MBTI® Of Slasher Characters

We take a look at the MBTIs of characters on Slasher, the horror TV show which has aired for three seasons.

Slasher is a gift for horror fans who wish that there were more TV shows that delved into this genre. As the name suggests, each season is its own slasher story, and what's cool is that some of the actors pop up as different people.

The first season, The Executioner, features married couple Sarah and Dylan heading to live in a small town and realizing that there's a killer who is inspired by the tragedy that occured while her mom was pregnant. The second season, Guilty Party, sees two groups of friends stuck at a cabin because there's a killer (there's a pattern). And the third and most recent season, Solstice, is about a killer who is focusing on the residents of a building.

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Filmed in Ontario, the series has a lot of scares, but it also has some nicely developed characters who bring some human interest to the gory episodes. Here are the MBTIs of the characters on Slasher.

10 Heather Peterson: INFP

Heather Peterson is played by Erin Karpluk (of Being Erica fame) in the first season of Slasher. Whenever this character is on the show, she looks miserable and like she can't quite understand how she got where she is. Viewers learn that her daughter, Ariel, has been missing for a long time, and she was never able to move past that tragedy.

Heather's MBTI sounds like INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." People say that Heather can see things that other people don't and it is often made clear that she might even have psychic powers. Since INTPs "enjoy devising creative solutions to problems while making moral commitments to what they believe in" that sounds like this character.

9 Dawn Duguin: ISFJ

Paula Brancati appears in both the second and third seasons of Slasher. In the second season, she's Dawn Duguin, part of the group of friends who worked at the same camp. They all have an incredibly dark secret: they are the reason that their friend, Talvinder Gill, died.

Dawn's MBTI would be ISFJ or "Responsible Realist." Like her friends, she doesn't want to talk about what happened and she doesn't want to feel guilty about it... but of course she should. She feels that she did what she had to do: she let Talvinder pass away because otherwise, if she had remained alive, she would have turned them in. ISTJs are "systematic" and "practical." Although Dawn had dark instincts, she approached this in a practical way.

8 Talvinder Gill: ENTP

No one wants to speak ill of the dead, but honestly, Talvinder Gill (Melinda Shankar) wasn't the nicest person. She treated her time at summer camp like a game and wanted everyone to pay attention to her at all times. If people were talking about her and fighting with each other, that was her goal.

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Talvinder could be an ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer." She's definitely got a lot of creativity inside of her, although she doesn't use it in the best way. She will "spur others on" and she's "questioning." She's also "lively" and "resourceful."

7 Xander Lemmon: ISFP

There's one word for Xander Lemmon (Jim Watson): hipster. Okay, there are two words: hipster barista.

He has an incredibly organic, healthy, and fair trade coffee shop near the apartment building in the third season of the show, and he is meticulous and neat and a bit neurotic. He's an ISFP or "Logical Pragmatist" and he has the "patient application of skills" part of this personality type, that's for sure. He really cares about his business and spends a lot of time sourcing ingredients and making it better.

6 Kaili Greenberg: ISFP

Erin Karpluk plays Kalli Greenberg in the third season, a teacher who observes everyone at the high school and the apartment building where she lives perhaps a bit too closely.

Kalli is definitely an ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." She's a pretty lonely person who wants to assist anyone that she can. She's "caring" and "sensitive" which does make her a good teacher, but she does give off a bit of a creepy vibe sometimes. She also has "strong values" like when she stands up for her students at school and yells at bullies.

5 Kit Jennings: ESFP

Viewers of the third season of Slasher learn that Kit Jennings was killed exactly one year ago. His MBTI would be ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser" as he's incredibly "adapatable, friendly, and expressive."

Kit is "outgoing" and we see many flashbacks of him partying or hanging out with various people. He's "playful" and he's not the kind of person who wants to settle down. His main goal is having as much fun as he can without becoming serious or boring.

4 Cam Henry: ENTJ

Cam Henry (Steve Byers) has two important roles in season one of Slasher: he's a police offer and (spoiler alert) also The Executioner. He also has a thing for Sarah which creates some drama in her marriage.

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Cam is an ENTJ or "Decisive Strageist." As the killer, he sounds like the description: ENTJs "usually see the big picture and think strategically about the future." He has a plan, although of course, he is caught in the end.

3 Violet Lickers: ENFP

Violet (Paula Brancati) is a third season character who lives in the apartment building with her husband, Joe. She has a video blog and she dreams of being super famous and successful. She's a very unlikeable character and would do anything for likes and views.

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Violet's MBTI would be ENFP or "Imaginative Motivator" because she's "energetic" and approaches her blog with a "restless" energy. ENTPs don't like "mundane" or "endless details" and that sounds like Violet. If it doesn't involve her or her blog, she's honestly bored.

2 Dylan Bennett: INTP

Brandon Jay McLaren's Slasher character, Dylan Bennett, appears in the first season. As the editor of the Waterbury Bulletin and someone who has a pretty calm demeaner, his MBTI would have to be INTP or "Objecive Analyst." The description sounds like him since he's a journalist: "They typically adopt a detached and concise way of analyzing the world and often uncover new or innovative approaches."

INTPs are "objectively critical" which is how Dylan acts and thinks as someone who must observe what's going on in the small town. He takes care of his wife, Sarah, and he's also "precise" and "self-determined."

1 Sarah Bennett: ENTJ

Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath) is Dylan's wife in season one of Slasher. She runs an art gallery and carries around a lot of baggage from her past. When her mom was pregnant with Sarah, she was killed in her house, which is what inspired the current killer in the town.

Since Sarah spends a lot of her time figuring out why "The Executioner" is killing people, she's an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." Sarah's quest sounds like the ENTJ description: "They like to organize people and resources efficiently in order to accomplish long-term goals." She's "challenging" and "tough" and talks to anyone, even The Executioner himself.

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