MBTI® Personality Types of Schitt's Creek Characters

Schitt's Creek main cast

Schitt's Creek is one of the breakout stars of CBC original programming within the last few years. It's highly underrated, especially when it comes to the positively diverse representations of equality within the show. However, it seems to be gathering some increased attention ahead of its final season next year.

This show is the brainchild of Eugene Levy (yes, that Eugene Levy) and his son, Dan Levy, and features a primarily Canadian cast. Schitt's Creek explores the lives of the Rose family, Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara), and their children David (Dan Levy) and Alexis (Annie Murphy). The Rose family has fallen from grace, losing all of their mega-rich fortune thanks to a corrupted business partnership. They are now forced to live in the small town Schitt's Creek, which Johnny had originally bought David as a joke for his birthday. Over time, they become closely entangled in the lives of the townspeople and soon learn that maybe money isn't the greatest value in life.

Here's the thing about Schitt's Creek. It's one of those shows that has the most loveable characters, even if they drive you nuts at times. You can't really hate a lot of these people. So, let's give them the good old Myers-Briggs® treatment. We're going to dive in and examine these complex personalities.

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Schitt's Creek - Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose
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Schitt's Creek - Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose

Johnny Rose wears a lot of titles and often sees himself as the one who is holding his family together. In a way, he also feels responsible for the family's situation, but he does everything he can to make sure that they are taken care of on a regular basis. He's sometimes a little out of touch with what the kids are doing these days, but he's always willing to try to make things better for everyone.

ENTJ personality types are often the strategic leaders who like to plan for the future effectively. Johnny is definitely just that. He's always making decisions for the better of the town and his family. And he's always doing things that he thinks will set his family up for a better future, like earning income and taking out a line of credit so Moira can have her luxurious outfits.


Played by the legend Catherine O'Hara, Moira Rose is the constant center of attention and the star of the Rose family (and the town). She is always reminding everyone about her days as an actress and is always trying to one-up her competition. She's also constantly wearing extravagant and eccentric outfits topped off with her wig of the day.

However, she does have a soft side and sometimes she does show that she cares about others, even if she does so in a very dramatic way. Moira is an ESFP personality type. She's enthusiastic, loves to be around others (even if that means bossing them around), and just generally loves attention. And we love her for that.


Schitt's Creek - Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose

While she's starting to learn how to be a more thoughtful person, for the most part, Alexis is pretty selfish. She is always moving on from one opportunity to the next in an effort to get herself back on top. Her relationship with Ted has really helped her see the value in making sacrifices for others, so she's definitely finding that balance.

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ENTP personality types often seize those types of opportunities and try to be innovative in their thought process. Alexis does this often, especially when starting her own PR business and trying to impose herself in others' lives. She has good intentions, but sometimes this just comes across in the wrong way.


Sometimes David seems to be living in a world that only half exists. He wears sweaters in the summertime, opened up a gourmet, artisan boutique shop in a small rural town, and often misinterprets things in the way he wants to hear them.

While he seems to sometimes be consumed in his own reality, he is fiercely loyal and always there for his friends. Even if they inconvenience him. INFP personality types are thoughtful, creative, and stick to what they believe in, even if it means they are idealists. David embodies an INFP because he does have a good heart and always wants the best situations to happen for those he loves.


Schitt's Creek - Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd

Despite her quiet nature, Stevie is a loyal and dedicated friend. She has a good heart and often has to serve as a conscience for the Rose family. When the Rose family first arrived in Schitt's Creek, it was her guidance that helped them learn how the town works and how to fit in.

ISFP personality types are loyal supporters who often enjoy helping others solve their problems. While Stevie doesn't like being in the spotlight or having a lot of control over things, she is always there as a source of support when anyone needs it.


You kind of have to be a level headed guy when your other half is a dreamer like David. Patrick is constantly putting up with David's dramatic flair and constant complaining. He is the more business-minded half of their partnership at Rose Apothecary, and without him, it's unlikely David would be able to run the business.

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Patrick is an ISTJ personality type. ISTJs are responsible, realistic, and practical. He definitely embodies those qualities as he effectively runs the business and teaches David how to follow the rules.


He's the guy that gets on everyone's nerves, but you kind of have to love him at the same time. Roland's always there to help, even if it means he pulls up in a truck and tells you what you're doing wrong. As the town mayor, he's expected to make decisions that affect everyone.

They aren't always the best decisions, but he makes them. ENFP personality types are often taking on the roles of problem-solving and being an energetic source for productivity. Roland is that guy and more.


Schitt's Creek - Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt

Even outside of the classroom, Jocelyn is always helping people be the best they can be. She's an ENFJ because this personality type is compassionate, team-oriented, and dedicated to inspiring and helping others.

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Jocelyn is everyone's biggest supporter in this way, even when Moira butts in and drives her crazy. She's always keeping a level head and will do anything for the sake of building up those around her.


Schitt's Creek - Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands

Like Jocelyn, Twyla is always about helping everyone else, even if it means at her own sacrifice. She's usually Alexis' go-to moral compass who tries to guide her to be a better person. That is not an easy task sometimes.

However, Twyla isn't much of a leader because she is always letting others influence her decisions. She's an idealist, like the INFP personality type, and wants to see the best in every situation. Even if it means that she has to give something up.


Schitt's Creek - Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens

Poor Ted has had his heart dragged through the mud by Alexis but has actively chosen to stand by her side and put the past behind him. He is compassionate, more than he needs to be, and is constantly helping others.

He's an INFJ, which are generally humanitarian-oriented, compassionate people who are dedicated to integrity and live by an ethical code. As a vet, Ted spends every day at work helping people and their pets. He dedicates a lot of his time to others and embodies the spirit of what an INFJ is like.

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