MBTI® Of The Silence Characters

In the Netflix movie The Silence, the Andrews family has to hide from creatures who are attracted to noise. We look at the MBTIs of these characters.

In Netflix's film The Silence, creatures called Vesps are going after people once they make noise, and a family has to head away from their home in order to survive. It does sound familiar, and that's because many people can't help but compare this movie to A Quiet Place. In both films, creatures hunt people via sound, and there is a deaf character. In this case, it's Kiernan Shipka's teenage girl Ally.

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The movie is based on the book of the same name by Tim Lebbon which was published in 2015. Let's take a look at the MBTIs of the characters in this recent Netflix movie.

10 Glenn: ESFJ

John Corbett is a beloved actor thanks to roles like Aidan in Sex and the City and, of course, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. He plays Glenn in The Silence. He's only on screen for a brief period of time.

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Glenn is a good friend of Hugh's and at the beginning of the film, the two are seen chatting about how crazy it is that Hugh's daughter Ally is finishing high school soon. Glenn is a completely selfless person who trades his life for the family being able to survive and get away from the Vesps. Glenn is an ESFJ or "Supportive Contributor." It's fair to say that he cares about others more than himself. He's "loyal" and "helpful" and "cooperative."

9 Hushed Mother: ISFP

When the Andrews family has escaped their house and town and is essentially on the run, they discover a cult, The Hushed. The Reverand is in charge of them and they have actually gotten rid of their tongues so they literally can no longer speak. (Ouch.)

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Kate Corbett plays the role of Hushed Mother, and since she's going along with the leader of this group and doing whatever he says (and whatever everyone else is doing), her MBTI would be ISFP or "Versatile Supporter." She is "trusting" and "loyal" and "attuned to others."

8 Hushed Child: ISFP

Like the Hushed Mother character in The Silence, Sarah Abbott's character Hushed Child is also an ISFP. She is "cooperative" and "reserved."

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She doesn't have a lot of choice in how her life is going to go since she's so young, but she does follow along with what the others in this cult are doing. She could also fit the ISFP personality trait "adaptable" since she appears to have accepted that this is the path that she's going down.

7 Rob: ESFP

Dempsey Bryk plays Rob, Ally's love interest. At the beginning of the movie, things are very promising between the two of them. He's a gentleman who walks her home and seems really nice. Of course, things get more complicated once the creatures show up and all hell breaks loose.

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Rob keeps in touch with Ally as best he can, and the movie ends with the two of them living their new life in the wilderness. He's definitely an ESFP or "Enthusiastic Improviser" because despite losing his mom and dad, he seems to be able to handle the new order of things. ESFPs are "adaptable" and that describes him. He's also "generous" and "pleasant" and "friendly."

6 Lynn: ISTP

Kate Trotter plays Lynn, Ally and Jude's grandma. She's got a secret at the start of the movie (she has lung cancer) and she's a very caring figure in their lives.

Lynn sounds like an ISTP or "Logical Pragmatist." She's "realistic" and also "self-determined" since she doesn't think that it makes sense to tell her grandchildren about how sick she is. ISTPs are described as "logical problem solvers" and that sounds like Lynn as well.

5 The Reverand: ENTJ

The Silence Netflix Movie Ending Explained

Billy MacLellan's The Silence character, The Reverand, is an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." He becomes the leader of the cult, The Hushed, and has figured out that they have to continue to live without making any noise.

ENTJs don't like "disorganization" which works with this character since he created this group and put some structure into their lives. He's "tough" (and pretty scary) and as soon as viewers see him in the movie, it's clear that he has a very commanding presence.

4 Jude Andrews: ISFJ

Kyle Breitkopf's character Jude Andrews is Ally's cute younger brother. He spends a lot of the movie being totally freaked out which, of course, makes sense since he's just a kid and he's going through something that is really scary.

Jude's personality is still developing, but he's definitely "devoted" and "loyal" to his family, which makes him an ISFJ or "Practical Helper." As a child, he basically has to go along with whatever his sister, grandma, and parents tell him and what the family has decided as a group to do. He's also "sensitive" (especially when the family must say goodbye to their dog).

3 Kelly Andrews: ENFJ

Kelly Andrews (Miranda Otto) is Hugh's wife and mom to Ally and Jude. Kelly isn't a super well-developed character and she doesn't have any defining characteristics beyond being the mother. The biggest thing that happens to Kelly is that she gets injured when the family finds a house where they can stay for a little while.

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Her MBTI would be ENFJ or "Compassionate Facilitator." The description sounds like her since she's a mom: "People with ENFJ preferences are able to get the most out of teams by working closely with team members and make decisions that respect and take into account the impact on others." She does what is best for the family.

2 Hugh Andrews: ENTP

Stanley Tucci's character, Hugh Andrews, is the patriarch and an ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer." He feels that it's up to him to figure out a plan about what the family should do.

He's "rational" and feels that traveling outside the city is a good idea. He's also "resourceful." He's basically the definition of a dad whose main job is to ensure his family is okay.

1 Ally Andrews: INTP

Kiernan Shipka's character, Ally Andrews, is an INTP or "Objective Analyst." Once she realizes that her old life is most likely over and living without noise is probably going to be her reality, it seems like she's able to handle it. When she and Rob are living their new life at the end of the movie, she seems more mature than her age.

She is "mentally quick" and "cognitive" as well as being "insightful."

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