MBTI® Private Practice Characters

Shonda Rhimes is known for creating relatable yet fascinating characters that fans care about. Sure, sometimes she kills a few too many of them off, and sometimes the storylines on her TV shows veer off in pretty crazy directions. But for the most part, whether it's Grey's AnatomyHow To Get Away With Murder, or the Grey's spin-off Private Practice, she's brought forward a cast of characters who captivate and have great arcs throughout their time on the show.

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Since these characters have rich personal and professional lives, let's look at the MBTIs of the main characters on Private Practice.

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10 Sheldon Wallace: ISTJ

Sheldon Wallace (Brian Benben) would be an ISTJ or "Responsible Realist." He's the most serious character on the show and as a psychiatrist, he has many ISTJ personality traits. He's "systematic" and "logical" and "reasonable."

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Sheldon's personal life is often part of the story, as he is diagnosed with cancer in the sixth season, and in earlier seasons, he goes out with co-workers Violet and Charlotte. Sheldon is "reserved" but he is able to open up enough to discover true love with Miranda (Dianne Farr). The two end up together, and it's so nice to see Sheldon happy.

9 Amelia Shepherd: INTJ

Caterina Scorsone plays the brilliant brain surgeon Amelia Shepherd on both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. The sister of the late McDreamy, she has a lot of family baggage and a history of addiction and alcoholism.

Amelia is an INTJ or "Conceptual Planner." She's "decisive" and "demanding." When Amelia gets something into her head, she's going to do it, and she also has the INTJ trait of being "private." Part of the reason Amelia struggles so much with her personal demons is that she really doesn't open up to other people.

8 Pete Wilder: ESFJ

Tim Daly's character, Pete Wilder, and Violet Turner have a whirlwind romance. They're both sensitive and emotional types, even though Violet shows it more than Pete does. Sadly, as tends to happen on a Shondland series, Pete does pass away. He has a heart attack in the sixth and final season.

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Pete's MBTI would be ESFJ or "Supportive Contributor." ESFJs are said to "value family" and that's Pete, as he's a dedicated partner and a wonderful dad to their son, Lucas. He's "responsible" and often feels a personal connection with his patients. He works with alternative medicine at Oceanside Wellness.

7 Dell Parker: ISFJ

Chris Lowell is the adorable Dell Parker, the Oceanside Wellness receptionist who has a dark past. He experienced mistreatment growing up and is extremely sensitive to the people around him.

His MBTI would be ISFJ or "Practical Helper" as he really does make it his mission to be there for others. This includes his wife Heather (Agnes Bruckner) and their daughter. Since Heather is an addict (and even loses her life because of it), Dell has to be the compassionate caregiver. He's "thoughtful of others" and "devoted."

6 Charlotte King: ENTJ

KaDee Strickland's Private Practice character Charlotte King seems removed from the rest of the gang at first. She's a no-nonsense type of doctor who seems to put up walls and not want to get to know people.

Even when Charlotte goes through the hardest thing imaginable (her attack in the episode "Did You Hear What Happened To Charlotte King?"), she still struggles to be vulnerable and talk about feelings. Her MBTI would be ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." She's a great leader as the hospital's Chief of Staff and creates Pacific Wellcare Center, which competes with Oceanside Wellness. She's "tough" and likes to "provide structure" and is also a "natural critic."

5 Cooper Freedman: ESTP

Cooper Freedman (Paul Adelstein) is basically a big kid. He's a pediatrician who relates to his patients and has spent most of his adult life trying not to grow up. In spite of the times that he can be silly and immature, he's charming and kind, and he manages to catch the eye of his co-worker, super strong Charlotte King. Once the two characters start a relationship, it's really good for both of them and helps each of them grow. They end up living happily ever after with a family.

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Cooper's MBTI would be ESTP or "Energetic Problem Solver." He's "outgoing" and "enthusiastic" and also quite the "easygoing" guy."

4 Violet Turner: INFP

Amy Brenneman's Private Practice character, Violet Turner, is definitely the most sensitive of the bunch... so it makes sense that she's the therapist at Oceanside Wellness.

Violets an INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist." She sees the good in everyone, from patients to her best pal Cooper, and she's "virtuous" and has a "long-range vision." She's also "compassionate" and "curious." Sometimes Violet's job becomes dramatic and disturbing, like when her patient Katie literally attempts to take her baby out of her stomach while she's still pregnant. But she still believes in helping people and her job is very important to her.

3 Sam Bennett: ENTJ

Sam Bennett (Taye Tiggs) used to be married to Naomi, and although fans do ship those two, he also dates Addison and they have a pretty complicated romance.

Sam's MBTI would be ENTJ or "Compassionate Facilitator." ENTJs are team players and that's definitely Sam. He's social and talkative and seems to enjoy being part of the group of doctors. ENTJs are also "verbal" and "people-oriented." He's a straight shooter who is always honest, even when he's talking to Naomi about his dating life and telling her that she seems envious of him.

2 Naomi Bennett: ESTJ

Naomi Bennett (Audra McDonald) spends a lot of time on the show pretending that she's not still madly in love with her ex-husband Sam. Besides that, she's hilarious, sweet, a great mom to their teenage daughter Maya, and Addison's best friend.

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Naomi is an ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer." She helped found the practice and she works with infertility and is a reproductive endocrinologist. In her professional life, she's "structured" and "practical." In her personal life, she's "outspoken" and "dependable."

1 Addison Montgomery: ENTP

Kate Walsh is the star of Private Practice. When Addison Montgomery relocates to California and gets a job at Oceanside Wellness, she has to be a team player and also look out for what she wants out of life.

Addison is a brilliant neonatal surgeon who sounds like the most like an ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer." ENTPs are "often innovative in their way of thinking" which applies to her decision to move to California and do something different, working in private practice instead of a hospital setting. She will "take initiative" and is also "challenging."

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