uhura

While work hours normally see Nyota Uhura dutifully manning communications, it's her after hours actions that show off her personality. The beautiful officer is also a great singer and often brings the crew together in communal spaces to enjoy each other's company. For a ESTJ, there's nothing better than bringing a community together.

The needs of Uhura's job benefit from her strong personality. She's reliable, direct, and honest. Though this does make her stubborn or judgmental at times, she's still a piece of Enterprise's communal heart. Whether it's singing to her crew-members or relaying vital incoming messages, she fits her Communications Officer role perfectly.


Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd on Star Trek

As the perfect personality type for Harry Mudd, the ENTP is a top-notch devil's advocate. For a man who agrees with smuggling, selling women, exploiting androids, and pawning things he never owned, it's no surprise he'll twist anything towards his perspective.

Unfortunately for Starfleet, ENTPs are charismatic and quick thinkers. How else would the infamous Harry Mudd get out of so many dangerous situations? If it wasn't for his insensitivity and difficulty to focus on any one thing to long, they'd never catch up to him. After running into Harry Mudd three times in The Original Series, he's an iconic villain that is too original for anyone to forget.


Star Trek Episodes Chekov

While ENTPs can be tricksters, they also can be Swiss Army knives. Cue Pavel Chekov, the whiz kid of Starfleet Academy who knows a lot and has an answer to most things. He can fly the ship, help out in engineering, and come up with novel solutions on the fly. An intelligent quick thinker with a lot of energy, when he shows up in Season 2 of Star Trek he becomes a quick favorite.

Though Chekov is played as the kid who just wants to make everyone proud, leaning him a little towards ENFP, his adept practical thinking leans him towards thinking instead of feeling. However, that doesn't change everyone's feelings of love towards the Russian do-it-all.


George Takei as Sulu in Star Trek

Despite being in space, when danger strikes Sulu is the first to brandish a sword and try to protect others. Literally. Though he's a person who keeps to themselves, he cares a lot for his crew and believes in their cause. He's a character that firmly believes in Starfleet and is ecstatic to help collect new data, find new planets, and meet new species.

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However, the downside to this insightful morality and dedication to an idea is that he's extremely private. He cares a lot for Enterprise as a conceptual unit, but other than Chekov, he doesn't let anone get very close to him. Eventually his ideals lead him to captaining a ship of his own, though, and that's an honor he cherished.


Grace Lee Whitney As Yeoman Janice Rand In Star Trek

Janice Rand may not have been the most popular Star Trek character, but she was popular on the Enterprise. Between men swooning over her and women chatting with her, Janice was well-loved. After all, ESFJ are just kinda like that. They are centers of attention, extroverted, and it's mostly because of how they like to take care of others.

Sure, Janice's job as a yeoman is the reason she takes care of Kirk and others, but she does it on and off duty. Dutiful, warm, and good at connecting with others (other than when jealous) she's a perfect consul. However, her care for people does make her react poorly to criticism and crave attention. Why else would she be jealous of a child crushing on Kirk?


While Scotty is a personable guy, he'd still always choose tinkering with the warp core more than going to a party. Getting his hands dirty and inventing new things is his favorite way to live his life.

The plus sides of the ISTP personality make Scotty a perfect engineer. He has a great mix of creativity and practicality, letting him prioritize while also brainstorming great new ideas. For creators, that's key, being able to mix imagination with execution. However, his personality does put him at risk for getting easily bored or making questionable decisions, in the name of boredom.


Christine Chapel, Star Trek

The lovely Majel Barrett could only do so much with the character Star Trek: The Original Series gave her. During the three season of the show, she played Christine Chapel. In short, the nurse is basically McCoy with no sass, a skirt, and a weird crush on Spock. It's no surprise, then, that she and McCoy share the same personality type: ISFJ. Both supportive and loyal, they are perfect health care professionals.

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However, Christine Chapel suffers more from the downsides of being an ISFJ. She's too shy, too altruistic, and represses her feelings. Despite all the thoughts that had to be running through her head during their wild Enterprise journey, she never had much to say. Even her supposed love of Spock was fairly muted.


A natural-born leader, there is no surprise that the most famous Original Series villain, Khan, is an ENTJ. While they are efficient, charismatic commanders, they also can be cold, ruthless, and stubbornly dominant. He charges his people and his plans forward the way he thinks is best, even if it's destructive and cruel.

Kirk's greatest foe, of course their ability to inspire and lead others is why they interest one another but also hate each other's methods. Khan thinks Kirk is too soft, Kirk thinks Khan is too intolerant and brutal. Regardless of his actions, being an ENTJ gone bad is exactly why Khan is such a great, memorable villain.


Star Trek Spock

While Kirk is captain of the USS Enterprise, Spock is the captain of Star Trek. His unique mind, iconic look, and logical actions struck a chord with Star Trek fans. Always calm in the face of danger, direct, responsible, and endlessly logical, Spock the half-Vulcan is an ISTJ to a T. He's become a pinnacle of Star Trek culture, showing up in reference or in-person in most subsequent series.

Despite all his fan-love, though, Spock has some serious flaws. He can be too by the book, insensitive, and judgemental. Though he means well, he often assumes logic is better which can be fairly off-putting in-situation. But that doesn't stop him from being everyone's favorite second-in-command, science officer, and Vulcan.

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