MBTI® Of Single Parents Characters

Being a single mom or dad is tough, but since parenting in general has a lot of hilarious moments, it's only logical that someone would create a sitcom about this subject. Single Parents premiered in the fall of 2018 and follows single parents whose kids go to the same school. They feel like misfits compared to the cool and perfect other parents, and they band together to face the struggles. The show has been renewed for a second season which is great news since fans can continue to watch the antics and sweet moments of this group.

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From the parents to the kids, everyone on Single Parents is quirky and fun to watch. We take a look at the MBTI of each of them.

10 Sophie Cooper: ISTP

Marlow Barkley plays Sophie Cooper, Will's daughter who is smart, kind, and precocious. She sometimes feels like she has to take care of him and make sure that he's not spiralling out of control emotionally because he tends to get a bit too overzealous.

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Sophie's MBTI is ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist." While many children are logical, Sophie takes this quality to another level, and she's always talking to her dad like she's the same age as him (or even older and wiser). She's "factual" and also "independent" like when she wants to go to Lance Bass Space Camp for the summer. She's totally fine leaving her dad and can't wait to have some fun and new experiences.

9 Emma And Amy Fogerty: ESTJ

Emma and Amy Fogerty (played by Mia and Ella Allen) are hilarious and tough. Their dad, Douglas, has taught them how to be strong-willed and full of confidence. They may be young, but they haven't met a problem that they couldn't solve.

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Since they're identical twins, they have a very similar personality on the show, and their MBTI would be ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer." They have their own tool shed behind their house and they take it so seriously that they even have a sign-out system for tools. They're "decisive" and "efficient" and the right kids to go to when you want something done and you want it done now (and perfectly).

8 Rory Banks: ENTP

Rory Banks (Devin Trey Campbell) is the stylish son of Poppy, and he loves clothing, a dramatic entrance, and planning fabulous parties. His MBTI would be ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer." He's defintiely an extraverted person. He sounds like this official description of ENTPs: "They enjoy developing strategy and often spot and capitalize on new opportunities that present themselves."

Rory is "energetic" and "active" and loves to hear some good gossip and socialize. His shining moment: when he's elected President of his class (and when he lets the power go to his head... oops).

7 Graham D'Amato: INTJ

Tyler Wladis plays Angie's son Graham, who is just as adorable and precocious as the rest of the children on this sitcom. Since he's wise and introverted, his MBTI would be INTJ or "Conceptual Planner."

While Graham has some hilarious moments (like when he offers some classmates juice boxes as if it's the fanciest thing in the world), he's a sweet kid who worries a lot. He's "reserved" and "objectively critical." His mom is his favorite person ever, and he's very "firm" and "rational" about everything in his young life.

6 Mia: INFP

Will is such an endearing character and fans want to see him paired up... but with Angie, not his ex/Sophia's mother. When Mia (Vanessa Bayer) visits, Will wonders if they should be a couple (and, therefore, a happy family) again, but it doesn't end up that way.

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Mia is a hippie whose job is literally helping others, so her MBTI would be INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." INFPs don't thrive on routine, they're "curious" and they like to live their lives in a "flexible" way. Mia travels and doesn't want to stay in one place too long, and the settled down, family life simply isn't for her.

5 Poppy Banks: ISFP

Poppy Banks (Kimrie Lewis) and Rory have a super close relationship and it's always moving (and funny) to watch them together.

Poppy's MBTI would be ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." While she runs a wine bar and does an amazing job and is the kindest, best mother to Rory, she finds it almost impossible to stand up for herself in her personal life. She still is pretty charmed by her ex-husband/Rory's father, and she has many ISFP qualities, such as being "cooperative" and "trusting."

4 Miggy Park: ESFP

Jake Choi's Single Parents character is Miggy Park, whose former partner left him to raise their baby on their own. At first, he's totally freaked out about this and has no idea what he's doing. But he rises to the challenge and after finding the group of other single parents, he finds his footing.

Miggy is an ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser." ESFPs "enjoy life and being around people" which is Miggy. He was known as a real partier before he became a father, and he tries to get back to that old life in one episode, but it doesn't work out. He tries his best to be selfless, like when he sells his belongings (including his favorite sneakers). He's "friendly" and "outgoing" and could get along with anyone and everyone.

3 Douglas Fogerty: INFJ

Douglas Fogerty (Brad Garett) is the widowed father of twins Amy and Emma, and he's equal parts amazed by them and terrified by them. His MBTI would be INFJ or "Insightful Visionary."

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While Douglas is a traditional, wealthy guy, he's kind, and Poppy sees some really positive qualities in him that not everyone can. It's great to watch the two of them realize that they're in love with each other. Douglas is "reserved" but also has a sensitivity to him that he doesn't want most people to see. He's also someone who values his privacy.

2 Angie D'Amato: ISFJ

Leighton Meester's Single Parents character, Angie D'Amato, is dealing with unresolved feelings from the way that things ended with her ex and Graham's father. She works through some of them in the season one finale when she's able to finally track him down.

Angie is a great mother and a chill, casual person who would rather eat take-out and watch TV than go to something fancy. She's most comfortable binge-watching on the couch, proven when she and Will get caught up in watching old seasons of a fantasy show. Angie's an ISFJ or "Practical Helper." She finds it hard to listen to what she wants and  can spend a lot of time sitting at home worrying. She "solves problems for other people" (mostly for her son Graham) and is "low-key."

1 Will Cooper: ISTJ

Will Cooper (Taran Killam) is a goofy, overly emotional weatherman who loves his daughter Sophie more than anything... and who sometimes finds it tough to have a life of his own.

Will is an ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." Give Will a bunch of rules and he'll be the happiest camper. He "values traditions" like all of the ones that he and Sophie have started, he's "orderly" and he keeps a super clean and beautiful house. He's sometimes "painstaking" and it takes a lot for him to let loose and have fun, which is why it's so great that he's found this group of friends.

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