MBTI® Of The Society Characters

The teenagers on the Netflix drama The Society are stuck in a town where things are definitely very wrong. We look at the MBTIs of these characters.

What if all the grown-ups in a town or city disappeared... and it was only the teenagers who were still there, wondering what just took place? That's the major storyline of The Society, the teen drama on Netflix that, so far, has one season.

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It's fascinating to watch the teens figure out who they can trust (maybe each other... or perhaps no one) and slowly put the pieces of their new life together. They're in a town that looks just like their own, except for a few small problems: they can't leave and they're running out of food and other resources.

The characters really make this show what it is. Let's take a look at the MBTIs of the main characters on The Society.

10 Grizz: ISFJ

Jack Mulhern plays Grizz, a character who at first glance seems like another popular, sporty guy, but he's actually a nice guy. His MBTI would be INFJ or "Practical Helper" because his general instincts are to help other people and go with the flow. He finds it tricky to voice his thoughts and go against what everyone else is saying, but he does start learning how to be himself.

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INFJs are "thoughtful of others" and "patient." Grizz exhibits these characteristics, especially when he sits down next to Sam at the prom that the teens throw and starts talking to him. Grizz is definitely "sensitive" and he's one of the nicest characters on the show.

9 Campbell Eliot: ENTJ

In contrast to Grizz, Campbell Eliot isn't the sweetest. In fact, he's pretty mean. Played by Toby Wallace, he's very determined to get what he wants, from power and control to one of the girls in town, Elle. He convinces her that it would be a good idea for them to date, and there's a creepy tone to their whole relationship.

Campbell sounds like he could be an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." He's got the "tough" part down. ENTJs "like to organize people and resources efficiently in order to accomplish long-term goals and tend to be comfortable with taking leadership roles over others." That's what Campbell does and he doesn't want others to stand up to him. He's "strategic" and it always seems like he has something up his sleeve.

8 Helena Wu: ISTJ

Natasha Liu Bordizzo plays Helena Wu, a religious teen girl whose boyfriend is Luke. She has incredibly strong beliefs and tells him that they have to wait to sleep together.

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Her friends think that she has it all together and that she never gets concerned about anything. She does excude a lot of confidence. She sounds like an ISTJ or "Responsible Realist" since she's someone who decides what she's going to do and then doesn't stray. She's "orderly" and she "honors commitments." She's also "sensible" since she knows that she has to listen to her gut instincts.

7 Gordie: ESFJ

José Julián plays Gordie, a dorky teen boy who has a big crush on Cassandra. She asks him to help her out, and they start spending a lot of time together. He's able to stick up for himself when she tries to kiss him at the dance. He tells her that she should only kiss him if she "means it."

Gordie's an ESFJ or "Supportive Contributor" because he'll be there for someone when they ask him to be. He's "personable" because once Cassandra gets to know him, she sees that he's a cool guy. He's also "practical" and more "down-to-earth" than the other rich teenagers.

6 Harry Bingham: ENFJ

Harry Bingham (Alex Fitzalan) is the Big Man On Campus. Of course, that tends to make him a jerk, and he struggles to go along with the survival plan that Cassandra has thought up. He wants to be in charge and he wants to have more resources than anyone else. He figures that's what he's owed since he's so rich.

Harry's MBTI is ENFJ or "Compassionate Facilitator." He's one of those born leaders who could never take a backseat if they tried. ENFJs are "adept at building consensus and inspiring others" which is what Harry does when he gets people on his side. He's also "personable."

5 Kelly Aldrich: INFP

Kelly Aldrich (Kristine Froseth) is the rich girl with a conscience. While before this happened, she was the happy girlfriend of Harry and seemed to enjoy being popular, now she's decided to leave Harry behind and become more independent. That shows a strength of character that she might not have even known that she had.

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Kelly is an INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." She has a strong sense of how things should be. She learns that her family isn't as perfect as she thought and that one of them had an affair. She's "concerned" and "loyal" and feels that she can't possibly keep dating Harry since she's realized that he's not a good person.

4 Sam Eliot: INFJ

Sean Berdy's The Society character, Sam Eliot, is best friends with Becca Gelb and a real sweetheart. He struggles with being honest and open about who he is, and no one can blame him since they live in such a wealthy small town where everyone judges everyone. You root for him and want him to be happy, even though that seems impossible given the tough situation that the teens have found themselves in. He and Grizz start a relationship, which is really sweet to watch.

Sam's MBTI would be INFJ or "Insighful Visionary." He's "sensitive and reserved" and a "private" person who has a sweet sensitivity. Anyone would be lucky to have him in their lives because he's a "call at 3 am" kind of pal.

3 Becca Gelb: ISTP

Gideon Adlon's character, Becca Gelb, has one little problem: she's pregnant. Okay, so it's a pretty big problem, especially since they're stuck in an adult-free zone. Becca is strong, kind, and very vocal about the things that she doesn't want to do.

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She only goes to the prom that the teens set up because Sam wants her to, but she's really not into playing nice or pretending to be just like the other kids. Becca's MBTI is ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist." She's hiding a secret (the dad of her baby) but she is approaching her pregnancy in a logical way. She's "calm during crises" and "practical."

2 Allie Pressman: ENFP

Allie Pressman (Kathryn Newton) is Cassandra's sister and looks up to her more than anyone else, even if she gets really mad at her pretty much all the time. Allie is a familiar teen drama kind of character (feisty, spunky, and frustrated are all words that come to mind) but she's unique because she's nice to everyone. She can't quite figure out whether to go with her sister's way of thinking about the mess that they're in, or follow Harry.

Allie's defintiely an ENFP or "Imaginative Motivator." Like many teen girls, she's "restless" and "curious." She also likes having a social life and she's "warm" and "caring" toward her sister, Cassandra.

1 Cassandra Pressman: INTJ

Rachel Keller and Kathryn Newton in The Society Season 1 Netflix

Rachel Keller's The Society character Cassandra Pressman sounds like an INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." Once the teens are in the town that looks like their town but clearly is a lot more sinister, she has a game plan in mind. She's "task-focused" and "compontent" and "efficient."

Cassandra's heart condition adds an interesting layer to her character, because otherwise, she might feel like yet another Type A girl on a teen drama. But she cares about her sister, she wants everyone to survive this, and she has poisitive intentions.

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