MBTI Of Shadowhunters Characters

Shadowhunters, Downworlders, and mundanes all have unique characteristics, but Jace, Clary and other characters retain distinctive MBTI personalities.

After the abysmal flop that was the film adaptation of Cassandra Clare's YA series, The Mortal Instruments, fans were relieved to experience the breath of fresh air that is Shadowhunters. The teen supernatural series focuses on Clary Fray, a teen who discovers that she is a human-angel hybrid known as a Shadowhunter. From rescuing her kidnapped mother to watching her best friend turn into a monster, Clary certainly has an interesting life.

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The Shadowhunters, Downworlders and mundanes all have their own unique characteristics, but even within each species there remain many distinctive personalities among the characters. If Simon, Clary, Jace and the gang were given Myers–Briggs Type Indicator tests, they might find results like these.

10 Clary Fray, ISFP

Quiet and sensitive, Clary sometimes needs her space, especially when it comes to processing what her life has become. LIke other ISFPs, Clary has a heart for service and would likely have entered a profession helping mankind had she not become a Shadowhunter.

9 Alec Lightwood, INFP

Shadowhunters season 2 - Magnus and Alec

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A perfectionist who follows every rule and law to the letter, Alec is very hard on himself, which also simply comes with the territory of being a Shadowhunter. Alec isn't the best team player but still takes responsibility for others because he's such a caring and determined person.

8 Jace Herondale, ESTJ

Shadowhunters - Clary and Jace

Dedicated and direct, Jace doesn't mince words and is one of the most straight-forward characters, which is a sharp contrast against his own identity once it's clearly revealed to him. As an ESTJ, Jace craves order, and not understanding who he really was, particularly in relation to Clary, creates chaos in his life.

7 Isabelle Lightwood, ESTP

Shadowhunters Series Premiere Review The Mortal Cup

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Isabelle is a natural leader, able to diffuse tension within her family and lead the Institute, and she uses all of the skills at her disposal to achieve her goals, even if that means seduction. Like other ESTPs, she enjoys her own sense of style.

6 Simon Lewis, ISFJ

Shadowhunters Series Premiere Review Simon Clary

While he's not great at taking care of his own needs, Simon is considerate and duty bound to care for others. He is used to being relied upon due to his dependable nature, at least until he's attacked by vampires and the world as he knows it changes forever. He literally tells Clary, "The only reason I did it was because I couldn't live knowing you were in danger."

5 Magnus Bane, ENTP

Shadowhunters - Magnus and Alec

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ENTPs are terribly bored by routine, and if you're 400 years old, that boredom is exacerbated by centuries of having done it all. Combined with his quick intellect and assertive nature, this can be a recipe for disaster. As High Warlock of Brooklyn, Magnus constantly needs a new challenge to keep his attention.

4 Sebastian Morgenstern, INTJ

Demon blood will certainly alter your personality, but this charming liar would certainly have still been as thirsty for knowledge and as independent had he been able to enjoy a more stable home life.

3 Maia Roberts, ESFJ

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Like Luke, Maia is reliable and practical, and her loyalty to the werewolf was proven when she continued to search for him despite the lack of interest from the rest of their pack.

2 Luke Garroway, ISTJ

Isaiah Mustafa

Systematic and organized, "The Inspector" is all about having integrity and following through on his goals and commitments. Luke has done this from the very beginning, since before Clary can even remember. Honest and orderly, Luke is the person to have in your corner when you're in a crisis.

1 Valentine Morgenstern, ENTJ

Valentine is so self-assured that he doesn't doubt his daughter's loyalty to him for a second, which ultimately leads to his downfall. "I know that you'll both join me eventually. It's fated," he tells her. As strategic as he was, he could not have predicted his own end by his daughter's hand.

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