The MBTI® Of Rick & Morty Characters

It’s hard to find somewhere Rick won’t go. Let's stop squanchin' around and dive into the one place Rick refuses to go, the depths of his own psyche.

Rick and Morty Run the Jewels

Rick & Morty blasted onto Adult Swim just a few short years ago and has since become a massive hit. It’s hard not to be enamored by the maniacal, belligerent Rick or the timid and frustrated Morty. The show takes us across the multiverse, exploring and explaining all sorts of wonderful and horrible sights. From an “Interdimensional Cable” box that shows us just how loose and improvisational TV can get to the miniverses responsible for powering Rick’s brakes, it’s hard to find somewhere Rick won’t go. In that spirit, let’s quit squanchin' around and dive into the one place Rick refuses to go, the depths of his own psyche using the Myers-Briggs® personality test.

10. Jerry Smith: The Consul - ESFJ

Worm Jerry Rick and Morty

Much like the citadel’s hottest wafer, Jerry is simple. Jerry thrives in situations like the meaningless nightmare that is the galactic federation’s hold over the earth. Jerry can also be very needy, constantly needing recognition or praise to validate his experiences. Whether it’s simple games about popping balloons for entertainment or an intergalactic nursery filled with all things Jerry, he’s a man of simple tastes. He’s not exactly a Rick if you know what I mean. Jerry may not be a Rick, but when the entire world gets Cronenberged and you’re looking for someone to fight off the entire planet, Jerry just might be your guy.

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9. Beth Smith: The Executive - ESTJ

Beth is a lot like her father Rick in many ways. She can be very cold and distant. She’s not one to hide what’s on her mind in favor of protecting someone’s feelings — even if it’s her own children. She cares immensely about her family and fights often to keep it from collapsing around her, but she struggles with the emotional needs of her family. That being said, Beth isn’t afraid to turn herself into a giant inside-out humanoid monster if that’s what it takes to talk her daughter down from a violent nervous breakdown. Beth is intelligent like her father, and while she can be incredibly aloof when it comes to her family, the one thing she will not do is leave them behind as her father did to her.

8. Mr. Poopybutthole: The Entertainer - ESFP

Rick and Morty Mr Poopy Butthole

Mr. Poopybutthole is the epitome of what you would call a “people person.” He is the type of friend that you just form a bad memory of. Who knew that could end up costing him so much? Mr. Poopybutthole is always ready to meet new people or strike up a conversation with a lonely stranger just to try to brighten up their day. He can be a little quick to demand attention, though, especially when he’s been cooped up in the house after rehab. Mr. Poopybutthole just works better with people around him and if a pizza delivery boy is the only guy available, you better believe he’ll hop on that. Literally.

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7. Birdperson: The Advocate - INFJ

Rick and Morty Quiz - Birdperson

Birdperson is logical, courageous, and capable of deep and loving relationships with his loved ones. We all know that Rick is not a person that’s easy to be around, but it sounds like both he and Birdperson have spent a lot of time together, fighting for and with one another. Birdperson takes it upon himself to illuminate Morty as to the mental state of his grandfather by explaining to him the meaning of his famous catchphrase, “wubalubadubdub.”  He may not be the most extroverted of bird-people, but he’s sensitive to the emotional needs of others and strives to pick up the broken fragmented bits of his friend’s mind. While being nice may be something stupid people do to hedge their bets, Birdperson is a true friend to one of the most cynical people in the multiverse.

6. Snowball Smith: The Commander - ENTJ

Lawnmower Dog Rick and Morty

For the most part, Snowball is a passionate, empathetic, and courageous dog. He stands up to the tyranny of humankind almost immediately after he gains sentience. He’s quickly able to identify the injustices of the world around him and as soon as he’s able to, he fights those injustices. Snowball is smart enough to know he can’t fight Rick Sanchez and the Smiths alone, being able to quickly rally others to his call. But when it comes down to it, he knows that he cannot allow himself and dogkind to become what the humans have allowed themselves to become. He is a good boy that is willing to sacrifice his rebellion for the sake of his human. A truly benevolent leader and someone to aspire to be like.

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5. Unity: The Protagonist - ENFJ

Auto Erotic Assimilation Rick and Morty

While kind, caring, and compassionate are not typically the words one would use to describe a global hive mind, they definitely fit in this case. Unity is a great example of how a loving, structured, and organized entity can falter under the corruption of Rick’s overpowering personality. Unity is the type of hive mind that can take an entire planet at war with itself, bringing about swift and lasting peace. She takes great pleasure and pride in consuming all that’s wrong with society and making every individual in that society live up to their fullest potential. While she doesn’t explicitly take control of Rick, she still strives to get him to recognize his toxic patterns so he can change for the better. In a lot of ways, Unity could be the perfect partner for Rick, showing him how to heal and live a life more connected.

4. Summer Smith: The Performer - ESFP

Rick and Morty Quiz - Summer Smith

While the rest of her family seems to descend into turmoil with Rick’s reappearance before the series begins, Summer is the one member that’s barely affected by her grandfather’s presence at all. You may chalk it up to the general malaise and apathy that comes with being a teenager, but beneath that is mental fortitude that most of her family members seem to lack. She hasn't had the benefit (if that’s what you can call it) of traveling with Rick as much as Morty and somehow she seems much more prepared to do so when the time comes. Whether its the repercussions of “Morty’s Minblowers” or her adventures in a Mad Max-inspired dimension, Summer Smith seems to be the person to have around when you need to pick up the pieces left behind by Rick & Morty’s adventures and mishaps.

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3. Morty Smith: The Adventurer - ISFP

Rick and Morty corpses

While he has a hard time admitting it, Morty loves going on adventures with his grandpa Rick. Morty is timid, caring, and likely the only person on earth that can truly handle Rick at his worst. While it’s constantly stated just how dumb Morty is, his adventures with Rick really bring out the greatest aspects of Morty’s personality. He can be incredibly brave, straightforward, and proud. He’s learned enough from his adventures with Rick to know a thing or two about how the multiverse works, and those are lessons he’ll likely never forget. However, as Rick says, “a cocky Morty can lead to some big problems.”

2. Rick Sanchez: The Debater - ENTP

Rick and Morty Pilot

As illustrated in “Rest And Ricklaxation,” the more toxic aspects of Rick’s personality can be an almost bottomless well of arrogance paired with a violent possessiveness. Rick may be the smartest man in the multiverse, but with that intelligence has come a deep corruption of his core characteristics. He’s intelligent, yes, but he’s also unwilling to listen to anyone because they couldn’t possibly have a better, more worthy idea than the multiverse's smartest. While he’d never admit it, Rick needs people around him. He struggles to connect with those around him because of his deeply nihilistic world view, which leads him to corrupt and abuse the few relationships he does have.

Rick has given up on his ability to emotionally connect with people in favor of a more logical approach to existence. But hey, it’s lonely at the top.

1. Evil Morty: The Architect - INTJ

We may not know a lot about where Evil Morty comes from, what his story is, or what he’s planning to do now that he’s gained control of the citadel, but what we do know is that it can’t be good. Evil Morty knows that there is a time to make promises and a time to take action. He’s cold and logical, willing to sacrifice the short-term victory in order to secure the long-game. It seems like he’s learned a lot about the multiverse from his grandpa Rick, and while he’s planned to take Rick out for a long time, it’s his adherence to any sort of structure that may ultimately be his downfall.

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