MBTI® Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters

Surviving life back in the wild west is hard enough, but when you're with a band of outlaws constantly on the run from the law or running towards the next big score, there’s not much time to think of anything else. So whether you’re like the outspoken, garbage person, Micah Bell, the amiable and corrosive Dutch Van Der Linde, or the talented Mr. Morgan, there’s bound to be some method of survival suitable to your preferences and skills. Heck, even Leopold Strauss found a way to stay alive in times a lot tougher than him. Let’s breakdown some of our favorite Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters by their MBTI® to get a better idea of how they handle the chaotic times.

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7 Andrew Milton: The Commander - ENTJ

Andrew Milton may not be the most exciting character from the Red Dead series, but much like Red Dead Redemption 2’s protagonist, Arthur, he is dependable. Probably among the many reasons why Leviticus Cornwall was so eager to have him track down Dutch and the gang after the incident in Blackwater. Milton works well within a defined system like the Pinkerton Agency, but he also relishes in the adventure his work provides; otherwise, why take the job in the first place?  Andrew is cunning, reliable, and stubborn enough to track the gang as far as they want to go, so long as he can bring Dutch and the rest of the gang in and finally see those scoundrels swing.

6 Micah Bell: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

Micah Bell is precisely the type of man you never want in your corner. That’s entirely due to the fact that Micah Bell is a man seldom found in any corner but his own. Time and time again players are confronted with this loud-mouthed imbecile blabbing on, challenging Arthur, and leading a more and more unhinged Dutch in completely the wrong direction.

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But that’s where his genius lies. Once Micah has set himself on a track Arthur, John, or anyone really, would have a difficult time derailing Micah before he reaches his goal. Sometimes it’s better to just cut your losses and leave Micah to the wolves before he leads them right to the gang.

5 Leopold Strauss: The Logician - INTP

While some most of the men in Dutch’s crew prefer to earn their keep by robbing, gambling, fighting, killing, basically by any means necessary; Leopold Strauss is one of the few men in the camp thinking with his head. Leopold is often found in the camp seated alone, looking over his ledger. While we may never know how interested Leopold was in works of fiction, he’s shown to have an obsession with the numbers in his ledger. Arthur may be the one going out and collecting the debts and doing all the hard work, but Leopold is simply doing what he’s good at. You wouldn’t use a baseball bat to go fishing.

4 Charles Smith: The Adventurer- ISFP

Charles Smith, from the very beginning of the game, is probably one of the most honorable men staying with Dutch throughout the story. Time and time again we see Charles fighting to protect the people who are going through the most. Charles is quiet, pensive, and perceptive. All qualities that make for an amazing tracker and hunter, as he shows Arthur very early on in the game.

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Later we see him fighting tirelessly to help the wounded and tired native Americans who belong to eagle flies tribe. Charles doesn't care much for bickering or messing around, but he’s compassionate, intelligent, and capable. Exactly the kind of guy you need when the world is closing in on you.

3 Hosea Matthews: The Mediator - INFP

While Dutch is always busy focusing on what’s coming next, Hosea is the one who’s looking after the logistics of every job the requires his touch. Hosea is introverted, mostly keeping to himself unless he feels he has some reason to speak up. He’s also an incredibly thoughtful and empathetic person. Throughout the course of the game, Arthur and the players learn that for a while Hosea was ready to give up this life in order to build something with the women he loved. And while it’s not something that worked out in the end for Hosea, he makes it clear that if he’d much prefer to have been the kind of man that was capable of that life like that.

2 John Marston: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Anyone that has played the first Red Dead Redemption knows that John Marston is not someone to be trifled with. John is naturally suited for the rough terrain of the west. He’s an independent thinker, a brilliant marksman and morally ambiguous enough to straddle both sides of the law.

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While Marston initially shows some resistance towards becoming a father and a family man, but by the time that the heat from the Pinkertons really starts to catch up with the gang, John has grown quite a bit and understands who his family really is. He may not have had the easiest time throughout RDR 2 or RDR for that matter, but John certainly learned from his experiences.

1 Arthur Morgan: The Craftsman - ISTP

It’s not a coincidence that the folks over at Rockstar games seated players behind the two most naturally gifted men in Dutch’s gang. Much like John, Arthur is an expert marksman, hunter, fighter, and all-around man of the times. Or at least he used to be. But he’s also much more than that. He’s a very introverted person, which means that he spends more time out alone on the road, discovering new places, sketching them, journaling, and just taking in the world around him. With times changing as quickly as they have for Arthur throughout the course of the game, he is faced with the choice of growing and changing with a nation on the brink of “civilization” or stand his ground and riding out this existence to it violent, gunpowder- scented end. It’s a hard choice to make if you're not backed by the right people. What would you do?

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