Myers-Briggs® Types Of Scream Queens Characters

Ryan Murphy has created hours of perfect campy and fun entertainment, from shows such as Glee and American Horror Story, and no one can forget about the short-lived Scream Queens. Although this series (starring Emma Roberts) only lasted two seasons, it deserves praise for its cleverness and comical moments.

Each season features a different storyline: season one is a murder mystery set at a sorority house, and season two is about the creepy and mysterious C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital. Both seasons have certain characters in common, such as Chanel Oberlin (played by Roberts) and the other Chanels who follow her every move and do whatever she tells them to do.

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The characters are vibrant and interesting, which makes us wonder about their Myers-Briggs® personality types. Here are the MBTIs® of the eight most popular Scream Queen characters.

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8 Zayday Williams: INFJ


Keke Palmer portrayed the character of Zayday with comic and stylish perfection. In the first season of Scream Queens, Zayday is co-president of the sorority (with Chanel Oberlin), and it turns out that she has an ulterior motive: she wants the sorority to be full of nice girls instead of the typical snobs.

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Zayday's Myers-Briggs® type is INFJ, or "Insightful Visionary." She sounds like the description because she is both compassionate aims to inspire quietly. INFJs are organized people who care about others.

Zayday's ambition is fascinating because while she wouldn't mind others thinking that she's a hard worker who wants to make something out of herself once she graduates from college, she seems to settle into sorority life pretty nicely.

7 Chad Radwell: ESFP


Played by Glen Powell, Chad Radwell is an absolutely hilarious character. It doesn't seem possible to find a ditzier guy around. Sadly, he passes away in season two by literally falling through the ceiling, but fans will always remember him fondly.

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Chad's defining storyline is his strange relationship with Chanel Oberlin. She spends a ton of time shrieking at him and it definitely isn't a typical love story, but they are kind of cute... again, kind of. His MBTI® is ESTP or "Energetic Improviser." He's adaptable in all the crazy scenarios and quite friendly. Chad is the life of the party wherever he goes and he loves making his opinions known, even if his opinions are honestly pretty simplistic. One of his best lines in the first season is "Uh, no, you can't lie. That's the... that's the whole point of Truth or Dare. You can't lie."

6 Chanel #5: ISFJ

Her Campus

Abigail Breslin's Scream Queens character Chanel #5 is an insecure mess (in a totally charming and adorable way). She's always getting insulted by her fellow sorority sisters, Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #3, and she knows it. While she's the kindest of the Chanels, Chanel #5 has a lot of anger stored up from the way that people treat her, so she gets pretty pissed off sometimes.

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The major thing to note about Chanel #5 is she sounds ditzy pretty much anytime that she talks. She is a rule follower, which means that she fades into the background and lets others be in charge. Her Myers-Briggs® personality type is definitely ISFJ, or "Practical Helper." She's someone who will never stop being loyal to anyone that she cares about, even if she really shouldn't. Other words associated with ISFJ are "low-key" and "kind," which describes Chanel #5 the majority of the time.

5 Dr. Brock Holt: INTP


It was exciting to learn that John Stamos would appear on season two of Scream Queens and his character didn't disappoint. The most notable thing about him is, of course, his hand. It's not actually his real hand: he got a hand transplant from a squash player (and his hand will literally move on its own, which is all kinds of creepy... and amazing).

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Dr. John Holt may not be your typical doctor, but he's still managed to rise to the top of the medical industry, which makes it somewhat ambitious. (Or at least, he's ambitious in this crazy world of Scream Queens where some characters have deep rooted secrets.) His MBTI® is INTP which means "Objective Analyst." INTPs are people who are logical and "independent problem solvers." INTPs are interested in scientific areas, and he's a surgeon, so that makes sense.

4 Cathy Munsch: ESTJ

Screener TV

No one but the great Jamie Lee Curtis could play Cathy Munsch. In season one of Scream Queens, she's the dean of Wallace University, and in season two, she's the founder of the C.U.R.E. Institute Hospital.

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She's a mean girl but all grown up, and her mortal enemy is none other than Chanel Oberlin, which means that it's her dream to shut down the sorority. She's hiding a big secret, though: she's actually dying because she ate the brain of a dead guy and got a weird disease. She's an ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer" when it comes to her Myers-Briggs® personality type. She's driven to be in charge and does what she has to do to make her dreams come true.

3 Hester Ulrich: INTJ


Season one's Red Devil herself, Lea Michele played Hester Ulrich with a wildness in her eyes that made viewers think that she was up to no good. That turned out to be the case, and it was fun to watch her tell her story in the season one finale. Talk about getting revenge.

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Hester is an intense person who always talks about death and gore, and she's definitely not one of the good ones. If she has a Myers-Briggs® personality type, it has to be INTJ, or "Conceptual Planner." These are people who can play the long game and who can plan something out far in advance. That's absolutely what she does when she decides to pretend that she needs to wear a neck brace to fool everyone and when she becomes the Red Devil. It's all part of her grand plan.

2 Chanel #3: ISTJ


Billie Lourd's portrayal of Chanel #3 was hilarious and sarcastic. Her character's trademark look was earmuffs, which was weirdly stylish on her.

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Unlike Chanel #5, Chanel #3 doesn't take any crap from anyone, let alone Chanel Oberlin. She tends to go along with anything, but she's going to be standing in the background and rolling her eyes. Her MBTI® is ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." She is calm and reserved and since ISTJs "prefer working alone" we could see that being true of this character, as well. She might sound sarcastic almost every time she speaks but she has moments of seeming to want to be friends with other girls, so she's not all bad. These are people who can be relied on, and so can Chanel #3.

1 Chanel Oberlin: INFJ


Chanel Oberlin is the Queen Bee of the sorority and of this series. She's fashionable, mean, and the type to throw tantrums and scream when she doesn't get her way.

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If "Insightful Visionary" doesn't describe Chanel then we're not sure what would. Her MBTI® is INFJ. While she's not as sensitive or quiet as the official description says, she has some of the other qualities. (After all, a true mean girl isn't going to perfectly fit into this framework, since she's not exactly one to work hard or work well with others.)

INFJs don't like when they feel stressed or when others don't get them or don't praise them for a job well done, and that's totally Chanel. Scream Queens wouldn't be the same without its sassy main character.

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