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The Mystery, Inc. kids are pretty much a case study in Myers–Briggs Type Indicator® personalities, ranging from the calm, efficient Fred to the friendly, relaxed dog Scooby-Doo himself. While the team has occasionally deviated from their standard personalities, particularly when undergoing new looks for a movie or new series, at their core they've largely remained the same since 1969.

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The fact that the show remains popular to this day is a testament to its quality, but the characters and their defining characteristics are also a reason why. Fans can tune into Scooby-Doo during almost any of its incarnations and identify, at least partly, with one of the characters.

10 Scooby-Doo: ENFP

Scooby Doo Cartoon Food

A lot of dogs would identify as an ENFP, and classic Scooby-Doo certainly does. At his core, he's a relaxed, friendly dog who enjoys the company of his best friend almost as much as he likes to just sleep and chill. ENFPs, or "Campaigners," are known for their enthusiasm and energy, and Scooby certainly has that when it comes to a good sandwich or escaping a would-be ghost!

Even if Scooby-Doo is a bit of a fraidy cat, he's still a pretty curious canine, a quality ENFPs share. He's as observant as many dogs are, noticing details that the team misses and helping to save the day. Campaigners are also the best communicators, and Scooby can even vocalize some words!

9 Fred Jones: ESTJ

Even if Velma is the brains, decisive Fred is the leader of the Mystery, Inc. gang, and his ESTJ, or "The Executive," skills prove it. Fred is always the one to organize the plan, assign teams and move in the most logical fashion. He is extremely efficient at delegating and getting the results needed, the opposite of the more hedonistic Shaggy who would much rather hide and eat.

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Fred is dedicated to both his team and the mystery at hand, and maintaining order is important to him. He often steps in to settle conflicts and calm the chaos, whether it's between Shaggy and Scoob or people the team encounters on a case.

8 Scrappy-Doo: ENFJ

Scrappy Doo

Depending on which version of Scrappy-Doo you follow, the pup is either a fearless, and sometimes annoying, ball of energy or a homicidal maniac. As classic Scrappy, he's an ENFJ, "The Protagonist." He's great at charging in selflessly to take on the baddies, without any consideration to himself, and he gives brief but energetic speeches before meeting challenges head-on.

Like any good Protagonist and his name suggests, Scrappy is a reliable character to have in your corner, and he usually does what needs to be done simply because it's the right thing to do. Like any ENFJ, Scrappy has an altruistic nature.

7 Scooby-Dum: ESFJ

Several other dogs have made appearances over the years on the show, and Scooby-Dum is one of the most well-known. Scooby's cousin is a caricature of a dim-witted yokel, from his "Dum dum dum dum" intonation to his residence with Ma and Pa Skillett in a Georgia swamp. It's definitely one of the Scooby-Doo personalities that didn't age well.

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As an ESFJ, Scooby-Dum is "The Consul," caring and eager to help. His eagerness stems from his misplaced desire to be a member of a police K-9 unit, a goal that his lack of common sense, unfortunately, prevents him from achieving.

6 Scooby-Dee

Another one of the show's bonus dogs, Scooby-Dee is its token female dog. A movie star known for her kindness, Scooby-Dee doesn't get a lot of screen time to show off her personality, but she exhibits the traits of "The Mediator," or an INFP. She's reserved, even a bit bashful, and she has no interest in holding power over anything or anyone.

Scooby-Dee is optimistic and believes the best of people, even when she's the target of a foul plot. Like many Mediators, she can be difficult to get to know since she's so private.

5 Yabba-Doo: ENFJ

While his name might sound like a caveman's moniker, Scooby's brother Yabba-Doo is actually a fearless enforcer of the law. Paired up with Deputy Dusty in Tumbleweed County, Yabba is a caretaker of Scrappy-Doo when Scrappy leaves his Uncle Scooby, which is probably best since Yabba is best able to teach him the ways of a crime-fighting dog.

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As "The Protagonist," or an ENFJ, Yabba-Doo is great at getting people motivated and stopping trouble. He is heroic and brave, charging in and saving the day in a way that Scooby pretty much only does by accident.

4 Shaggy Rogers: ISFP

Shaggy and Scooby

Norville Rogers, otherwise known as Shaggy, is one of the most beloved Scooby-Doo characters due to his groovy style, voracious appetite and above all, love for his best friend, Scooby-Doo. As an ISFP, Shaggy is "The Adventurer" who loves something new... so long as it goes into his stomach!

Shaggy's an example of a lazy ISFP, and his peace-loving attitude is his best feature. Like many ISFPs, he can get easily stressed out, and he hates conflict so much that he doesn't push his own opinions onto anyone. He's a kind man who is friendly to everyone, but he enjoys having his own space, too.

3 Daphne Blake: ESFP

Daphne gets characterized as a ditz who doesn't understand much all too often, in some versions of the show and films more than others, but loving fashion and getting kidnapped often don't make someone an airhead. Daphne often asks the best questions, and as an ESFP, or "The Entertainer," she is a fantastic people person, putting both clients and suspects at ease and using her keen observation skills to point out things that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

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"Danger-prone," she might be, but Daphne is a quick thinker who utilizes lock-picking skills, martial arts and other abilities in an emergency.

2 Vincent Van Ghoul: INTJ

Tales of Terror, Vincent Price

Of all of the guest stars on Scooby-Doo, Vincent Price is one of the most beloved as Vincent Van Ghoul. As one of America's most beloved horror personalities, of course this makes sense. Van Ghoul is an INTJ, "The Architect" who plans for everything. He literally was an architect before he discovered the Chest of Demons.

Highly self-confident, Van Ghoul is the ultimate mentor, guiding Scooby and Shaggy without bossing them around. He's a quick thinker and puts them to work when the 13 ghosts are all unleashed, and if the fact that he's a parody of himself doesn't point toward his open-mindedness, nothing else will.

1 Velma Dinkley: INTP

Many argue that it's Velma who is the true leader of the group, given her logic and keen intellect, but leading isn't where her talents are best used. It's best to leave the micromanaging to Fred while this INTP, "The Logician," works her mental magic around each case. INTPs have insatiable curiosities and love learning above all, which means Velma's always learning more not only to help her solve cases, but to further herself personally.

Like any other INTP, Velma loves patterns and abstract ideas. She's an incredibly imaginative thinker who has an open mind that serves her well and original ideas that usually break the case. The star of a team doesn't have to be its leader; it can also be its brain.

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